Brush Cleaning = Makeup Laundry

As much as I adore my makeup brushes, I admit to not cleaning them as often as I should unless I have to. Basically, that means I clean them when I’ve run out of options that are clean/usable.

Because I own multiple brushes that are the same, or different ones that get that same job done, I get lazy because I know that I don’t have to clean everything all the time. And, since my eye makeup routine is virtually the same everyday, I get lazy with cleaning eye brushes because I know I can just wipe it off and start a new day.

I’ve been trying to clean my brushes regularly because I want them to be sanitary. Well,duh. I hate to state the obvious, but it seemed strange to me that I’m OCD about so many other things, yet the items I put on my face everyday gets neglected. And, since I’m paranoid about breakouts, you would think that I’d be the crazy one obsessively cleaning my brushes everyday! I feel like cleaning makeup brushes is like the beauty version of doing laundry. Do you agree?

Pictured here are just the “dirty” ones. You don’t want to see how many I actually have, and I’m embarrassed to own so many, lol.