How-To Apply Foundation

Applying foundation is easy once you’ve developed your personal style. What’s important is that you choose a formula that works for your skin type, rather going for a chosen brand. Another thing to remember is that what you do before makeup application is just as important when it comes to how your foundation will look and how it will wear throughout the day.

At night, proper skincare is imperative – remove all traces of makeup – including eye makeup, lipstick, and of course, your base makeup. Follow up with night time skincare – it doesn’t have to elaborate, but moisturization is key for healthy looking skin. Remember that without adequate hydration, your skin will be dry and dehydrated – which makes it difficult to blend your foundation. It will also accentuate fine lines, wrinkles, flakes, and areas of dryness.

In the morning, splash your face with water that is at a comfortable temperature; or, if you’re oily-skinned, use a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil to get your face started on a clean slate. Apply toner if needed and don’t forget to moisturize and add sun protection/primer. Allow a few minutes for the products to sink into the skin. If not, it will be too slick for foundation – allowing the makeup to move around and slide – eventually, it will come off throughout the day and get patchy.

Nowadays, there’s tons of foundation formulas – liquid, cream, powder, cream to power, mineral, etc. Find one that works well with your personal skin type. Get samples of different colors and formulas and experiment with them to find which ones you like.


I found this on Pinterest and just had to share it with you. Everyone develops their own taste and technique, so do what feels right for you. But if you’re unsure, give this pictorial a go because I think it could help! Another thing to think about is the right tool to apply your foundation. Your hands are perfectly fine for liquid and cream types, but if you’re concerned about hygienic issues, use a synthetic buffing brush or flat paddle brush. In my opinion, a synthetic buffing brush is much more versatile and deposits just the right amount of color onto the skin. For mineral or powder foundation, try a kabuki brush or a dense fluffy brush to sweep on the color.