REVIEW: Boscia Sake Treatment Water to Hydrate and Brighten

Now that summer is quickly coming to a close with fall upon us, my brain has already decided to plan ahead into the cooler and drier months. While actual cooler weather for Texas is still a few months away, I’ve regardless began to incorporate hydrating products into my skincare routine. Additionally, many of you may already know that I’m a big fan of SK-II products and I find that it’s important to invest in skincare. So between the two, I was excited to see that Boscia had released their new Sake Treatment Water to Hydrate and Brighten. Much like SK-II products, sake is at the heart of this treatment water so I was curious about how it would compare.

As an “innovative, sake-infused, Treatment Water that hydrates, brightens, and preps the skin for maximum absorption of treatments, serums, and moisturizers,” this is a great first-step in my skincare routine. For now, I’m not using typical toners per se; instead, I’m using the Boscia Sake Treatment Water to prep my skin after cleansing both morning and night. This “Sake Treatment Water allows for greater absorption of skincare products. It is rich in vitamins and minerals that deliver powerful hydration and brightening benefits to the skin. Formulated with the finest sake grade to deliver powerful hydration and brightening benefits to skin, it works to revive the skintone and texture while it primes the skin.”


The use of this product is much like the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence in that you pump the liquid into your hands and press it directly onto the face. As you gently press the product into the skin, you are to massage onto the skin to activate formula for instant hydration and a brighter complexion. You can use a cotton pad, but it’s probably not a good idea since you can waste so much product like that. Occasionally, I’ll pump a little onto a thin cotton pad and place it on a specific trouble area (like a breakout) if my skin really needs it.

I really like this treatment water and I really enjoy starting off my skincare routine with this product. It’s non-drying and doesn’t leave a slippery feeling on the skin like some toners do. I like that the ingredients are all essential for good skin, such as: sake, which is “highly-rich in vitamins and minerals to provide powerful hydration and brightening benefits.” Additionally, ingredients like vitamin B3 and Sodium Hyaluronate “revives skin’s healthy tone and texture to prime skin for greater absorption of products,” and “hydrates as it penetrates skin and supports the skin’s ability to attract and maintain moisture” respectively. And, finally, “Jojoba Leaf helps to prevent free radical damage while nourishing the skin.”


I use this product as instructed morning and night before my skincare routine begins. My skin looks bright and healthy even before I carry onto applying serums and creams. More importantly, it doesn’t interfere with my original routine and I do feel that it has made a positive and effective impact on how my routine unfolds. There is pretty much no smell to the product and feels very much like water, just a little thicker in consistency. It absorbs nicely into the skin without drying out the skin. My skin is nicely prepped before moving onto other steps, so I feel that it’s made a huge difference in my skin such as pore sizes and redness. When I do have a minor breakout, I concentrate the product onto those areas and the trouble spots seem less irritated and red.

I can’t say that this product can replace SK-II, but it comes very closely to being effective for a cheaper price. However, it’s still expensive for what it is because it’s $46.00 USD for 1.85 oz. Also, since I feel that I will be going through the product quickly because I use it day and night and as a treatment product, it’s not really that cost-effective. If you want to compare it to SK-II, however, it still comes out to be cheaper so that may be a selling point for some. For example, even if you double the amount (2 bottles = 3.7 oz.) of the Boscia Sake Treatment Water to Hydrate and Brighten at $46.00 each, you’ll be at $92.00 before taxes. This is still cheaper than 2.5 oz. bottle of SK-II for $105.00 before taxes. I still recommend the Boscia treatment water, so if you’re looking for something that’s sake-related, give this a go. Next on my list is the Sake Balm, which has been on my radar so check back for that!

Made in USA.
Retails for $46.00 USD.
Item contains 1.85 oz.

Burberry Wet & Dry Silk Eyeshadow in “Rosewood”

I’m a huge sucker for neutral eyeshadows, and because of that, I own way more than I should. Realistically, it would be nice to use them all every day so that I can use them up; however, I never actually get around to rotating all the products equally. I tend to not have any designated favorites because I like them all for different reasons. But, when I came across the Burberry Wet & Dry Silk Eyeshadow in “Rosewood,” I knew that I had come across something special.



The Burberry Wet & Dry Silk Eyeshadow in “Rosewood” No. 202 is the most perfect netural, taupey, brown shade that is nearly fleshtone-ish. It’s extremely natural and is perfect for days you want some color but not really on your lids. This is the epitome of an everyday eyeshadow color, and pairs nicely on its own or with just eyeliner. Additionally, it also is a great base color to apply before applying any other eyeshadow shades. I haven’t used it wet because I prefer to use my shadows dry. It’s very pigmented but doesn’t have fall-out. Most importantly, it spreads on like butter onto the lids and blends out beautifully. There’s a hint of color on your eyes behind your fluttery lashes, so it’s really feminine and pretty without going overboard.



When applied with a heavier hand, the color is a much more taupey color that is a brown-purple that’s still quite fleshy. By “fleshy” I mean that it blends in with my skintone quite well, which leaves the natural hint of color behind. This is great for work or any other professional settings; however, even for nights out, this is great with a heavier hand underneath smokier colors. It helps darker colors blend seamslessy into the skin as a transition color.Burberry “Pale Barley” is reviewed and swatched here. However, the numbering on the shades have changed; so now, “Pale Barley” is shade No. 102 (which I equally recommend).

Burberry Beauty’s Wet and Dry Eyeshadow “is a weightless formula that creates a silky-smooth texture on the skin while remaining smooth and flexible. Using next-generation technology, the eyeshadow can be mixed with water for saturated color effects and precision lines or dry for a more natural, buildable finish.” I like that the all the colors are buildable, which is why “Rosewood” can be used in such versatile ways.


Burberry Cosmetics as a range has been high on my makeup radar, and I’m happy to report that I really love all their products. The eyeshadows are worth the splurge since they’re so high quality. Consider reviews posts on the Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base in 01 Nude Radiance and the Burberry Velvet Foundation Long Wear Fluid Foundation in addition to “Pale Barley.”

Retails for $29.00 USD.

Too Faced Love Flush Long-Lasting 16-Hour Blush in “Love Hangover”

It hasn’t been that long since I reviewed the Too Faced Love Flush Long-Lasting 16-Hour Blush in “Baby Love”, but I’m back at it with another shade! The Too Faced Love Flush Long-Lasting 16-Hour Blushes are slowly becoming my favorite blushes. It’s hard to resist buying more and more shades every time I go to Sephora.

Today’s shade “Love Hangover” is considered to be a “perfect warm pink,” and that’s all very true. It goes with everything, looks great, and is long-lasting in this gross, Texas heat!



As previously stated in my last post regarding “Baby Love,” the “flush of true love” shades are long lasting, long-wear, fade proof, and smudge proof as well. Whether I wear it alongside liquid, cream, or powder foundations, I find that it lasts great all the same. I’m really liking “Love Hangover” because because it’s still my standard bight pop of pink. However, what makes this different from other blushes I own is that it’s brightening without looking frosty, which is sort of a pet peeve of mine. It looks naturally pretty, but at the same time, allows my skin to show through so it’s more natural.

The long-lasting effects are still an important part of why I really enjoy the blush formulas from Too Faced. Most of all, I like that it’s not difficult to work with. Some overly matte blushes that claim to be long-lasting are difficult to blend, but definitely not this one.


If you get a chance, take a moment to play around with the blushes shades in this range. Maybe to some the colors provided aren’t anything new since they’re all pretty standard shades; however, the long-lasting formula makes all the different with these blushes. If I didn’t have so many blushes already, I’d totally be down to get more shades. :)

Retails for $26.00 USD.

Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base in 01 Nude Radiance

Recently, Houston’s Nordstrom got the Burberry counter in the beauty section and it’s been to simply die for. Since it makes me hesitant to purchase products blindly without ever having seen them in person, I’ve been slow to dabble in Burberry’s products for this reason. Now that the counter is readily available, I’ve been really enjoying playing with the products; more importantly, it’s been fun to discover the products that have been on my shopping list for some time now. The Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base was my first purchase and it’s by far my favorite primer/base.



The Burberry Fresh Glow is a “lightweight, luminous fluid base [primer] that gives the skin a gentle fresh shimmer and sheer dewy finish. The unique pink color complements all skin tones and enhances the complexion for an effortlessly radiant, healthy look. The beautifying formula contains wild rose extract, which provides moisturizing benefits and regenerating properties. The skin is hydrated, protected and has a natural healthy glow.” The pinky-pearly color is very natural looking, yet glowy without any shimmer, glitters, and heavy silver/gold tones. Because it’s a nude shade, it suits my skintone very well without looking chalky.

The great thing about this primer is that you can apply Fresh Glow all over your prepped face for immediate, natural radiance. If you want targeted glowiness, you can apply it to the high planes of your face only — such as your cheekbones, nose bridge, chin, and the middle part of your forehead. Additionally, “to perfect your complexion and give skin an added glow, mix Fresh Glow with your shade of foundation. It won’t dilute your foundation or the shade, but the glowiness can be added so that your skin looks lit from within.



This is easily now my favorite primer/base. The fluidity of the primer makes it easy to mix with various liquid foundations; and, because I can use it alone as well, I find it to be versatile. In addition, the formula is easy to work with since it seems to cater to many skintones without looking too pink or white. I like that the sheen within the primer isn’t glittery and that the effects are quite natural. Sometimes I wear this over sunscreen without any foundation because it looks so pretty. However, paired with foundation it looks and feels great.

I don’t think this primer’s main function is to help makeup last longer. I don’t notice that much of a difference when it comes to that. Although I like to use it strictly as as highlighter, it works nicely underneath foundation even though I don’t think it helps my base makeup last any longer. I highly recommend this primer and I think it’s great for all seasons.

Contains 1 fl. oz.
Retails for $48.00 USD.

REVIEW: Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Total V Contouring Serum

I’ve been dabbling in various serums in the mornings as a part of my day time routine. I’ve found that if I leave the heavy duty stuff for my nighttime routine, I like to use something pretty light during the day time. However, lately, I’ve really been into adding serums into my routine instead of relying on day creams/moisturizers. Now, what I do use is I tone, use a serum, then apply a moisturizing sunscreen before applying my makeup. I’ve found that I still feel moisturized and hydrated, but my skin doesn’t feel heavy because I’m not layering on both a serum and a corresponding cream. Currently, my serum of choice has bee the Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Total V Contouring Serum, and I’ve been super happy with it and its effects.



Clarins claims that this is a “luxurious serum for the look of perfectly defined, V-shaped facial contours.” Additionally, they’ve been marketing this specifically for Asian women and it’s indicated in the product’s packaging, marketing, and insert. The serum is designed to use “three powerful plant extracts [contained within]—guarana, zerumbet ginger, and kaki—that refine facial contours, define cheekbones, and visibly lift jawline. It delivers complete facial contouring performance for women of all skin types and tones.” Specifically, the serum is used to help the face look less puffy — therefor, looking more defined.

Because the Asian culture — like the Korean culture — is pretty much obsessed with the “small -face” and the “V-shape,” which is supposed to give you the look of a small point chin, chiseled cheek bones, and appropriate contours — the serum is designed to deliver those results without the drastic results of facial surgery. Now, obviously, this serum cannot replace drastic surgical results, but I’ve found that the ingredients work well together on the skin to help it look refined.


As for the slimming features, I can’t say that I see much different. But, when I do apply the product, I before sure to apply it first and then press it in along my cheekbones. I apply it firmly under my chin and press it in around my nose area as well. Psychologically, I feel that ‘pressing away’ fat and skin to reveal the contours of my face, lol. I like to apply extra around my eye area to help it appear less puffy as well. I like how it feels on my skin. It’s lightweight; and, the gel-ish texture absorbs and nicely. It seems to be fine under makeup so I’ve been wearing it around during the daytime. I recommend the serum but I think it’s important to have some realistic expectations regarding the performance of this product. I’ve noticed that if sometimes I reach for a different serum in the mornings, I feel like my skin takes longer to de-puff in the morning. I don’t have any proof of this (lol), but it’s just a feeling I get (which may or may not be true).


Corresponding with this serum, there’s also the Shaping Facial Lift Wrap and the Defining Eye Lift. The Shaping Facial Lift Wrap, which is next on my list, is a “soothing cream-mousse mask to relieve redness and puffiness due to fluid retention caused by fatigue, an unbalanced diet, heat, or stress.” It’s received great reviews so far, and the sample I’ve been trying has been great as well. I think I’ll be purchasing that next. The Defining Eye Lift is a new product that contains a “powerful formula to relieve puffiness, brighten dark circles, and visibly lift heavy-looking eyelids.” Additionally, like the serum, it’s supposed to “relieve puffiness, tighten slackened skin, and promote brighter, wider-looking eyes. Clarins’ triple action formula contains pure plant actives that brighten dark circles and eyelids for eyes that appear youthfully radiant.”

I like Clarins and I’m really liking this particular range within the brand. I think it’s pretty great in terms of realistic results and I think it’s worth checking out if some of these issues are a concern for you.

Retails for $80.00 USD.

Origins Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay

Masks are an important part of my night time skincare routine, and it’s always an exciting moment when I’ve found something new I like. Generally, with skincare and masks, I tend to re-purchase what I know works since I have a fear of breaking out if I experiment too much. I came across the Origins Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay last month, and I was curious to try this mask since I haven’t tried Origins stuff in a really long time.


Origins Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay is considered to be an “innovative 2-in-1 mask” that’s “made with Mediterranean Rose Clay, Canadian Willow Herb and exfoliating Jojoba beads.” These ingredients combined are to help “gently deep clean while refining skin’s texture, and pores [will have] appeared to vanish.” This moussey mask is pink in color and kind of gritty. After I’ve thoroughly cleansed my skin, I apply a generous layer of this mask on my skin. Overall, it spreads nicely, dries in a decent enough of time, and really seems to be gentle on the skin.

The gritty texture does blend away and makes removing the mask somewhat easier since it kind of exfoliates off the skin. Additionally, you can use the leftover “grit” to smooth over your face as you’re washing off the mask. I recommend jumping in the shower to remove this because it gets kind of messy since it’s clay. Also, I’ve found that it helps to stand underneath the warm water for a bit to get the mask softer so that it melts off the skin.


I don’t think that this mask is all that great for cleaning out the pores or detoxing the skin. Because it’s a re-texturizing formula, I feel that it’s meant to exfoliate, cleanse the skin, to allow for clarity to be restored. For that reason, this isn’t a mask to use more than once a week — if that. While the formula itself wasn’t drying, the grit was pretty severe even though it did leave my skin baby soft and smooth. When washing this mask off, I make sure the loosen the mask on my skin by wetting it and just letting it pretty much wipe off. Then, when there’s very little grit left, I use that to gently exfoliate my skin.

I like this mask and I think it’s a good maintenance product. However, since I like exfoliators that are chemical based, I felt that I could get better results with something that was actually an exfoliator. I don’t think this is something that’s all that great for sensitive or dry skins, but it’s effective in restoring clarity to dull skin because of the brightening and exfoliating properties.

Retails for $25.00 USD.