REVIEW: MAC Lightful C Tinted Cream SPF 30 with Radiance Booster

Now that it’s officially summer time, nothing is more exciting than light, dewy makeup, brightly colored clothes, and fun in the sun. I’ve been planning a few trips here and there with the boyfriend, and since booking a cruise, I realized I didn’t want to be bothered with makeup brushes, foundations, and trying not to sweat off makeup on the beach. I purchased the MAC Lightful C Tinted Cream SPF 30 with Radiance Booster to take with me on vacation because of the decent SPF level, light coverage, and something that I can wear to dinner and to the pool/beach.



The MAC Lightful C “offers a variety of benefits in one color-correcting cream, reducing imperfections and controlling oil while increasing your skin’s natural radiance instantly and over time.” Ordinarily, I avoid MAC face products for the fear of breaking out after a traumatic incident in college with cystic acne. However, I haven’t had any issues with this product and I’m so glad since I really enjoy using it. The MAC Lightful C line seems to have the Lightful C Marine-Bright Formula Softening Lotion, the Lightful C Marine-Bright Formula Cleanser, and the Lightful C Vibrancy Eye Cream. While I can’t say that MAC is known for skincare products, I’d say that this range may be worth looking into.

The Lightful C Tinted Cream SPF 30 with Radiance Booster is “infused with a Lightful Radiance Booster and vitamin C, [which are] unique complexes [that] work to correct your overall complexion by reducing the appearance of pores and diminishing dark spots and hyperpigmentation.” In addition, SPF 30 forms a protective barrier against UVA/UVB rays. I wouldn’t wear this in place of your daily sunscreen, but it would certainly be better than nothing in this heat.



I chose the shade Extra Light and it’s a great shade/color for me in terms of tone. A little bit of it goes a long way, so even though it leans a hint on the light side, it blends out easily and seamlessly on the skin. The texture of this product is a whipped, creamy tinted moisturizer. It’s light and the coverage is on the sheerer side. While there is some degree of coverage, it isn’t the same coverage level you’d get from a BB cream or a foundation. The product feels nice and is soothing on the skin; however, long-term skincare benefits shouldn’t be really expected. The formula is really breathable on the skin, which I like since I’ve been wearing it in the hot Texas heat. I also think this would be a great product to take with me on vacation since it’s so easy to apply, it’s low-maintenance, and you still look polished and put-together.

I plan to add a little bit of concealer if I need it and some powder for going out to dinner. However, I’d be totally okay with some sunscreen and this product on my face for enjoying the beach and the pool this summer. I don’t there’s any additional brightening/whitening with the product as the title of the product suggests. But it feels nice and looks natural and dewy on the skin, so I’m pretty happy with it.


I recommend this product and I think it’s perfect for the summer months. I’d say that this is more like a light tinted moisturizer and may also be great for weekends, going to the gym, and for general no-makeup makeup days. I think pairing this with a nice cream blush and some pink lip gloss would be perfect for the summer months that are coming up.

Item contains 1.3 oz.
Made in Canada.
Retails for $35.00 USD.

MAC “Amber Times” Nine Eyeshadow Palette

It’s been awhile since I’ve really liked, reviewed, and posted anything from MAC. However, with the “Amber Times” Nine Eyeshadow Palette, I feel like coming around to re-visiting MAC products. This palette was also featured in The Beauty Look Book’s blog in a post titled Weekend Loves + Reads. I highly recommend to check out her blog and this post too.



This palette featured 9 eyeshadows. It’s small and compact, but just enough versatility and product to make it worth it for me. Described as “a well-edited eyeshadow palette,” it “features a color wave of hues that offers countless shade combinations.” It leans neutral, but can be varied in use since there are darker tones to make your makeup look more dramatic. Also, “an array of textures, ranging from matte to satin to frost, lets you create a variety of looks for both day and night.” In addition to the versatility and portability of this palette, the shadows are “saturated, soft and smooth,” and the sleek compact is a bonus on my end.


Here are the shadows swatched. The colors are buildable, but translate very light on the skin. This palette houses permanent shades as well as colors that are unique to this palette.
Shades include:
– Georgia Peach
– Cozy Grey
– Creative Copper
Cork (permanent)
Ricepaper (permanent)
– Kitties
– Aromatic
– Don’t Tell
– Pepper Please

I recommend this palette. For me, I plan on using this for travel purposes. In the next few months, I’ve got some trips planned and I don’t want to lug around a bunch of single eyeshadow pots and other bulky palettes. So for me, this will do for the upcoming trips. The shadows are small, so I think it’s well-worth the $40.

Retails for $40.00 USD.

MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil in “Go For Girlie”

MAC released their Patentpolish Lip Pencils, and after seeing some online swatches, I knew I had to check them out in person for sure. The Patentpolish Lip Pencils are designed to be a product that combines both “colour and shine of a gloss..[with] the precision of a lip pencil – all in one colour stick.” Much like the Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balms or the Revlon Color Stay Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, the concept of the Patentpolish Lip Pencils are pretty much the same.

With a unique blend of creamy emollients to replenish moisture, this lip pencil keeps lips soft with an ultra-smooth texture that isn’t heavy or sticky. “The pencil’s effortless twist-up keeps application clean and simple, with no need to sharpen.”



The design and concept of these lip pencils are the same as most “chubby sticks” — so to speak. I like that it twists up, but the rounded tip of the pencil makes it less precise than a pencil with a pointed tip. I like that it’s portable, however, and I can just take it with me in my makeup bag or even pencil bag. The color “Go For Girlie” is a bright pink that’s buildable; but I like to wear it sheer since it can be kind of loud on the lips.

I’ve noticed that there is a slight staining effect with these, and they don’t transfer or wipe off easily. The slight stain is pretty — even though it’s not marketed as a staining product — and I like that it fades nicely. The bright pink of “Go For Girlie” is new for me since I don’t tend to go for shades like this. However, for spring and summer, I find that it will be fun and flirty.



The shades in the range are quite regular with a good mix of all colors. I think it will be flattering on many skin tones, for sure. However, the concept is really not that new and the product itself is nice but nothing life-changing. For less money, the Revlon pencils will do just fine so it just depends on if you just really want these. I like “Go For Girlie” and will stick with it as my spring and summer color. But, in my opinion, these aren’t that special and they’re not a necessity either.

Try out the colors in person before making your decision, but if you’ve already purchased something like this in the last few months, I think it’s safe to pass these up.


Retails for $20.00 USD.

Face of the Day feat. NARS Cream Eyeshadow in “Mykonos” + Innisfree Mineral Melting BB Cushion Compact

Another face of the day post — but this time, with a little twist. Today’s post will feature a cream shadow and a cushion compact — both products are new to me (as are the concepts of these products). Now that the weather is getting warmer, I’m really into trying to use brighter and season-friendly shades. Still, a bright and dewy complexion is a requirement for my daily needs/look and I’m happy to have found a cream eyeshadow that I’m really enjoying as well.



Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence Sunblock (from eBay)
I’m really enjoying essence sunscreens. While they’re not as watery as traditional Japanese sunscreens, the essence sunscreens dry super fast on the skin and also dry matte. In my experience, oil-control seems to be much better with these kinds of sun products.

MAC Cremesheen + Pearl Lipstick in “Sunny Seoul”
Yes, in part, I was drawn to this lipstick shade because of its name “Sunny Seoul” and reference to my native country/birthplace. LOL. But the color itself is really pretty, too. The bright pop of pink is flattering yet not scary bright. It’s a great spring shade and pairs well with neutral eye makeup as well. I like that this color is wearable, and this shade is as daring as I will get!

Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in “Something About Berry”
Not a totally necessary product, but still a great-performing and long-lasting blush nonetheless. Despite its bulky packaging, the bright pink shade is a great mix of mauve pink, golden peach, and magenta all rolled into one. This blush is shimmery but I don’t mind. It’s got cute packaging too so this product is a win-win for me!

NARS Cream Eyeshadow in “Mykonos”
Normally, I’m not a fan of cream eyeshadows. But I was recently drawn to the shade “Mykonos,” and found a blog post by Sandra when I was doing some research. It’s a great color to use on its own and to use as a base. I had to hunt this shade down so I’m not sure if it will soon be discontinued. It’s definitely a must-have and the cream eyeshadows by NARS are definitely worth looking further into. Their cream shadows include “shades that are balanced in a lightweight texture, [and are] transparent in application.”

Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in “Soft Brunette”
This brow pencil combines the benefits and technique of a powder, pencil, and wax and is my newest eyebrow obsession and favorite product as of right now. The shade “Soft Brunette” is perfect for me — a warm, medium dark brown that isn’t too stark and isn’t orange or beige in undertone. It applies smoothly and doesn’t skip when applying — even when I’m filling in gaps. The waxiness of the product is just right for the areas where I’ve got more brow hairs. It really is a “revolutionary pencil [that] combines all of the benefits and technique of various brow formulas to create the look of naturally fuller, multidimensional, defined brows in one easy step.”

Garnier Skin Renew Anti Dark Circle Eye Roller
This is a great eye product for when you’re on the go. It’s also multi-functioning, which is great since you can get some coverage and eye care benefits all in one. Swipe the product under the eyes from the inner corner to the outer corner and blend. The metal rolling ball is soothing and cooling so the product is nice to apply.


Innisfree Mineral Melting BB Cushion Compact in “1 Pink Beige”
Cushion compacts are all the rage currently, and is a major trend in Asia now. Right now I’m using the Innisfree Mineral Melting BB Cushion Compact, which you can order via eBay and have it shipped directly from South Korea. I will most likely do a post committed to cushion compacts in the very near future, but it’s really the concept that’s different, not the formula. I’m basically using a BB cream but it comes in a compact form rather than a tube; and, really, the application is much better with the included sponge/applicator. That’s really the only difference!

What have you been incorporating in your makeup routine lately?

MAC Powder Blush in “Pink Swoon”

One of my all-time favorite blushes is MAC’s “Well Dressed.” I can’t stay away from it for too long, even when I purchase other blushes because I return to it all the time. In fact, I’ve finished two compacts of it and I’m on my third one.

Not too long ago, “Pink Swoon” came on my radar for whatever reason — and, it was a color I had overlooked for a long time. Then, when I went out in search for it, it was sold out everywhere — at MAC counters, the website, Nordstrom, etc. Perhaps the fact that I couldn’t find it anywhere convinced me that I needed it even more than ever. Who knows, lol. When I went home for Thanksgiving, I went on the search for this blush again and found it.



The MAC Powder Blush in “Pink Swoon” is a surprisingly workable color for me. In the pan, it looks scary and loud; and, I had assumed in the past that it would look “clown-ish” on me because of the deep pink tone. In fact, it looks so cool in the pan, I was surprised that when I blended it out on my cheeks, it looked pretty and rosy-pink. As with all MAC blushes, the pigmentation is great and lasting power is phenomenal. “Pink Swoon” is a sheertone blush, so I think that’s why it’s so effective in looking natural and pretty on the cheeks. It looks like I just came in from the cold — perfectly pinched and rosy, but not so much so that it looks like I have a rash.

“Pink Swoon” isn’t a new color and has been around for awhile. But, if you’ve passed it up before, I suggest re-visiting it like I did because you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Retails for $21.00 USD.

Almost Bare – Face Products Used Today


Another quick, out the door face makeup today. I’m keeping things very simple and very easy because of time and being unmotivated. Keep in mind, I still wear mascara and put on my brows along with the products as pictured above. I just don’t bother to include it in the picture/post because it’s always the same!

All over tinted moisturizer application:Chantecaille ‘Just Skin’ Tinted Moisturizer in “Bliss” for an easy way of evening out the skin tone and brightening it up in a natural, dewy way. No concealer is necessary today.

Highlighter of choice today, because I really need a pick-me-up: NARS The Multiple in “Luxor”.

Blush: MAC’s “Coygirl” is new and something I’m trying out. “Well Dressed” will always be my favorite, but I like how “Coygirl” has a harder pink tone to it — almost reddish, but mimics a flushed shade beautifully. I’m fair so I have to use a light hand with this.

Bronzey Smokey Eye

I was in the mood for a bronzey smokey eye that would be daytime-appropriate. I know that smokey eye makeup isn’t necessarily reserved only for nights out; however, by doing this during the day, I am stepping out of my comfort zone.

My look here is simple, just like pretty much the rest of my makeup. I don’t have lots of excess eyelid space and I have to work with what I’ve got. So, I stuck with some basic colors to do the trick using only 2 colors.

I used MAC eyeshadows in “Handwritten” and “Bronze.” The color “Bronze” is applied to the eyelids and “Handwritten” is used to smoke up the outer corners of my lids. By doing this, I’ve created depth and slight dimension. I noticed that only using “Bronze” makes my lids look incomplete and flat, so I like to use a darker and more smokey tone for the crease area.

As you can see, on their own, both shadows are quite cool. I prefer that effect espcially with smokey looks so that it’s not too overwhelming or smoldering for daytime. I used a dark brown eyeliner for my lower lashline to complete the look, along with using MAC “Espresso” for my brows.

To complete the bronziness, I used my new Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Luminous Bronzing Powder in “Sable Beige.” I’m loving this bronzer and I find that it’s so great for those who have fair skin. If you’re interested in learning more about this product, please refer to its own post.

As always, thanks for reading – and apologies for such a brief post. :)

*Pictures taken using CANON POWERSHOT SD1300 IS DIGITAL ELPH (12.1 Megapixels)

REVIEW: MAC Mineralize Concealer NW15

Normally, I’m a foundation junkie and I tend to overlook concealers. Unless I’m having a seriously undisguisable skin catastrophe, I stick with 1 layer of foundation application and dab more where I need it (if I need to). Luckily, under-eye circles haven’t been a problem for me; and, I think genetics has a lot to do with that.

I purchased the MAC Mineralize Concealer in NW15 out of curiosity – at first. The reason why I say that is because it was recently launched and the display looked cool and drew me in. I know, I’m such a sucker.

None of the other MAC concealers have ever attracted me; but, I know that there’s a cult following. Many women swear by a particular MAC concealer and don’t stray. As I said, this is strictly all experimental for me so unfortunately, I cannot compare this to any of the other MAC concealers. The tube is much like the others MAC carries, but the rubbery handle is more like a NARS thing. I don’t particularly care for it since it tends to attract other leftover makeup products from your fingers to the handle.

Also, notice the different applicator itself. It’s a very thin brush instead of a sponge-tip, which is excellent for dabbing onto particular areas and swiping thinly along problem areas.

So far, the concealer isn’t goopy around the applicator. However, product tends to goop around the edges of the tube. I find this annoying because I’m constantly cleaning it off since I don’t want it to transfer to my makeup bag or to other products. Also, I find it kind of wasteful since technically, the “goop” could be perfectly usable.

I use shade NW15. I’m thinking about also getting NW20. Normally, the NW range has more pinkish undertones; however, it seems that ALL the mineralize concealers tend to run yellow. The NC range is really, really yellow.

According to the MAC website: “Enriched with minerals and nourishing botanicals, this creamy, easy-to-blend Concealer covers and perfects while moisturizing the skin. Comfortable and longwearing. Provides medium coverage with a natural luminous finish.”

The texture is not hard like Studio Fix and it’s a little on the watery side for a concealer. In fact, on days I want to skip foundation – I slap this onto my cheeks and around my nose (sometimes my chin), blend it out quickly with a small foundation brush, dust on some powder and blush – and I’m good to go.

It’s great at cancelling out redness and covers up spots wonderfully. In my opinion, I find that it isn’t a heavy-duty concealer and if you have major discolorations, I don’t see this product doing much for you. The consistency is much like a tiny foundation, which is why I use it when I don’t feel like applying foundation all over my face. For hard-core coverup, a dry and harder formula like Studio Fix or Laura Mercier’s concealer may do the trick. While researching, I read that those wanting under-eye concealing were severely disappointed in this product due to caking around the eyes and in the lines.

5 mL.
$19 each.

*Pictures taken using CANON POWERSHOT SD1300 IS DIGITAL ELPH (12.1 Megapixels)

What’s On My Face?

Many of you have been asking for posts on routines/looks so this is my take on a “current routine” post. As I’ve stated previously, my looks don’t change much day-to-day because I like the rather neutral look. However, since my products are constantly on rotation, it still makes the post worthwhile (or, at least I hope).

The products:
“Teddy” eye kohl by MAC
“Sketch” eyeshadow by MAC
“Nepal” eyeshadow by NARS
“Taupe” eyeshadow by NYX
Shisedio mascara base
MJ lash expander frame plus mascara
Prestige My Blackest Lashes mascara
KOJI lash curler

The eyelid:
“Nepal” is placed in the inner 1/3 of the lid and “Sketch” is lightly blended in the crease and the outer portion of the lid. I used the MAC 217 for all blending purposes. “Taupe” was placed above my crease to blend the top portion of the look together. I like to use “Taupe” for this much of the time because it’s a neutral, skin-tone shade that leans a bit brown and provides good contrast. That way, it doesn’t look like colors appear out of nowhere.

“Teddy” eyeliner was used to line my lower lashline. This is an impressive dark brown eyeliner that has subtle shimmers. It’s not stark like black, but not as dull and uninteresting like your regular dark brown eyeliner.

* For eyebrows (products not pictured), I used MAC “Espresso” with an angled liner brush.

The lashes:
As always, I curled my lashes with my KOJI lash curler, added mascara base, and layered my MJ mascara over it to hold the curl. After it dries for a few minutes, I coated My Blackest Lashes over it for maximum volume, thickness, and darkness.

The rest of my face is quite simple. For me it’s all about face products that will make it through a hot Texas day. Prior to makeup application, I used my Hydra Beauty serum and skipped the moisturizer. This, on its own, provides an instant moisturized and plumped effect – yippee! Afterwards, my trusty sunscreen was applied before applying my Vitalumiere Aqua foundation in B10.

For this, I used Sephora’s buffing brush for an airbrushed effect. MAC’s “Pink Tea” blush was applied using the MAC 116; “Phloof” eyeshadow (MAC) was used as a cheek highlight because of its opalescent pinkish glow that it gives the skin.

Strangely, I don’t enjoy using “Phloof” on my brow bone like everyone else as a brow highlight. It’s just so pinky-white that it look unnatural and too obvious. For months this color went neglected until I thought about putting it on my cheeks as a regular highlight.

It’s a little unconventional, but I think it’s a great multi-tasking product (and it’s super for traveling since it’s the size of an eyeshadow).

Technically, the Hydra Beauty Serum and Shiseido sunscreen are skin care items. However, without them, makeup application would be pointless. It’s important to prep the skin well before anything so that your SKIN looks good. In my opinion, if your skin is looking good, so will your makeup.

Last year, I noticed the Vitalumiere Aqua foundation lasted surprisingly well when it got hotter. Also, the light texture is great so you don’t feel like you’re sweating your makeup off. “Pink Tea” blush is so pretty and it’s not just your regular, average pink color. It’s a milky tone that gives a bit of a glow to your cheeks – unfortunately, it’s SO similar to “Well Dressed” so I ended up returning that one.

How has your routine changed now that it’s warmer?

Thanks for reading.
*Pictures taken using CANON POWERSHOT SD1300 IS DIGITAL ELPH (12.1 Megapixels)

EOTD: Eye of the Day

Happy Sunday, all. I hope your weekend was as eventful as mine! And, as always, a weekend isn’t a weekend without some shopping. Anyone get aynthing good that they would recommend?

It’s been highly requested that I demonstrate how some of my favorite products are used. As I’ve previously stated in other posts, I’m a neutral-colors gal so many of my eye/makeup looks aren’t exciting with fun colors, shimmers, and false lashes. Because of the atmosphere I work in, I try to keep everything I wear (clothes, makeup) on a very low-key yet sophisticated level. Some of you have asked where I like to shop for clothes – and, I’d have to say that I enjoy Banana Republic, Gap, Nordstrom, and Nordstrom Rack the most. The biggest tip I can give you is to hit up outlets and sales often, and to become a ‘member’ at these stores because you save SO much more that way. Also, you’re able to participate in member-exclusive deals and events.

Another thing to keep in mind is to know where to invest properly, because some key items in your closet are worth shelling out money for because of the quality and longevity. Some items to keep in mind that are worth investing in are black slacks, dark denim jeans, a coat, a blazer, and black leather pumps. Aside from these items, everything else can be purchased for less pretty much wherever, depending on your taste and preference.

Anyway, back to the EYE OF THE DAY – featuring my favorite Burberry eyeshadow (that’s been previously reviewed).

1. “Pale Barley” eyeshadow by Burberry
2. Shiseido mascara base
3. Majorilca Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus mascara (Japan)
4. L’Oreal Voluminous mascara in “Carbon Black”
5. MAC 217 brush (blending)
6. MAC 263 brush (angled brush – brows)
7. MAC “Charcoal Brown” matte eyeshadow
8. KOJI No. 73 eyelash curler (Japan)

Eyebrows: I used MAC “Charcoal Brown” eyeshadow and the MAC 263 angled brush to fill in my brows. This seems to be a versatile color for brows because I know various people who use this color who range in skin tone, hair color, and ethnicities. I prefer a dark, warm brown color for my brows since I don’t have stark black hair naturally.

Eyelids: No primer – just “Pale Barley” applied onto my lids using the sponge tip applicator (which, by the way, is superb for applying a solid layer of color). Then, I take “Charcoal Brown” again and add to the crease of my eyes and blend it with the MAC 217. Essentially, this is just for some mild definition. Also, “Charcoal Brown” is added to my lower lashline as well.

Eyelashes: I curl my lashes using my KOJI curler and apply Shiseido’s mascara base. I follow that with my trusty (and super water proof) Majorilca Majorca mascara to hold my lashes up in its curl. After a few minutes of working on other areas of my face, I come back to my lashes and apply L’Oreal Voluminous mascara on top of everything for volume and thickness.

As always, thanks for reading.

*Pictures taken using CANON POWERSHOT SD1300 IS DIGITAL ELPH (12.1 Megapixels)
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