The New MAC Palette

Many of you may have noticed that MAC released their new empty palettes. As usual, I’m a little late to join in on the party, but I’m so pleased to finally have one now. I enjoy palettes because of its convenience and versatility, but the best part of these empty palettes is the ability to customize. MAC re-vamped all their palettes and they’re much better looking and function way better than the flimsy old palettes. :)


The Pro Palette (15 pan) is perfect, and is much better than the thin palette from before. This time around, the clear front allows for all your products to be visible; the casing of the palette is sturdy and thicker; and, the magnetic closure is more secure – while the old palette was one that I was afraid would crack at any moment!

While the old palette came with its own insert – and, you can pop it out if you wished – the new palette comes with an optional insert that you can buy separately. I, for one, opted to not purchase the insert – in order to fit more eyeshadows in a single palette. Another great thing about not having an insert is that you can put whatever magnetized product you wished – different brands, blushes, eyeshadows, or a mixture of everything.


Here, I’ve featured ALL of my favorite MAC shadows that are in pan form.
From left to right:
Row 1 – Soba, Mulch, Era, Sable, Tempting, Naked Lunch;
Row 2 – Phloof, Patina, Mystery, Club, Arena, Honesty;
Row 3 – Wedge, Blanc Type, Copperplate, Cork, Quarry, Sketch;
Row 4 – Black Tied, All That Glitters, Woodwinked, Brun, Shroom

Overall, I really like this palette and it’s inspired me to get more use out of my MAC shadows. Currently, on MAC’s website, they’re all sold out of the palettes, but they’re definitely worth checking out! :) What are your thoughts?

15 pan pro palette (with no insert) retails for $16.00 USD.