Laura Mercier Crème Smooth Lip Colour in “Lychee Parfait”

In experimenting with some fall colors, I’ve come across Laura Mercier’s Crème Smooth Lip Colour in “Lychee Parfait.” Not straying too far from my usual tones, “Lychee Parfait” is a neutral pink rose that is surprisingly flattering even though it’s not really that pink. The Laura Mercier Crème Smooth Lip Colours are “luxurious medium-to-full-coverage lipstick[s] that give lips the ultimate in color, texture, and finish.” It’s smooth and creamy; buildable in intensity, and looks great on the lips.



I’m new to this range of Laura Mercier lipsticks. However, because my experience with “Lychee Parfait” has been so great, I’m open to looking into other colors like “Peche” and “Antique Pink.” In addition, the formula is really nice and comfortable to wear. It’s not heavy even though it’s a medium to full coverage lipstick; and, it keeps the lips hydrated without looking too glossy or shiny. The texture is smooth even when my lips are feeling dry.

“This cream formula envelops lips in rich color with a semi-lustrous finish that lasts six to eight hours. The cushiony, lightweight texture feels comfortable, while pure olive oil and vitamin E nourish lips. Color glides evenly onto lips without skipping, dragging, feathering, or setting into fine lines. You’ll have the appearance of visibly fuller- and younger-looking lips in just one swipe.”


“Lychee Parfait” is a neutral pink rose and it’s a great my lip but better kind of color. It’s great for every day wear, and can be amped up at night if needbe. I like to add a light layer for a more natural look. But I also like to apply it fully with a heavier hand, as it gives my lips a plumped and fuller look. Another minor thing that really does wonder for me is that this lipstick is a fragrance-free formula, which is a nice surprise from the traditional fake-vanilla scent I find in many lip products. Because this isn’t dry, I find it easy to wear and I really recommend this lipstick and this shade!

Retails for $27.00 USD.
Item contains 0.14 oz.

MAC Harmony and Lightsweep

I’ve taken a new interest in contouring, even though I don’t think it suits me. The whole things started when I recently got my makeup done for my friend’s wedding since I was the Maid Of Honor. The makeup artist contoured my face heavily since pictures were going to be taken; however, I did appreciate the effects it gave me in photographs. I noticed that forehead and nose contouring helped me out a lot, lol. :)

Since then, I’ve been looking around for products that suit me. I tried MAC Harmony and was convinced by the makeup artist that it suited me really well. However, I noticed that it’s quite reddish and really stands out against my skin since I’m so fair. If the tone leaned more towards more brownish or even a yellow-brown shade it would probably suit my skin much more.



Along with MAC Harmony, I also picked up Lightsweep. It’s a “micro-fine powder that accents and emphasizes the high planes of the face.” Because it was recently released along with other shaping powders, Lightsweep is a version that is more “warm beige with fine pearl” than anything else. I really enjoy this product surprisingly; it’s not totally a highlighter because it’s not stark and white/ish. It’s a warm-toned finely-milled face powder that has the slightest hint of shimmer. It highlights the skin with a soft and delicate sheen. I like that it isn’t sparkley or glittery, and I really appreciate how it doesn’t come across as greasy or oily-looking. I’ve also read that you can apply this underneath your eye are to set under-eye concealer, and when worn alone, it can brighten the under-eye area without looking unnatural (like with powders that are too pink or too yellow).

Out of the two products, I’d suggest getting Lightsweep if you’re looking for a subtle highlighter for your face. I didn’t really like MAC Harmony at all and felt that it didn’t really serve its purpose as a contouring kind of powder. For those who have more olive/medium skin tones, I think it will be great as a blush. What are some other bronzer/contouring recommendations?

Morning Skincare: Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Tonic & Bobbi Brown Hydrating Gel Cream

It’s time for a morning skincare routine update really quick. Not much has changed, but I’ve been really into restoring my dehydrated skin lately. There’s a big difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin; and it’s important to treat both for optimal skin health. For me, my skin is dehydrated most days and I don’t like stripping it for the sake of oil-control. However, I’ve found that with using these two products, the radiance and balance in my skin has happened naturally because my skin appears more healthy. I’ve also discovered that my skin is actually LESS OILY because my skin is balanced.


Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Tonic $28.00 USD
After cleansing my skin with Cetaphil, I dry my face with my face towel and directly apply my toner of choice. Currently, I’m totally loving the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Tonic to restore my skin from being freshly cleansed. I use a cotton pad and apply the toner on my face. A little bit goes a long way with this toner and there’s no need to be wasteful and saturate the cotton pad. Just a few drops is enough to get the results you want. Immediately, my skin feels fresh and moist.

This toner is a “skin-conditioning tonic that restores and balances skin so that it is soft, soothed, and prepared for treatment products.” It doesn’t feel sticky or slimy; just moist. I like how it doesn’t strip my face, which is important to me since I tend to use harsher nighttime products. The Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Tonic “delivers instant, 24-hour and long-term hydration. Formulated with Bobbi Brown’s signature Enriched Mineral Water Blend and cucumber, chamomile, licorice, aloe leaf, and lavender, it works to soothe and soften the skin. The Vitamin B5 softens and conditions, leaving your skin prepped for the next treatment step.” I give it a moment to sink into my skin a little bit before moving onto my gel cream. Also, remember that this is a hydrating toner, so it doesn’t contain alcohol or strip the skin, and instead, it balances and refreshes the moisture in the skin. Perfect for dry or sensitive skin, it brings a refreshingly hydrating step to any skincare routine.


Bobbi Brown Hydrating Gel Cream $56.00 USD
After applying the toner, I give it a few seconds to sink in but not all the way. Then, I apply the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Gel Cream, which is a “water-based gel-cream that hydrates and balances skin.” It feels rich, but lightweight at the same time. The gel texture feels like water once applied onto the skin and absorbs nicely into the skin. Upon contact, it feels a little tacky at first. After a moment, my skin feel nice and refreshed; the look is still moist but not greasy at all. LOVE.

Last year, I reviewed the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream, but I like the GEL CREAM much better. It’s perfect for the in-between season we’re in, but I don’t think it will make my skin dry in the winter months here in Texas. My skin is combo/sensitive and this gel cream really helps moisturizing my dry cheeks but balancing my oily t-zone. “This refreshing, lightweight emulsion provides a burst of moisture, leaving skin feeling healthy, rejuvenated—and perfectly prepared for a seamless makeup application. It contains a powerfully enriched mineral water blend to hydrate, balance and revive skin. Ingredients include a tropical grass extract, which instantly increases the skin’s natural ability to hold onto moisture, and vitamin E, which provides antioxidant protection against environmental damage.” Normally, after applying the gel cream, I get dressed. By giving this moment for everything to sink into my skin, I find that applying my sunscreen and then base makeup on top has better results because nothing is slipping and sliding around. My skin refreshed, looks even and healthy, and the constant moisture that these two products provide keeps my skin so comfortable throughout the day — even in the heat. There’s such a difference in how my skin looks when it’s restored of hydration; and, the best part is that my skin doesn’t feel oily or greasy.

I recommend both these products together, honestly. I use the toner both day and night, but I only use the gel cream in my morning skincare routine. They both prep my skin nicely and makeup applies wonderfully as well.

REVIEW: SK-II Auractivator CC Cream

I’m a sucker for base products and SK-II products and I couldn’t wait to share this post with you. Normally, I’d spread out the base-related posts but I was too excited about the SK-II Auractivator CC Cream. “The new SK-II Auractivator CC Cream is formulated with Day Soft Aura White, to create irresistible glowing skin,” and includes 5 skincare benefits in just one step.



• Brightening: 40% of whitening ingredients from SK-II’s best-selling
Cellumination Aura Essence, boosts skin’s inner luminosity
• Protection: SPF 50 PA++++ protects skin against future damage from
harmful UVA and UVB rays
• Coverage: The natural tint conceals spots and imperfections for
a flawless finish
• Moisturizing: The light, hydrating formulation glides easily onto
the skin
• Glowing: Iridescent micro pearl pigments instantly improve skin’s
surface glow


SK-II claims that their secret ingredient “Day Soft Aura White complex” is part of this CC cream’s greatness. The “Day Soft Aura White complex is composed of UME extract, Niacinamide and concentrated Pitera.” This cc cream is thick in texture, but it’s easily spreadable onto the skin. It blends easily and quickly, taking away redness and blurring pores upon contact. It leaves behind a dewy film that can look greasy soon after, so I tend to powder over my t-zone when I’m wearing this product.

Additionally, the added skincare benefits of SK-II let’s me feel better about just slapping this product on for long flights, traveling, and definitely lazy Sunday’s. Auractivator CC Cream is especially light and glides easily over your skin for even and breathable coverage. I’ve both used both my fingers and a foundation brush to apply this, but honestly, I think it’s faster and better with the fingers. Something about the warmth of your fingers helps this product work better, I think.


Because this is a CC cream, it comes in 1 shade. It’s a pretty standard neutral peachy shade that warms up to the skin and blends invisibly. It doesn’t leave a white or gray cast on my skin, but I do feel that it may just be a tad dark. However, because the formula is so blendable it’s pretty much undetectable on the skin. I highly recommend this CC cream; unfortunately, you can’t get it in the US so I’ve ordered a backup online. Remember to use trusted eBay sellers only!

This CC cream is perfection on its own and I find that I prefer it that way. Because it’s designed to color-correct, pigmentation and redness pretty much instantly go away with this product. It provides an even invisible coverage that really lets your skin shine through. In some cases, I’ve worn this underneath mineral powder foundation for additional coverage, but most of the time, I don’t really need it. The finish is dewy, so be aware when attempting to work out after apply this product lol.

Made in Japan.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

During the summer months I’m a big fan of tinted moisturizers if my skin will let me get away with them. The Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 is on its way out since I’ve been using it nearly every day for the past few months, but it’s an item that I’m considering purchasing again. As a “three-in-one tinted moisturizer that corrects, perfects, and provides light makeup coverage and SPF 20 protection,” this is a great product for lazy days, weekends, and afternoon yoga sessions.



The Vinoperfect Radiance Tinted Moisturizer is a tinted moisturizer that includes “mineral pigments [to] cover skin imperfections, leaving you with a smooth, even complexion so that over time, spots become less visible, and the skin is more beautiful.” Ideally, this TM is great for all skin types, and “it contains a high concentration of viniferine, which is more effective than vitamin C. It’s formulated with a blend of mineral pigments to blend with skin to cover skin imperfections, leaving a very natural-looking yet smooth finish.”

This TM is super lightweight and smooths onto the skin easily and seamlessly. It works nicely both with hands and a foundation/buffing brush as well. The coverage is minimal; but it provides a nice glow and an even finish so your skin looks natural and healthy. I don’t think this would photograph well because the coverage is so light and it contain SPF 20. However, it’s great to throw on when you’re just heading out real quick to the gym or to brunch. For me, if I need something extra, I’ll just tap on some concealer and powder my t-zone and I like the result it gives me.



This is a pretty expensive tinted moisturizer that doesn’t have high coverage and multi-function as the NARS tinted moisturizer (which is still one of my faves). It feels nice and looks good if you’re having a good skin day. I think for traveling this may be a good option because it’s so fast, easy, and contain skincare ingredients and an SPF. For work days or special occasions, you may want to opt for a real foundation. Also, if you’re having pigmentation issues or skin needs more coverage, I don’t think this product is going to do the job! Other than that, I think this is a great TM and I like all the skincare benefits that it contains. It lets me feel better about minimizing my morning routine if I’m in a hurry, so it can be an all-in-one kind of product for some people.

Made in France.
Retails for $49.00 USD.

MAC Mineralize Blush in “Dainty”

I can’t believe I’m just now discovering the MAC Mineralize Blush in “Dainty,” but I’m nonetheless, so in love with this. In the past, I’ve written about how MAC’s face products scare me since they’re known to make people breakout. When I was in college, I remember suffering horribly from a breakout of cystic acne — which had never happened to me before prior to trying MAC’s foundations. Since then, I’ve stayed away from all of MAC’s face products except for their blush in “Well Dressed” (which is my all time favorite blush.



MAC Mineralize Blush in “Dainty” is a beautiful warm pink shade that leans a little peachy-pink. It’s frosty in a good way and looks great on the skin because it adds a pop of color with a highlighter kind of look. Your skin glows without the chunky glitter that some blushes have. I haven’t had any bad reactions to wearing this blush, so I’m thinking I’m in the clear. It goes well with my skintone and a little bit of color goes a long way.

I like to apply this with a fluffy blush since the color can be a little concentrated. It’s pretty long lasting, but it’s not a blush that I would wear to yoga if I’m going to be sweating it all off!


I’m not that familiar with the mineralize range since I’m so cautious when it comes to trying out any face products from MAC. I like this blush and this one shade, but I’m not interested in the other colors it comes in. As for the mineralize face powder, it made my skin horribly clogged and my pores were in bad shape when I tried it. Since I’m not interested in any of the other products, I can really only recommend this particular shade. I think it’s unique in that it provides a highlighter effect; I personally like that frosty glow but it’s really all personal preference! Considering it’s a blush, it’s a bit expensive from MAC but because a little goes such a long ways, I think it’s worth trying.

Retails for $27.00 USD.