Drugstore Glories: Wet ‘n Wild Trio “Silent Treatment” & “Bare It All” Lipstick

I’m late on the Wet ‘n Wild band wagon, but I’m absolutely loving the brand right now. In fact, I’m eager for day time to arrive so that I can go to a nearby Walgreens to hoard more eyeshadow trios. Seriously.

For my Wet ‘n Wild experiment, I chose 2 products: eyeshadow trio in “Silent Treatment” & “Bare It All” lipstick. I was also looking for “Walking on Eggshells,” but Target was all sold out – no surprise there. Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about Wet ‘n Wild products and it’s got me all curious.

Though, currently, I am personally not looking for dupes or in need of any more eyeshadows, this is a great brand to try out whether you’re like me or not. With the upgraded drugstore product quality, the high end department stores may have some major competition arising.

The packaging is nothing to complain about since I paid less than $3 for this trio. The many stickers you have to peel off before getting to the product are annoying, but it’s nice to know that your product hasn’t been tampered with. The applicators included are meaningless and won’t do much, but the colors are to die for.

As you can see, the swatches of the 3 shades are quite pigmented, smooth, and so pretty. They translate beautifully onto the lid and I love that it’s easy to blend. The color application is smooth and not chalky, like I had previously anticipated. I didn’t experience any fallout; however, the shadows are quite powdery. When I’m swiping my brush onto the color before applying to my eyelid, I get lots of loose concentration of powder in the pan.

It’s no biggie because a lot of my shadows tend to do that – so, it’s nothing new. You can really play up these colors – great for light makeup days and nights out.

“Bare It All” is not a typical nude color lipstick I go for. However, I picked it up out of curiosity. Though it turned out to not really be my cup of tea, the formula is great and lasting power was impressive. It’s tempting me to look into other colors.

Again, I can’t complain about the packaging since it was, like, $2. But, I do like the clear top so you can see the color of the lipstick. The swivel mechanism is weak, but I’m not complaining. The formula is rich and moisturizing; it’s very pigmented and applies smoothly onto the lips without skipping or peeling off dead skin cells.

It’s formulas like this that make me ask myself why I feel compelled to spend so much on lip color. The lasting power is outstanding, and the creamy texture feels comfortable without feeling dry.

The color itself wasn’t the best for me. I’m sure it’s because I’m far too fair for a nude color that is more brown-beige toned. I imagine on olive and medium-dark skintones, this would be an absolute gem. I’ll definitely be checking out other colors from Wet ‘n Wild and expand into trying their other products as well.

Another score for team drugstore! I’m amazed and so very impressed with the eyeshadow trio and I highly recommend it.