Soleil Tan de Chanel Luminous Bronzing Powder – Summer 2012

Recently, I stopped by the Chanel counter to see their summer collection. This time around, a few key items stood out, but I decided to purchase the yearly favorite: the luminous bronzing powder in #907 Sable Beige. This is a first for me because normally, I tend to gravitate towards the nailpolishes and lipglosses.

As always, the product comes in its own velvet pouch. I like to keep all my Chanel products in their original “homes” so that the compacts don’t get scratched or ugly. Notice the bronze colored Chanel logo on top of the case; only the bronzers have this colored logo, as all the other products come with the traditional white colored logo.

“This unique powder formula lends subtle hints of warmth and shimmer to every complexion. It is comprised of seven unique shades — including a luminous gold — which can be applied separately to highlight and sculpt facial contours or blended together to achieve an overall bronzing effect that replicates the natural glow of sunbathed skin.”

Last year, I didn’t gravitate toward the bronzers released; and, in fact, I have purchased bronzers in the past only to return them later (from various brands). After awhile, I gave up because I could never find one that I felt suited my fair skin tone. Although I don’t go out of my way to look tanned or sunkissed, a hint of a bronzey glow has always been considered beautiful and healthy during the summer months.

I was quite surprised by this product because it suited my skintone very well when it was applied on me at the counter. The colors all mixed together compliment each other; and, because of the golden hues, it doesn’t go on brown and muddy on my face. For me, I wear this almost as a blush (since I don’t apply it all over my face). The result is exquisite – a golden, peachy glow with hints of a rosey tone that imitates sunlight and gives you a fresh look.

I suspect other single colored bronzers didn’t work for me because it was quite restrictive. AFterall, it’s not often you see such a multi-dimensional product like this one. With this bronzer, there’s various tones that can even be used separately, which I like – in case I want to skip over the brown color. Of course, I like to use it all swirled together – it’s a just the perfect amount of sunkissed-ness I like.

My shade of choice, Sable Beige, is the lighter option of the two. The darker bronzer, Sabe Rose, has more “bronzer qualities” as it shows up more bronze and would look lovely on those with darker skintones. The brush is comes with doesn’t bother me. I’ve never had a problem with the brushes that Chanel includes in their products. Although it’s not the first option for me, when traveling, it does its job.

There’s a few other items from the collection that have been tugging at my heartstrings. Perhaps I’ll cave soon and go get them (haha), but out of everything I saw, I highly recommend you get this. Anything you’ve purchased from Chanel’s summer collection that you would recommend?

Made in France.
Retails for $60.00.

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REVIEW: Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

As an avid skincare product user, it’s only natural that eye creams are integrated into my daily skincare routine. Please remember that my day time and night time routines are different because my skin requires different treatments. I use the Kiehl‘s Creamy Eye Treatment at night because 1.) it doesn’t contain sunscreen; 2.) it is thick and emollient. These key points make it ideal for night time application (for me).

The thick creamy texture is not optimal for day time application because it makes my eyelids oily and makeup application (especially eyeliner) is NOT ideal. It also takes some time to absorb into the skin, and I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t have time to spare in the mornings – and, I certainly can’t be bothered with waiting for my eye cream to dry!

A Kiehl’s classic for a burst of hydration to the eye area:

•Creamy preparation with Avocado Oil gently moisturizes the delicate eye area.
•Unique, concentrated texture does not migrate into eyes.
•Ophthalmologist- and Dermatologist-tested.
Kiehl’s Insider Tip: Tap delicately around eye area until you feel the quick-burst release of hydration.

Avocado Oil, derived from the fruit of a tropical American tree, is a rich, fatty-acid emollient. Avocado Oil is known to be the most moisturizing of any fruit oil. It is also a natural source of Amino Acid proteins, Vitamins A, D, E, and potassium. Helps to restore the natural moisture of the skin.

Beta-Carotene is a naturally derived antioxidant predominantly found in many orange/red vegetables such as carrots. It is used in Vitamin A production and gives an orange tint when used in skin care products.

Shea Butter is the natural fat obtained from the fruit of the African Karate tree and is widely used in lotions and cleansing products for its hydrating properties. Protects skin from dehydration, restores skin’s suppleness and improves the appearance of dry skin.

As you can see, I’ve only got a few uses left so I feel like I am able to produce a thorough review at this point. This eye cream has lasted me exactly 1 year, while using it once a day every night. Because I don’t suffer from major wrinkles and dark circles, I refuse to pay the price of some eye creams out there. Of course, purchase whatever suits your needs.

I liked the hydration this cream provided for my eye area. I felt that when I woke up, my skin was well moisturized and ready to go for the day. However, it didn’t really do much beyond that. The thick texture allows you to PAT the product and not smear it on, which I liked.

Would I re-purchase this? No. Quite frankly, I was eager to move on because this product lasted me so long, so at least I can say that it was well worth it. Since I’m looking for hydration, this did the job, but didn’t do anything else so I got bored. For those looking for an anti-aging, ant-wrinkle eye cream – this may not be for you because this product isn’t designed for that. For those looking for a hydrating eye treatment, you may want to give this a go. I am not going to re-purchase this because it didn’t impress me with anything magical and it was just okay for me. However, I feel that it was age-appropriate, and for the price, it was nice using a product to prevent eye issues for the future.

Retails for $28.50.
0.5 oz.

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NARS Sheer Glow – “Mont Blanc”

Ahh yes, the highly coveted NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. Everyone remember when this foundation was all the craze and every cosmetic company out there attempted to ‘dupe’ this product? Probably a year ago or so, I wrote a review on this foundation and complained about the missing pump. In that review, I included where you could find the pump (since the MAC pumps don’t fit), and at that time, my color of choice was “Gobi.”

Welcome to my Sheer Glow review: round 2.

Since then, I’ve run out of my “Gobi” shade, I decided I liked the foundation without the pump, and I re-purchased in a different shade – “Mont Blanc.”

I liked “Gobi” and puchased it originally because it was created specifically for Asian skin tones (according to However, it was SO yellow for me. On the flip side, it did neutralize my pink cheeks wonderfully because of the strong yellow pigment. As I’ve mentioned before, my undertones aren’t strictly yellow – and, in fact, if I were to wear MAC foundations, I would fall into the NW category.

I decided I didn’t like having the pump (which you have to purchase separately) because the cap doesn’t go over the pump. I found that irritating since all my other foundations did that; and, I felt uneasy about having the pump left out in the open like that. Perhaps, that’s just my OCD-ness. :)

What it is: A glowing, satin-finish foundation with sheer and buildable coverage.

What it does: This Sheer Glow Foundation enhances, without masking, your overall natural complexion. The weightless formula hydrates the skin while complexion brightening properties improve skin brightness, radiance, and texture, leaving skin with a luminous, sensual glow.

Suitable for normal, normal-to-dry, dry, and very dry skin types.

Research Results: (according to
– 100% say skin felt soft and smooth
– 96% say it evens out skintone
– 96% say they would purchase it if it were available on the market
– 96% say they would recommend it to a friend
– 92% say skin looks brighter and more radiant

This is the only foundation I’ve finished and re-purchased, which tells you a lot since I purchase so many foundations. There was a period where I used nothing but this for months! I’m glad I’ve rekindled my love for this foundation because now I remember why I’ve missed it.

I chose “Mont Blanc” this time around because I felt that it was a better match. On Sephora’s website, it explains that the shade “Mont Blanc” is for fair skintones “with slight pink undertones.” I liked “Gobi” and there was nothing wrong with it; but it’s nice to switch it up a bit, right?

I feel that “Mont Blanc” is a better match for me (though I can get away with using “Gobi”) because it’s the perfect balance between pinkish and yellowish undertones. It’s a great combination of both, which I find unusual because normally foundations cater to those with only yellow undertones and only pink undertones. Neutral colors don’t work for me and it’s quite rare you find a fair shade that falls in between pink and yellow.

I’m quite pleased with my new color match. I would still recommend “Gobi” to those with strong yellow undertones; and, try “Mont Blanc” if it was not quite what you were looking for. The color range is impressive and the NARS line caters to many complex combinations of undertones. I know many light skinned individuals who don’t use “Mont Blanc” or “Gobi,” but everyone equally loves the texture, formula, and finish of this foundation.

Made in USA.
Item retails for $42.00.
1 fl. oz

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Foundation Review: CHANEL Vitalumiere Aqua (B10)

After all this time of using the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation, I didn’t realize I hadn’t reviewed it until someone asked me about it! My apologies for the delay, but here it is as promised. Since its release last summer, word has spread that this is the perfect summer foundation; and, I suppose my review is here just in time.

Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua foundation is part of the Vitalumiere line. The regular Vitalumiere foundation is more for drier skins that need hydration and some glow factor, while the Vitalumiere Aqua is generally geared towards those who are on the oily side. The reason why I say this is because of its light and moussey texture that is very gel-like; it blends like a cream and sets instantly to a semi-matte finish. This product also contains a little bit of alcohol, so it works well for those with oilier skins since you stay ungreasy for longer.

Recently introduced this summer, is the new Vitalumiere Aqua COMPACT foundation, which seems to be for those who love the original Vitalumiere Aqua formula but need more hydration and portability. It is a cream foundation and I suspect it’s catered towards drier skin types.

According to “The tiniest drop of this new hybrid fluid creates a fresh, natural complexion. Skin looks refined and feels refreshed, creating an exquisite makeup experience. The fluid formula has a soft, water-light texture, and comes in 10 shades that match perfectly to skin’s undertones, whether pink or beige. Dermatologist-tested. Non-comedogenic. Oil- free.”

I wear shade B10, which is the lightest shade in the ‘beige’ range. It is a great match for me throughout the year, and I personally don’t reserve this for just the summer months. This foundation is the easiest product to use because it can be applied with just about anything. If I’m lazy I use my fingers; but for the most part, a synthetic buffing brush of any kind will do the trick. For those with pink undertones, look for shades in the ‘beige rose’ range.

This feels so light on the skin and a little goes a long way. Spots, discolorations, redness, and other pigmentation problems are concealed immediately upon application; however, I wouldn’t say that this is full coverage. Though the product neutralizes everything pretty quickly, major problems will still need additional concealing with a concealer. I like that it’s so natural and light, yet it still helps you achieve that perfect-skin look. On “good skin days,” this is all you need before adding some blush and mascara and heading out the door.

I find that I don’t need to powder over this and the semi-matte finish is perfect – not too matte and not too dewy. I think it looks better as the day wears on and the foundation begins to mix with the enviornment around you and your skin’s natural oils. It holds up nicely in heat and humidity; and, apart from some midday blotting, I have no issues with this.

It is heavily fragranced, like all of Chanel’s products. The scent lingers and you can smell it off your face for awhile, so if you’re sensitive to fragrances – beware. Also, as stated eariler, be aware of the alcohol content in this product because I have read that it has caused reactions in some people.

Made in France.
Retails for $45.00.
1 fl. oz. (30 mL)

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REVIEW: Laura Mercier Eye Basics

I hope everyone’s had a good week, but I’m glad that it’s nearing the end and the weekend is almost here. Although I’ll be quite busy straight through the weekend, I didn’t want to neglect writing about another phenomenal Laura Mercier product!

Laura Mercier‘s Eye Basics range includes a total of 6 shades in various tones that will suit every skin color out there. I like that there’s a color for everyone, unlike the Urban Decay Primer Potion and the Two Faced Shadow Insurance. Eye Basics is unique because it functions as an “eyelid foundation” almost – after all, don’t we conceal our undereye area? And, why is that we neglect the eyelids?

Laura Mercier Eye Basics “creates the perfect canvas for eyes by camouflaging eye imperfections and enhancing the durability of eye makeup,” according to the website. I call it “eyelid foundation” because before it acts as an eyeshadow base/primer, it neutralizes the color on your lids and evens them out – like a foundation would for your face. Some people have discolorations, veins, and other various imperfections due to thin skin around the eyes. Going back to fundamentals, this is why there’s such a fuss about good eye creams. Because the skin around our eyes are the thinnest, it ages the fastest.

The packaging is exactly the same as LM’s lipglosses. The sponge-tip applicator doesn’t bother me, and in fact, I prefer it since it’s easy to dab the product onto the lids. A little goes a long way so there’s no need to swipe it on or anything like that. Just a little dab will do.

Also, it absorbs instantly and the finish is a smooth, semi-matte texture that isn’t sticky. I never got attached to any of the other primers out on the market because I felt like it took too long to dry. And, I discovered that if I applied eyeshadow prematurely, my shadow application would be patchy and uneven. In the past, I also found it difficult to blend any of my eyeshadows.

The color I’ve chosen is “Flax,” and is described by Sephora as a “pearlized beige.” I like how the subtle pearlized sheen helps the eyelids look alive, rather than being flat – which is unnatural and unflattering. This product is great to pair with powder eyeshadows and cream eyeshadows; or, it can be great just on its own.

The creaminess of the product helps it spread easily onto the lids and the color itself blends into your natural skin tone. Because everyone gets their appropriate shade, we all have a fair chance with various eyeshadow colors. I feel like many of the primers out there altered the original eyeshadow colors. And, is it just me, or did the Urban Decay Primer Potion go on ashy for some skin tones?

As a “water-resistant and crease-proof” base, it “corrects imperfections and discoloration on the lid,” according to Sephora. I don’t see any other primers doing that! I don’t think this product magically helps ANY eyeshadow look more vibrant or more anything really. It just makes the color what it’s supposed to be, which I like. If I wanted a more vibrant eyeshadow color – I don’t think it’s the primer’s job to do that; it’s the eyeshadow’s job!

This product was tested on my combination skin and semi-oily lids in the Texas heat and humidity, and has survived long work days and long nights out as well. On days when I don’t want to mess with eyeshadows and blending, I apply “Flax” and then some dark brown eyeliner and I’m good to go. Here: I’ve used “Flax” and MAC eyeliner in “Coffee.” Since my look was so natural, I paired my naked-eye-look with slightly darker brows, using MAC “Espresso” eyeshadow to shade in the brows with my angled liner brush.

Made in USA.
Retails for $24.00.

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Laura Mercier Haul

Today I treated myself to some Laura Mercier products I’ve had my heart set on. I’m excited to try them out and am eager to report back. I have high hopes for these products because I carefully chose them based on trusted reviews. :)

Laura Mercier Haul:
Creme Eye Colour brush
Caviar Stick Eye Colour in “Khaki”
Caviar Stick Eye Colour in “Amethyst”
Metallic Creme Eye Colour in “Platinum:
Lip Glace in “Baby Doll”

Here are my goodies unboxed and ready to go.

I first fell in love with Laura Mercier products in the winter when I stumbled upon the lip glosses. Mercier named her lip gloss range – “lip glace.” As a glaze texture, I’ve come to realize that there is such a thing as glosses that aren’t sticking but long lasting.

In short, I fell in love with the texture and haven’t purchased my beloved Chanel glosses since. Since the winter, I’ve been gearing up for a haul but I wanted to carefully choose key items that wouldn’t let me down.

So far, I’m happy with everything and my brief experimentation period with them has left me satisfied. I’ll have full reviews coming soon since many of you have asked about more LM products.

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What Makes You Glow?

The epitome of natural makeup encompasses 3 key enticing words: “illuminating,” “luminous,” and “glowy.” We associate natural looking makeup with healthy skin that is dewy because natural skin has a sheen to it. The key to proper illumination is to make it seem like the luminosity is coming from within, but really, it comes from a product.

1. CHANEL Base Lumiere Iluminating Makeup Base
2. Benefit High Beam
3. Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Illuminating Serum
4. NARS Illuminator in “Copacabana”

Here are sample dollops of each product. Notice all promise the same claims in its titles and roughly all look the same on the skin, apart from the Tarte Illuminating Serum, which is tinted.

Heavily swatched and halfway blended out, these products all cast an irridescent sheen that glimmers (not shimmers) and there’s no obvious chunks of glitter. All apply smoothly and blend well once applied to the skin.

1. CHANEL‘s Base Lumiere is a makeup primer. It is designed to be worn under your foundation to “light you up” from beneath the makeup. The illuminating facor is very subtle, but I think that’s what makes this product worth it. It’s undetectable, but in certain lightings and in pictures, there’s a hint of a glow that helps you stand out from the crowd in a natural way.

2. Benefit‘s High Beam can be worn two different ways: mix into your foundation on the back of your hand before applying the combo to your face; or, use it after foundation application and apply along cheekbones and down your nose bridge. Product control is key with this because using too much will make you look like you’ve got issues with blending your makeup. The product’s pinky-purpley hue has strong casts of white, so use a light hand.

3. The Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Illuminating Serum is my least favorite, but I included it in here for reference. For me, the tint is far too strong. I assume they were trying to mimic “natural skin tone,” but that’s really hard to determine since we’re all so different. On me, it applies like a self tanner and takes awhile to blend into the skin. Once settled, the “serum” makes my skin oily far too quickly.

4. I’ve written about the NARS Illuminator in “Copacabana” for quite some time now since it’s one of my favorites. Much like Benefit’s High Beam, you can wear “Copacabana” mixed into your foundation or applied separately on desired areas afterwards. To the naked eye, High Beam and “Copacabana” are nearly twins – however, in my opinion, “Copacabana” is thinner, therefore, it blends better into the skin. With “Copacabana,” even if I accidentally squeeze too much out of the tube, it doesn’t affect the makeup application process like High Beam.

For a powder option, my favorite is Dior‘s “Amber Diamond.” Despite the bronze tones, the color translates very well onto my skin – swirled together, it’s the perfect combination of a golden highlight, which I think is best for a natural effect. A highlight with a base color of frosty pink or white can be too dramatic and working with the colors can be tricky. But if your highlight is golden-toned, I feel that the color melts into your skin because it matches various skin tones the best.

I like to apply this after foundation and after I’ve powder my t-zone. “Amber Diamond” on top of your choice of blush is fantastic and it’s so easy to use.

As always, thanks for reading. I’m off to a lazy and a relaxing Sunday and will be treating myself to a pedicure this afternoon.

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My Go-To Brow Products

A few months ago, I was using various automatic eyebrow pencils while my teeny weeny hairs were “growing out.” The reason why I say “growing out” is because my eyebrows technically stopped growing when I was a teenager due to overplucking and my own naivety.

After some much-appreciated regrowth, I’m satisfied with my eyebrows now and am back to filling them in with powder – which is by far the most natural way to do it. The reason why I disliked penciling them in is because it always looked harsh and unnatural no matter what I did.

My current eyebrow tools:
MAC #263 angled liner brush
MAC #204 spoolie brush
MAC eyeshadow “Espresso”
MAC eyeshadow “Charcoal Brown”

Of course, pick whichever tools work for you since there’s various brands out there that make an array of brushes that look just like the ones I’m talking about.

For my skin tone and the color of my hair, I’ve found that MAC’s eyeshadows in “Espresso” and “Charcoal Brown” work best for me. I have very fair, pale skin with yellow undertones; and, my hair is naturally dark brown (and not black). In the past, I tried gray-ish colors for my brows and it didn’t look quite right!

I use the angled liner brush to apply the color onto my brows. I shade from the front of the brows to the tail, and then work backwards to fill in space I missed. I shape the tops appropriately for a slight arch but nothing dramatic.

The spoolie is used to brush through the brows once they’ve been put on if I feel they’re a bit on the dark side. Sometimes I feather out the front of my brows (and leave the tail end a little darker). Honestly, it depends on my mood and how I feel about the brows after I’ve “put them on.”

Both “Espresso” and “Charcoal Brown” are dark brown shades that are warm in tone. Nothing is worse than accidentally using a bronze shade or a brown with reddish undertones. Then, you definitely won’t match and forget about wanting your brows to look natural!

I’ve found “Espresso” is the perfect dark brown shade and it’s very forgiving with various shades of darker hair. “Charcoal Brown” is lighter than “Espresso” and works for me when I’m wearing heavier eye makeup. I like to contrast the darker eye makeup with slightly lighter brows to tone it down a bit. “Charcoal Brown” seems to suit many people – including those with brown, light brown, and dark blonde hair. It’s really all about how much you apply – all this can be controlled with a light hand.

Another great thing about using these products as brow products is that they double as regular eyeshadows. Both are great for crease work, lining your eyes, and adding drama by smoking it up in the outer corners.

Here’s an example of “Charcoal Brown” used on the brows and on my lids. Also on my lids are Burberry “Pale Barley” and MAC “Bronze,” with “Charcoal Brown” blending it all together along my barely there crease. :)

*Pictures taken using CANON POWERSHOT SD1300 IS DIGITAL ELPH (12.1 Megapixels)

REVIEW: MAC Mineralize Concealer NW15

Normally, I’m a foundation junkie and I tend to overlook concealers. Unless I’m having a seriously undisguisable skin catastrophe, I stick with 1 layer of foundation application and dab more where I need it (if I need to). Luckily, under-eye circles haven’t been a problem for me; and, I think genetics has a lot to do with that.

I purchased the MAC Mineralize Concealer in NW15 out of curiosity – at first. The reason why I say that is because it was recently launched and the display looked cool and drew me in. I know, I’m such a sucker.

None of the other MAC concealers have ever attracted me; but, I know that there’s a cult following. Many women swear by a particular MAC concealer and don’t stray. As I said, this is strictly all experimental for me so unfortunately, I cannot compare this to any of the other MAC concealers. The tube is much like the others MAC carries, but the rubbery handle is more like a NARS thing. I don’t particularly care for it since it tends to attract other leftover makeup products from your fingers to the handle.

Also, notice the different applicator itself. It’s a very thin brush instead of a sponge-tip, which is excellent for dabbing onto particular areas and swiping thinly along problem areas.

So far, the concealer isn’t goopy around the applicator. However, product tends to goop around the edges of the tube. I find this annoying because I’m constantly cleaning it off since I don’t want it to transfer to my makeup bag or to other products. Also, I find it kind of wasteful since technically, the “goop” could be perfectly usable.

I use shade NW15. I’m thinking about also getting NW20. Normally, the NW range has more pinkish undertones; however, it seems that ALL the mineralize concealers tend to run yellow. The NC range is really, really yellow.

According to the MAC website: “Enriched with minerals and nourishing botanicals, this creamy, easy-to-blend Concealer covers and perfects while moisturizing the skin. Comfortable and longwearing. Provides medium coverage with a natural luminous finish.”

The texture is not hard like Studio Fix and it’s a little on the watery side for a concealer. In fact, on days I want to skip foundation – I slap this onto my cheeks and around my nose (sometimes my chin), blend it out quickly with a small foundation brush, dust on some powder and blush – and I’m good to go.

It’s great at cancelling out redness and covers up spots wonderfully. In my opinion, I find that it isn’t a heavy-duty concealer and if you have major discolorations, I don’t see this product doing much for you. The consistency is much like a tiny foundation, which is why I use it when I don’t feel like applying foundation all over my face. For hard-core coverup, a dry and harder formula like Studio Fix or Laura Mercier’s concealer may do the trick. While researching, I read that those wanting under-eye concealing were severely disappointed in this product due to caking around the eyes and in the lines.

5 mL.
$19 each.

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Sephora Collection: Lip Attitude GLAMOUR “Innocent Beige”

I’m on a Sephora Collection kick and I’m still shocked that I’ve dismissed their own line this whole time. I’m inspired and will be looking into more products from their range in the very near future.

This is the Sephora Collection Lip Attitude lipstick. The color is “Innocent Beige 19” and is the best, most perfect peach nude that is sheer and light, yet not too sheer at the same time. I dislike nudes that completely blank out your lips – I don’t want to look like a corpse or a porn star. Lol.

Sephora describes this to be a “hydrating, semi-sheer lipstick.” The website claims that the “rich color can still be natural looking,” and says that “this unique formula combines long-lasting wear, vibrant color” while the finish is “moist” and “see-through.”

I agree with all the claims. The formula is super creamy and moist. In fact, when you first unseal the tube, you can just tell that it’s going to be soft like butter. It’s so buttery that I wouldn’t carry this around with me in the summer because it will probably melt!

I especially like that it’s hydrating, yet it doesn’t compromise the pigment of the color. Sephora’s description of the color as “see-through” is the perfect way to explain the formula and texture. It’s just the right about of pigment and very comfortable on the lips. Also, the sweet candy scent is yummy and doesn’t bother me at all. With this, you can forego the lip balm (before apply lipstick) and lipgloss. It’s pretty much an all in one. Woohoo!

Made in France.
Retails for $12 each.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

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