My Go-To Brow Products

A few months ago, I was using various automatic eyebrow pencils while my teeny weeny hairs were “growing out.” The reason why I say “growing out” is because my eyebrows technically stopped growing when I was a teenager due to overplucking and my own naivety.

After some much-appreciated regrowth, I’m satisfied with my eyebrows now and am back to filling them in with powder – which is by far the most natural way to do it. The reason why I disliked penciling them in is because it always looked harsh and unnatural no matter what I did.

My current eyebrow tools:
MAC #263 angled liner brush
MAC #204 spoolie brush
MAC eyeshadow “Espresso”
MAC eyeshadow “Charcoal Brown”

Of course, pick whichever tools work for you since there’s various brands out there that make an array of brushes that look just like the ones I’m talking about.

For my skin tone and the color of my hair, I’ve found that MAC’s eyeshadows in “Espresso” and “Charcoal Brown” work best for me. I have very fair, pale skin with yellow undertones; and, my hair is naturally dark brown (and not black). In the past, I tried gray-ish colors for my brows and it didn’t look quite right!

I use the angled liner brush to apply the color onto my brows. I shade from the front of the brows to the tail, and then work backwards to fill in space I missed. I shape the tops appropriately for a slight arch but nothing dramatic.

The spoolie is used to brush through the brows once they’ve been put on if I feel they’re a bit on the dark side. Sometimes I feather out the front of my brows (and leave the tail end a little darker). Honestly, it depends on my mood and how I feel about the brows after I’ve “put them on.”

Both “Espresso” and “Charcoal Brown” are dark brown shades that are warm in tone. Nothing is worse than accidentally using a bronze shade or a brown with reddish undertones. Then, you definitely won’t match and forget about wanting your brows to look natural!

I’ve found “Espresso” is the perfect dark brown shade and it’s very forgiving with various shades of darker hair. “Charcoal Brown” is lighter than “Espresso” and works for me when I’m wearing heavier eye makeup. I like to contrast the darker eye makeup with slightly lighter brows to tone it down a bit. “Charcoal Brown” seems to suit many people – including those with brown, light brown, and dark blonde hair. It’s really all about how much you apply – all this can be controlled with a light hand.

Another great thing about using these products as brow products is that they double as regular eyeshadows. Both are great for crease work, lining your eyes, and adding drama by smoking it up in the outer corners.

Here’s an example of “Charcoal Brown” used on the brows and on my lids. Also on my lids are Burberry “Pale Barley” and MAC “Bronze,” with “Charcoal Brown” blending it all together along my barely there crease. :)

*Pictures taken using CANON POWERSHOT SD1300 IS DIGITAL ELPH (12.1 Megapixels)