REVIEW: Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation

By total surprise, I stumbled upon the new Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation. Much like other “serum foundations,” like the Youth Liberator Serum Foundation and the Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation — the Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation is “a lightweight foundation serum that creates an enhanced complexion and a sheer finish.”



Dior’s Diorskin Nude Air is described as “a weightless, ultra-fluid foundation serum that creates a nude makeup look. Formulated with SPF 25, it offers sun protection and the fresh-faced beauty of a natural-looking glow.” Designed to provide “natural-looking makeup [finish] in an instant,” this serum foundation is “infused with Oxygen Activ™ technology.” It’s “an innovative blend of a hyper-oxygenated oil, cranberry oil, vitamin, and minerals,” which allows for “blurring agents and glzed pigments [to] offer weightless correction, evenness, and radiance.” This serum foundation’s “high-precision dropper deposits an undetectable film of makeup onto the skin, while its soft-focus agents and glazed pigments instantly produce an even-looking complexion that achieves the right amount of coverage for a radiant, sheer finish. ”

It sounds brilliantly beautiful, doesn’t it? However, I’m sad that I’m so disappointed by the product. I very much prefer the Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation over this any day, and if we’re considering only “serum foundations,” I’d say that GA Maestro Fusion Foundation is still the best option.


I’m using the shade 010 Ivory. It’s the lightest shade in the range — given that there’s barely any colors to choose from. When I try Dior foundations, in general, I tend to get the 010 but the tones can vary. I can’t say that I’ve ever been happy about the color match in any of Dior’s foundations, but I can’t really complain since I tend to prefer other brands anyway. The design of this foundation has a dropper like GA’s. You need to shake the bottle well before using the foundation to mix the pigments well, but the consistency is super-runny so be careful.

While GA’s serum foundation is made of dry oils that blend and work into the skin, the Diorskin Nude Air is so runny that it nearly feels like water. It blends out streaky if it’s blending at all, and when you think that it’s blended, you’ve really just rubbed off the pigment and the littler coverage it barely provided. Having said that, this looks great on already good skin because it does a great job of adding glow and providing evenness to the skin. However, I noticed that on my bad skin days, or when my skin had some dry patches or bumps, this was the worst thing ever.



This picture shows the foundation halfway blended out, but it is nearly invisible even at this point. The formula and texture is obviously light and watery. It makes it kind of difficult to apply since it feels like it’s going to nowhere and doing nothing. I noticed a little bit of ease when I used my fingers, but I felt like a lot of the foundation had transferred to my fingers rather than my face, lol. I don’t like this foundation that much, to be real honest. I think the concept is nice but I prefer GA’s serum foundation. If you’ve got skin that requires coverage this is definitely not for you. And, if you’ve already got good skin, this may be a waste of money since you don’t need that much foundation to begin with.

Retails for $53.00 USD.
Made in France.

Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Clarifying & Hydrating Intensive Treatment Masque

Kiehl’s isn’t really talked about that much within the beauty community, and I feel that I am only interested in the range when a product catches my attention. Based on a recommendation from a friend, I purchased the Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Clarifying & Hydrating Intensive Treatment Masque and I feel that it’s an underrated and overlooked product! The box contains 6 individually packaged sheets and is much like any Asian sheet mask. Initially I felt that it was expensive for what it was since I can get a box of Beauty Diary masks for $10 at the Asian market; however, I like what the mask does and feel that virtually no one has talked about this!


This mask is “formulated with fast-acting Activated C, hyaluronic acid and extracts of white birch and peony.” These ingredients contribute to “a highly effective…facial treatment mask [that] helps visibly diminish dark spots, correct uneven skin tone, and provide 24-hour hydration.” You use this mask like you would any other sheet mask. After removing my makeup and cleansing my face, I dry my face but leave it a little damp and add the mask onto my skin. I usually leave it on for 15-20 minutes as I watch a show or I’m taking a relaxing bath. I remove the mask, let it dry down a bit, and dab off the excess that’s making my face sticky.

I like this mask because it’s pretty much doing its job. While I can’t say that my skin was super even-toned all of a sudden and every spot was gone, I felt that overall, it did a good job of providing my skin nutrients, hydration, and temporary brightening effects. My skin felt plump and looked brighter and clearer upon removing the mask. I really enjoyed these masks and felt that they delivered results each time I used them. However, at nearly $60 and using a mask twice a week, it was quite the investment.

Box of 6 sheets at 0.85 oz. each retails for $58.00 USD.
Made in Japan.

Favorite Pinks: Dior Addict Lipstick in “553 Princess” & Bobbi Brown Blush in “Pale Pink”

Maybe it’s the spring season that’s looming, but I’ve been really into pinks lately. Generally, I tend to stick with pink lip colors and pink blushes to begin with; however, I did notice that I was gravitating towards more coral/peachy tones during the winter months. Today’s post is going to be about my most recent favorite pinks — not only are they available since they’re not limited edition, but they’re also “classic shades” that will flatter many skin tones and will look good all-year round.


I’ve written about the Dior Addict Lipsticks on many occasions. But lately, my favorite shade has been “553 Princess,” which is described as a “sheer carnation pink.” The soft pink shade is very true its pink base-tone — in that it doesn’t lean coral/red/peach/etc. It’s a great go-to shade, but can also pass for something you can wear for more special occasions. I like to pair this shade with a light, every day look which is generally dewy skin, defined/filled-in eyebrows, strong mascara/lashes, and a light pink color on my lips.


For my favorite pink blush lately, I’ve been in to the Bobbi Brown Blushes. I’m not disappointed by BB blushes and I’ve been very happy with “Pale Pink” to accompany my ‘favorite pinks’ post. For sure, this blush leans on the brighter side and can be great for the cheeks to liven up any look. You can’t be heavy-handed with this blush because I’ve noticed that it can be too much sometimes; however, with a little dab of a good, fluffy blush brush can go a long ways with BB’s blushes.


I think being in the mood for pinks has really changed the way I shop for pinks. While I think it’s a great spring and summer color to experiment with, I think the classic appearance of it helps it look good for every day looks too. Keep in mind that not all pinks are created alike, so I think it really depends on the tone and depth of the pink tone. For me, the brighter the better as long as it can spruce up any look…especially after gloomy winter months.

I recommend Dior Addict Lipsticks, as I’ve previously mentioned in other posts, but do check out Dior’s shade in “553 Princess” if you’re looking for a pretty pink color that does a little more than blend in with your natural lip color. In addition, I recommend Bobbi Brown’s blushes for her formulation and smooth texture. The shade in “Pale Pink” is a great way to start off any pink collections — but, especially if you’re getting started in owning BB’s blush shades, it’s a good one to begin with.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation

I’m picky about power foundations, and this comes as no surprise since I prefer natural, dewy finishes. Currently, my favorites are Chantecaille Compact Makeup Foundation, NARS All Day Luminous Powder Foundation, and the Shiseido Sheer and Perfect Powder Foundation. A close runner-up would be the Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder, and that’s just because it really depends on my mood since there are just some days I get annoyed with this powder foundation.

The Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation recently got my attention and I just had to check it out. UD’s new power foundation promises to be an “ultra-creamy, buildable, wet or dry powder foundation that leaves a weightless feel and demi-matte, Naked Skin finish.” In my opinion, it’s important for powder foundations to be light and weightless on the skin to avoid powdery-ness and cakey-ness. In addition, depending on what your skin type is, it’s also important to find a power formula that adjusts to your skin so that it looks natural.



This power foundation is considered to be demi-matte and full-coverage. And, by that, it claims to promise to last all day with its “advanced, velvety formula [that] delivers weightless, buildable coverage—that can be applied wet or dry.” The sponge that comes with the product is nice and cushiony — making it ideal to use dry and wet if you wanted additional coverage. The final result is “a radiant, no makeup look that doesn’t leave the skin looking dusty or cakey.”

I’m using the shade Fair Cool, which is the lightest shade available in its range of colors. It leans cool-pink and is for fair skintones. The color match could be better, but as far as tone goes, it matches my undertone pretty good so I can live with it. The texture of the power foundation is super finely milled, so it gets dusty when I dab my powder brush in it to apply to my face. “Formulated with coated, micro-milled powders, this foundation diffuses light to blur the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while Highlighter Performing Pigments Technology offers rich color and the perfect balance of coverage to even out your skintone.” I think for these reasons, the color settles well into my skin and seems to adjust. It looks natural and light on the skin, and is surprisingly creamy for being a powder foundation. While concealing pores and covering up lines and major pigmentation falls short with this product, it’s good at not settling into weird places on the skin and doesn’t catch heavily onto dry patches of skin.


For a powder foundation, this is pretty high coverage and COULD risk becoming cakey if you use a heavy hand. I dust it on with a fluffy powder brush, and it provides coverage and decent oil-control. If you wanted to up the level of coverage, you could always apply this over your regular foundation/BB/CC cream to achieve that; but, it won’t be entirely super high coverage/opaque on its own. I think it’s reasonably priced for what it is, but keep in mind you’re getting less than half an ounce of this stuff for nearly $40 with tax. There some pro’s regarding this product, but for me, the con’s outweigh the good. I don’t like how my skin looks dull with this product. Even with the lightest shade, I feel like my skin doesn’t look bright and healthy. The packaging is kind of plastic-y, but I like the wide mirror it includes. The floral pouch is just okay, but I understand why UD included it since the case is reflective and could get scratched and dirty easily. Overall, I’m already content with the previously mentioned powder foundations so this one was just MEH. I would recommend Laura Mercier and Chantecaille over this one for a bit more money.

Retails for $36.00 USD.
Item contains 0.31 oz.

Tarte Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment

Lately, I’ve been interested in eye creams because I’m looking into preventative measures for anti-aging. However, as I’ve previously mentioned, I’m picky about eye creams because I dislike greasy or heavy formulas that interfere with eye makeup during the day time. I’m currently trying out the Tarte Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment, and so far, I really like it as a night time product.



This eye cream is “an intense, maracuja fruit- and vitamin C-infused, multitasking eye-treatment that visibly hydrates, firms, and brightens the delicate eye-area.” This “skintuitive™ eye treatment” is slightly heavy, so a little goes a long way. It’s creamy and “contains rice bran, mango, and coconut, which are naturally rich in antioxidants and help fight signs of aging and free radical damage.” I like this eye cream for night time since it’s so moisturizing and doesn’t absorb until your skin is matte. It’s very rich, so I find that applying it during the day time makes my eye makeup a mess — and, almost always, my mascara will be smudgey.

In addition, “oat sugars instantly smooth and visibly tighten skin. The opthalmologist-tested nutrient-rich formula also delivers the ultimate in hydration for smooth, youthful-looking eyes.” Tarte markets Maracuja oil as a key ingredient in their makeup and skincare products as an oil that is “rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs) known to replenish, rebuild, and brighten skin.”


There’s no doubt that this eye treatment is hydrating, and when my eye area is feeling dry — especially during the dry, winter months — it feels really good. “Along with a high dose of pure vitamin C that gives the appearance of brighter skin, a powerful antiaging elixir promotes active skin recovery, rejuvenation, and maximum hydration that quenches dry skin.” I can’t say that the Vitamin C and Maracuja oil has made my eye area any brighter; and, I don’t see drastic results in plumping of the skin or anything like that. However, it does smooth the eye area and it feels replenished due to optimal hydration.

I’m going to continue to use this eye cream since what I’m looking for is a preventative measure that hydrates. I think there’s other options that could be better, but eye creams are circumstantial since it really depends on the user and their preferences.

Retails for $38.00 USD.

Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off!

Lots of new products to try with this new year! The newest member of the Benefits Cosmetics line is the recently released Puff Off! eye gel “that assists with smoothing the appearance of puffy eyes.” While I fall victim to gimmicky products all the time, I find that this one is less gimmicky — and, in its defense, preps the eyes and lids well for eye makeup application as well. “This innovative undereye gel minimizes the appearance of puffiness and creases around the eye, creating a “satiny smooth” look. It’s designed with a custom “ironing” tip, which works to instantly smooth the look of puffiness and fine lines.”

Admittedly, this product is so cute with a clever name — much like all of Benefits Cosmetics’ range. While I don’t have discolored under eyes or deep bags, I like to keep my under eye area healthy and glowy so that my skin doesn’t look or feel crepey or cakey. It’s still important to use eye cream, which I reserve for night time use, so the Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off! is great for day time use underneath my makeup.



Suggested use for this product is to “squeeze once and dot under each eye…then go[ing] back and glid[ing] on with [the] ‘ironing’ tip” to blend out the product. “Puff off! works on bare skin or over makeup; when applying on top of makeup, gently pat with fingertips to blend.” For me, this goes along great with my day time routine before I apply makeup. After my skincare, I use Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off! in place of a traditional eye cream. I find that heavier eye creams are great for night time when my skin is working to recover and repair itself. I also find that using a regular eye cream during the day makes my eye makeup smudge and wear off — even with primer and setting powder.

I apply Benefit Cosmetics Puff Off! as my last step in my morning skincare routine under my eyes. I don’t see the “iron tip” doing much for me, so I like so squeeze on a few dots before blending everything in with my fingers. This absorbs and sets quickly without feeling too dry or matte. It feels slightly cooling, but most of all, it feels like my under eye area is soothed. Then, I proceed onto my makeup routine.



I can’t say that the “iron tip” makes much of a difference. Additionally, I don’t find that my under eye area looks drastically better. It feels nice and gives my under eye area a nice cushion before applying foundation or concealer. However, this alone isn’t going to perform miracles, in my opinion. I like the product and it’s fun to use, but it’s definitely not necessary. If you have under eye discoloration and bags, it’s more important to use a proper eye cream at night and follow up with a reliable color corrector and under eye concealer. Also, this product is tiny. Even though it doesn’t take much to use under the eye area, I feel that it will run out soon since you require a few squirts/dots of product under each eye.

Overall, I like the product but I wouldn’t recommend it. I didn’t real results and found the product to be somewhat gimmicky. In terms of helping with puffiness and fine lines — which is what the product is used for — it helped a little, but didn’t make a noticeable difference. For lines and creases, the skin around our eyes are the thinnest on our faces. I feel that it’s more important to use sun cream during the day and a proper eye cream at night. For $29.00, I’d find more useful Benefit products to try!

Retails for $29.00 USD.