1. What is your ethnicity/nationality?
This is the most frequent question I get asked and I can proudly say that I am 100% Korean. I was born in Seoul, S. Korea and came to the U.S. when I was young. Yes, I am fluent in writing, speaking, and reading; I admit it’s hard to remember everything after being in the states this long!

2. What camera do you use for taking pictures?
Right now, all my pictures are taken using the CANON POWERSHOT SD1300 IS DIGITAL ELPH (12.1 Megapixels). I try my best to take all my pictures in natural lighting during the day. Some pictures featured are taken on my iPhone 4s.

3. Do you accept products to review and are you sponsored by any companies?
For the most part, all products featured here have been purchased by me using my own funds. Occasionally, some products are gifted; and on the rare occasion, I am sent items to review. However, as always, whether the products have been purchased by me or given/sent to me, everything I state is true, honest, and of my own free will. I am not sponsored by any company.

4. Have you had double-eyelid surgery? Have you had any plastic surgery?
Nope, I haven’t had any cosmetic procedures done and my eyelids are natural. Plastic surgery is a personal decision that I have no problem with, and if for whatever reason I decide to undergo a procedure, it would be my choice and I would not see any reason to lie about it.

5. What do you do professionally?
I teach composition and english classes at the college level. I assist in literary and other academic research, edit publications, and write my own material in my spare time. As a doctoral student, my mission is to finish my dissertation! Writing about beauty products is a hobby and something I enjoy.

6. How old are you? – you look so young! What are your tips?
I’m 26 and yes, I know I look young for my age. I would say genetics plays a big part in my youthful appearance because my parents look young for their age as well. I’m big on skin care (exfoliating, moisturizing, applying sunscreen); I don’t smoke; and I try to eat relatively healthy. I think it’s important to be happy and do what you want in life to keep you young.

7. What is your skin tone?
I’m very fair naturally and protect my skin at all times. If I don’t, I’ll burn and that’s no fun. I have yellow undertones in my skin, but I also have a bit of pink as well.

8. What is your skin type?
I have fairly normal skin that can get oily in the t-zone area at time. Pretty much all of the time, my skin is sensitive/reactive, so there are some brands and ingredients I try to avoid. My skin gets blotchy and red when it’s too cold, too hot, or irritated by something. My skin also reacts to my emotions; like if I’m angry, embarrassed, or sad, my cheeks flare up and get really pinky. I try to use protective yet gentle products to keep it happy.

9. What are your foundation shades?
Generally, I’m the lightest shade in most foundation ranges.

10. Where do you shop for clothes?
Gap, Banana Republic, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, outlet stores.

11. How come you don’t make YouTube videos?
I love YouTube and subscribe to many beauty gurus out there. However, being a YouTuber is a big commitment that requires a lot of dedication. For me, my academic and professional careers are important and in order to maintain that, my face cannot be exposed to that extent on the internet. For professional reasons, I prefer to communicate through this blog and limit the face-time.

12. What are your pet peeves?
I have a lot of pet peeves for various reasons. But to name a few, I dislike rude and disrespectful people, people chewing loudly, and parents not watching their misbehaving/crying children in public. LOL.

13. Do you have any siblings?
Yes, I have a younger brother. He’s an engineer and recently purchased a ukulele because he had mastered the guitar, the classical guitar, the electric guitar, and the bass guitar. Random, I know.

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