Perricone MD Hyalo Plasma

As a skincare junkie, I love when there’s a promising skincare product. While I’m cautious with what I use, I’ve found that I don’t mind venturing into new brands after I’ve done some thorough research. Recently, I came across the Perricone MD Hyalo Plasma, and found that there was limited reviews that met my expectations. For such an expensive product, I found that it was only fair that I post an extensive review before anyone decides to make the investment. To begin, let me say that this really is an investment product. At $135.00 USD, I was hesitant to purchase it; but, since the U.S. (and Sephora) has generous return policies, I thought that I would give it a go anyway.

The Perricone MD Hyalo Plasma is a “dermatological-grade, hyaluronic treatment that offers an alternative to more invasive procedures to achieve the appearance of youthful skin.” Because anti-aging products are normally what I look for these days, this peaked my interest. “Hyalo—the name derived from the medical prefix meaning ‘resembling glass’—harnesses the forms of hyaluronic, each holding a different molecular weight to target various skin functions. This unique formula addresses aging skin dehydration by nourishing collagen responsible for firmness for youthful-looking muscle convexity, addressing hydration needs, and superbly preparing skin for makeup application with its oil-free hybrid cream/serum formulation.”


The texture of this product is unique. It’s like a jelly that jiggles in the jar; however, when you scoop a little bit out, it feels kind of creamy and bouncy. Once you apply it to your skin and massage it in, its gel-like texture melts onto the surface of your skin. It feels cooling, smooth, and your skin feels instantly more supple and hydrated. This product is recommended for all ages and skin types, and is a multitasking treatment that “works to re-establish the look of youthful muscle convexity, plumpness, and suppleness.”

In addition, “Hyalo Plasma’s gel-like texture disappears into the skin leaving it fully hydrated, imparting a radiant, glass-like translucency.” I like how my skin feels instantly better, and somehow, it seems to look better too. Luckily, a little bit of it goes a long ways; and, it absorbs instantly — leaving my skin smooth, hydrated, and clean-feeling. This has been a great day-time moisturizer for me since it’s so hydrating without feeling greasy or oily. It has great oil-control even though it doesn’t promise to be oil-controlling, it helps my skin look and feel good, and most importantly, I really do think that “youthful volume” has been restored to my skin. I think this product is great and I recommend it. I think this is worth giving a shot and the customers on Sephora’s website seem to be quite pleased as well. Watch this QVC video for more information.

Made in USA.
Retails for $135.00 USD.