My Top MAC Lipsticks

I title this “my top MAC lipsticks” yet I’m embarrassed to name only 3. Although I’m a huge fan of MAC eyeshadows, blushes, eyeliners, and brushes – their lipsticks have been a miss for quite some time. However, when I discovered my 3 favorite shades, I not only re-purchased them throughout the years, but I have purchased multiples of them to just have around.

My top 3 picks are: “Angel,” “Hue,” and “Creme Cup.”

“Angel” is a frost finish.
“Hue” is a glaze finish.
“Creme Cup” is a cremesheen finish.

Typically, I’ve found many MAC lipsticks (from their regular/permanent range) to be quite drying. All 3 mentioned in this post are all similar yet different in so many ways. I believe that all 3 are suitable for majority of the skintones; and, especially good for those with warm yellow/olive undertones. I moisturize my lips with lip balm before applying my MAC lipsticks and that has always helped me apply a smoother application of the color.

In my experience, a frost finish is a great “wash of color” on the lips – it doesn’t apply fully opaque, but it does cover the lips with pigment and allows your lips to show through. A glaze finish is glossy and semi-transparent; for me, the finish is much more natural but in my opinion, does apply the color with more pigmentation. The cremesheen finish is glossy and moisturizing and the color appears to be more saturated. It’s also more opaque and delivers the color onto the lips evenly and in a creamy way.

All my selected lipsticks are great color choices for every day wear – to the office, to school, and/or going out at night.

“Angel” is a great option for days when I want my lips to be obviously pink, but not overly like Barbie’s lips. It’s very feminine and can dress up any look. It’s a safe pink because it looks good on no matter what; and even on no-makeup-days, it’ll totally save your look.

“Hue” is actually my favorite out of the 3 – meaning it’s pretty much my favorite MAC lipstick. It’s a nudey-pink that doesn’t completely blank out your lips. It still provides a pink-based sheen that is nude-based and sophisticated. Normally, I prefer this lipstick on days/nights when my eye makeup is bit heavier.

“Creme Cup” is a creamy pink and is my go-to choice when I’m wearing “Well Dressed” blush by MAC. It’s also a bit cooler and I feel that it really livens up my complexion because it’s nice and bright.

What are some of your favorite MAC lip products?

3 g. / 0.1 oz.
Retails for $14.50 each.

*Pictures taken using CANON POWERSHOT SD1300 IS DIGITAL ELPH (12.1 Megapixels)