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This blog is a personal domain containing thoughts, ideas, and opinions that are expressly my own. This site contains only original content; all other sources will be cited as needed.

I am not sponsored, affiliated, or paid by any companies, stores, or brands that are mentioned in any of my posts. I am not influenced in any way, shape, or form, as I am as honest as I can be regarding my writing. Note a separate disclaimer (if a particular post needs it) at the end of a post if any other information is needed. Products sent for consideration for review will be indicated accordingly.

Issues or questions regarding this disclaimer or any other posts that may be written should be directly addressed to the author of this blog. Contact information is provided for readers. I am not an expert in any of the fields that I write about, and reader discretion is advised. Use products and advice at your own risk.

This site is monitored and only approved comments will be viewable.

Material posted on this blog follows standard legal measures of the copyright law — so, no plagiarism. Quotes may be extracted with permission from the author. Pictures may be borrowed with permission as well. Everything published on this blog is the property of the author, and any duplication of written or photographed materials will be strictly prohibited. In short, give credit where it’s due.

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