REVIEW: Urban Decay Brow Tamer Flexible Hold Tinted Brow Gel

I’ve been eager to try a new eyebrow gel, and just had to give the new Urban Decay Brow Tamer Flexible Hold Tinted Brow Gel a try after Claire Marshall raved about it. She recently featured this product in her video “Monthly Beauty Review.” I’ve tried it out for the last few days and I’m totally thrilled that I love it so much. The Urban Decay Brow Tamer Flexible Hold Tinted Brow Gel is a “lightweight, water-resistant brow gel that provides flexible, comfortable hold and eight-hour wear.” Before this, I was using the Benefit Gimme Brow for months now. I was itching to try something new and I’m so glad I stumbled across the Urban Decay one. While I loved Gimme Brow, the product got goopy really quick. It was great for the first week or so and then product would start to collect around the opening. Eventually, it would make it difficult to close and twist the top/applicator properly because of the goop that would collect. Then, its itty bitty brush would get goopy and I would just throw it away to purchase something new.



The Brow Tamer Flexible Hold Tinted Brow Gel is said to “tame even the unruliest of brows,” as it promises to “groom, define, and set brow [to look]…fuller, more polished.” I like how this brow gel is really lightweight, so it doesn’t feel cakey or sticky. It’s kind of a pet peeve of mine when brow gels make my brows stick together. I like for the hairs to be separated and look full. The great thing about The Brow Tamer is that “its water-resistant formula offers flexible, comfortable hold that lasts all day. The universally-wearable tints create natural-looking definition with a clear or tinted shades. The easy-to-use spiral microfiber brush, is designed to give you precise control for individual hairs and sculpt the perfect brows. It dries down quickly without getting stiff or sticky, leaving brows feeling soft and never crunchy.”

In addition, the brush is really nice too. Other brow brushes have been either really chunky and difficult to maneuver, or they’ve been too small or too skinny. While Gimme Brow was a long time favorite of mine, the brush only worked great (because of its size) until the product began to goop. Once that happened, the product would also collect in between the bristles, making it difficult to smoothly apply the product. However, with The Brow Tamer, the brow is still small, but much more slender in length. It’s pretty skinny, which makes it easy to use in a small space –like in the brow area. However, it’s substantial enough to deposit a good amount of product thinly into the brow hairs.



I’m using the Warm Brown shade, which is a great match for my dark brown hair. I thought about getting the matching eyebrow pencil too, but I decided to wait until I used up what I’m currently using. I found that the Dark Brown was very, very dark (almost blackish) so I decided to choose the warmer, lighter shade. It all worked out in the end because it looks very natural on my brows, and doesn’t add too much of the light color onto my hairs. Overall, I’m quite happy with The Brow Tamer and I recommend it. I think that it’s the best of both worlds right now, but I think what I miss about the Gimme Brow is the texturing and volumizing formula. The Brow Tamer does all those things, but I have to put a little bit more effort to get the result I want. I don’t mind because I really like Urban Decay’s The Brow Tamer, and I think it’s worth checking out especially if you’re in need of a new brow gel!

Made in Italy.
Retails for $20.00 USD.