Drugstore Goodies Continuation: Wet ‘n Wild Trio “Walking on Eggshells” & “Comfort Zone” Palette

Behold – more Wet ‘n Wild products. I’m telling you – whether you’re on a budget, trying to find high end dupes, or just in the mood for finding other options – this is a great brand to explore. I can’t believe it took me this long to do this, but I’m truly happy with the performance of these products; and, that’s saying alot since I mostly indulge in high end/department store brands.

Today’s post is featuring the “Walking on Eggshells” trio and “Comfort Zone” palette. AHHH! I’m on a huge Wet ‘n Wild kick and somebody needs to stop me. Not joking. They offer tons of color combinations in the various trios and palettes, but seeing as how I’m into looks that are wearable, I had to go with the most neutral colors.

Firstly, here’s the “Walking on Eggshells” trio. Out of makeup items I’ve purchased in the last few months, I am most happy and excited about this trio. The colors are perfect and it’s just outstanding overall. Much like the “Silent Treatment” trio I previously reviewed, there’s no fall out, high pigmentation, excellent blendability, and long lasting stay power (without primer).

Swatches of the “Walking on Eggshells” trio here. The colors are great and work well together. Most of the time, I like to mix it around and I don’t tend to follow the suggested marking (brow bone, crease, eyelid). When I’m dabbing the brush onto the color it does tend to get powdery, but it’s no big deal for me since even my Chanel eyeshadows do that.

Finally, the “Comfort Zone” palette – the most requested, recommended, and out of stock item at my local Walgreens. I had to actually drive around to find this one (as embarrassing as it sounds); and, you guys are right: there’s some MAC dupes in here, for sure.

This palette in general is a great deal – it’s just a few bucks and you get 8 shadows that can create all kinds of looks – from subtle and natural to dramatic and smokey. No wonder this is everyone’s favorite pick.

This is an unaltered shot of the 1st half (right side) of the “Comfort Zone” palette.

Swatches of the 1st half (right side) of the “Comfort Zone” palette. Again, excellent pigmentation. I see close dupes for MAC’s “Amber Lights” and/or “Soba” or “Woodwinked.”

This is an unaltered shot of the 2nd half of the “Comfort Zone” palette. Great variations in this palette. Seriously.

Swatches of the 2nd half of the “Comfort Zone” palette. Again, excellent pigmentation. The first shade in this shot is basically an exact dupe of MAC’s “Club” eyeshadow. Honestly, I don’t know how often I will be using it since it’s muddy and reddish; but as a duo-chrome eyeshadow – excellent deal.

Swatches of the entire “Comfort Zone” palette. This is very versatile and if you had to get ONE Wet ‘n Wild item, this would be it. I promise you won’t be disappointed and a few bucks for 8 shadows is the best concept ever.

Let me know what you think about Wet ‘n Wild! Have you been using their products before the hype; or, are late like me? These shadows in general are great alternatives or travel-friendly options. Another point for Team Drugstore. They’re definitely stepping up their game.