Current Favorites – What I’m Loving Lately

I’ve been loving a lot of my newly discovered products lately; but, some of the products mentioned in today’s posts are products that have remained staple items in my collection.

As always, face products are on a constant rotation. However, the Chantecaille Future Skin Oil-Free Gel Foundation is still in my #1 winner’s spot.

Normally in the mornings, my mind is debating which foundation to use, and much of this thought process is dependent upon what my day is going to be like/where I’m going to be. With the Future Skin foundation, it’s my trusty automatic go-to product – it’s my favorite right now and forever – unless that’s just too dramatic. :) It’s the perfect blend between the dewy look and semi-matte look. LOVE.

I’ve noticed that I’m still loving the wear-time of this foundation. It doesn’t wear off or melt away as I’ve previously read in reviews. Even with the growing humidity in Texas, I haven’t noticed any difficulties wearing this foundation. Also, my shade – “Alabaster” – is the best color match I’ve ever experienced in a foundation. I realize this is not the case for many since the color selection in Chantecaille’s range is so limited. I should remind you that the foundation is made in Japan, and perhaps I love this foundation because I’ve had a long, long love affair with Japanese foundations. Either way, if you get a chance to give this product a try – DO IT.

Along with the Future Skin foundation, I’m obsessed with my Chanel luminous bronzing powder in #907 Sable Beige, MAC blush in “Pink Tea,” and setting everything very lightly with the Laura Mercier mineral powder in “Soft Porcelain.” A few weeks ago, I skipped powdering my t-zone because I didn’t really need to. Unfortunately, the Texas heat is coming on strong now since we’re heading into the summer months with full force. ICK.

Lazy days – like Sundays – require minimal effort for getting ready. Because I reserve Sundays for my face mask and bubble bath routine, I try to allow my skin to take the day off from makeup. On days like this, I quickly dab on my ClĂ© de Peau concealer in “Ivory” and dust a light layer of Laura Mercier mineral powder in “Soft Porcelain.” If I’m in the mood, I’ll add some blush to give my skin some life. But most of the time, I skip it because I’m feeling lazy.

Eye makeup has remained basic but I’ve been “shopping my stash” lately. I’ve re-discovered my past favorite MAC eyeshadow in “Hypnotizing” and paired it with my long-time favorite shade in “Handwritten.” I still curl my lashes with my KOJI lash curler and use my Shiseido mascara base with my trusty majolica majorca expander frame plus mascara.

I’ve been skipping liner and anything else complicated. I have added something new – which is the MAC brow set. As a mascara for the brows, it’s easy to use this on days when you don’t want to meticulously draw in/pencil in/shade in your brows. A few quick swipes and you’re good to go – I use the shade “Beguile” which is a dark brown shade.

Favorite lip products as of late includes an oldie but goodie – the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector 01, which is a light pink shade that’s glossy and moisturizing (and non-sticky). When I’m wanting a bit of color on the lips, I’ve been reaching for my MAC lipstick in the shade “Lovelorn.”

What are your current products?

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REVIEW: Laura Mercier Eye Basics

I hope everyone’s had a good week, but I’m glad that it’s nearing the end and the weekend is almost here. Although I’ll be quite busy straight through the weekend, I didn’t want to neglect writing about another phenomenal Laura Mercier product!

Laura Mercier‘s Eye Basics range includes a total of 6 shades in various tones that will suit every skin color out there. I like that there’s a color for everyone, unlike the Urban Decay Primer Potion and the Two Faced Shadow Insurance. Eye Basics is unique because it functions as an “eyelid foundation” almost – after all, don’t we conceal our undereye area? And, why is that we neglect the eyelids?

Laura Mercier Eye Basics “creates the perfect canvas for eyes by camouflaging eye imperfections and enhancing the durability of eye makeup,” according to the website. I call it “eyelid foundation” because before it acts as an eyeshadow base/primer, it neutralizes the color on your lids and evens them out – like a foundation would for your face. Some people have discolorations, veins, and other various imperfections due to thin skin around the eyes. Going back to fundamentals, this is why there’s such a fuss about good eye creams. Because the skin around our eyes are the thinnest, it ages the fastest.

The packaging is exactly the same as LM’s lipglosses. The sponge-tip applicator doesn’t bother me, and in fact, I prefer it since it’s easy to dab the product onto the lids. A little goes a long way so there’s no need to swipe it on or anything like that. Just a little dab will do.

Also, it absorbs instantly and the finish is a smooth, semi-matte texture that isn’t sticky. I never got attached to any of the other primers out on the market because I felt like it took too long to dry. And, I discovered that if I applied eyeshadow prematurely, my shadow application would be patchy and uneven. In the past, I also found it difficult to blend any of my eyeshadows.

The color I’ve chosen is “Flax,” and is described by Sephora as a “pearlized beige.” I like how the subtle pearlized sheen helps the eyelids look alive, rather than being flat – which is unnatural and unflattering. This product is great to pair with powder eyeshadows and cream eyeshadows; or, it can be great just on its own.

The creaminess of the product helps it spread easily onto the lids and the color itself blends into your natural skin tone. Because everyone gets their appropriate shade, we all have a fair chance with various eyeshadow colors. I feel like many of the primers out there altered the original eyeshadow colors. And, is it just me, or did the Urban Decay Primer Potion go on ashy for some skin tones?

As a “water-resistant and crease-proof” base, it “corrects imperfections and discoloration on the lid,” according to Sephora. I don’t see any other primers doing that! I don’t think this product magically helps ANY eyeshadow look more vibrant or more anything really. It just makes the color what it’s supposed to be, which I like. If I wanted a more vibrant eyeshadow color – I don’t think it’s the primer’s job to do that; it’s the eyeshadow’s job!

This product was tested on my combination skin and semi-oily lids in the Texas heat and humidity, and has survived long work days and long nights out as well. On days when I don’t want to mess with eyeshadows and blending, I apply “Flax” and then some dark brown eyeliner and I’m good to go. Here: I’ve used “Flax” and MAC eyeliner in “Coffee.” Since my look was so natural, I paired my naked-eye-look with slightly darker brows, using MAC “Espresso” eyeshadow to shade in the brows with my angled liner brush.

Made in USA.
Retails for $24.00.

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*Pictures taken using CANON POWERSHOT SD1300 IS DIGITAL ELPH (12.1 Megapixels)