Laura Mercier Haul

Today I treated myself to some Laura Mercier products I’ve had my heart set on. I’m excited to try them out and am eager to report back. I have high hopes for these products because I carefully chose them based on trusted reviews. :)

Laura Mercier Haul:
Creme Eye Colour brush
Caviar Stick Eye Colour in “Khaki”
Caviar Stick Eye Colour in “Amethyst”
Metallic Creme Eye Colour in “Platinum:
Lip Glace in “Baby Doll”

Here are my goodies unboxed and ready to go.

I first fell in love with Laura Mercier products in the winter when I stumbled upon the lip glosses. Mercier named her lip gloss range – “lip glace.” As a glaze texture, I’ve come to realize that there is such a thing as glosses that aren’t sticking but long lasting.

In short, I fell in love with the texture and haven’t purchased my beloved Chanel glosses since. Since the winter, I’ve been gearing up for a haul but I wanted to carefully choose key items that wouldn’t let me down.

So far, I’m happy with everything and my brief experimentation period with them has left me satisfied. I’ll have full reviews coming soon since many of you have asked about more LM products.

*Pictures taken using CANON POWERSHOT SD1300 IS DIGITAL ELPH (12.1 Megapixels)


3 thoughts on “Laura Mercier Haul

  1. I’m looking forward to hearing more about these once you’ve tried them out! I keep wanting to stop by the counter–those lipglosses look beautiful. :)

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