September 2014 Favorites

Fall is my favorite season even though you can’t tell that it’s a different season here in Texas. While it’s slightly cooler than it was in the summer months, I find that most of my routine products stay the same, and others will remain on rotation so they get used up. I’ve noticed, however, that my skin has been on the drier side which is a bit unusual for me. I’ve had to focus a lot this month on putting back moisture into the skin to help it look and feel healthy and glowy.


Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
Not surprisingly, skin prep is important; and, I’ve found that this product is essential for when my skin transitions. As a “balm that instantly moisturizes, brightens, and tightens facial contours so skin looks rested and relaxed,” this “ultimate pick-me-up” is perfect for mornings when my skin needs something extra but I don’t have time for a mask or other treatments. Before makeup application, I apply this to my forehead and cheeks for an instant boost. No matter what, this product helps my skin look healthy and bright naturally; and, my skin feel comfortable and hydrated all day.

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30
As a goodie but staple oldie, this TM is still one of my faves. This is a “lightweight tinted moisturizer that evens skintone and provides a translucent veil of protection.” It provides nice, even coverage that is sheer but not too sheer. It’s brightening and helps my skin look better in a natural way. The texture is light and smooth and blends so easily. For mornings when I can’t be bothered, this is an easy product to use. It’s also great for travel as well since it’s so low-maintenance with great results.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in “Opal”
Pictured here is the travel-size version of the shade “Opal,” which is a golden pearl shade that is perfect on its own or mixed in with your base makeup. Depending on my mood, I’ll apply this along my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose; or, I’ll mix it with my NARS TM for a light, glowy effect that doesn’t interfere with coverage or pigmentation. A little bit goes a long ways with this product, so use a light hand. As a “sheer crème-liquid that perfects skin with light-reflecting pearls for a soft, natural glow,” this product makes the most difference in the condition and appearance of your skin — yet, it’s so light and subtle it doesn’t even look like anything.

Benefit Majorette
This has been a recent favorite of mine. It is a “peppy booster blush that amplifies cheeks” that is the perfect cream-to-powder blush. It’s smooth and creamy, but isn’t sticky or messy to apply. It looks like powder once applied and feels amazing on the cheeks. The shade looks like a dark orange-red, but really, it’s a “spirited pink-peach shade” that looks perfect on my skintone everyday. Despite its creamy texture, it’s so easy to apply with a small synthetic buffing brush.



Benefit Lollitint
I’ve been using the Benefit Lollitint on my lips as a candy-orchid lip tint. It’s a subtle orchid-purpley color that mixes well with my original lip shade. It stays put for hours but can be a bit drying. I apply some lip balm underneath and it’s no big deal after that. I like this for fall because it isn’t peachy or pink like many summer/spring shades; and, it’s not a dark, vampy shade either since I don’t tend to think those “traditional fall” colors do much for my skin color. If you’re looking for a fall alternative that isn’t a dark berry tone, give this a go!

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer
No surprise here, but I’m still relying on my Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer for under-eye concealing. I’ve re-purchased this many times, so there’s nothing more refreshing than busting out a fresh product, lol. This product is a must-have for me; and, I feel that when I don’t use this I can tell a huge difference. The sponge-tip is perfect for under-eye application, and then I use my finger to blend lightly as well. This doesn’t smudge or cake under the eyes so that’s a bonus!

Kiehl’s Since 1851 Lip Balm #1 – Mango
Lip balms are a must not matter what the season is. Currently, my favorite lip balm on rotation is the Kiehl’s Since 1851 Lip Balm #1 in the Mango flaored and it is to DIE for, lol. The scent is lovely and the texture isn’t too thick and goopy. It moisturizes and hydrates perfectly without getting gross on the lips. It’s also great underneath lip colors and lip glosses so that’s excellent as well. The opening for this lip balm is just a teeny hole so it’s a little inconvenient to have to apply the product with my fingers. I leave this in my makeup bag at home so it doesn’t get un-hygienic.

What are your current favorites?

Minimal Face of the Day

Despite stopping by Sephora and Ulta religiously, I haven’t really picked up anything new. And, now that we’ve entered the summer months here in Texas, keeping things minimal and simple has been key. It’s been a rough couple of weeks for me, so I haven’t felt entirely inspired by anything or anyone — my daily look has been the same — just enough to even out the skin tone and a dab of cream blusher to allow me to look alive.


I’m back to using the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, and recently re-purchased it in the shade “Terre-Neuve” which is a touch lighter than “Finland” and less yellow. It’s a good summer product to have because it does so much — moisturizes, protects, and conceals — much like a BB cream. While marketed as a tinted moisturizer, it’s like a light foundatio to me.

As previously mentioned, I’m still on my Illamasqua cream blusher kick. Currently, “Promise” is the only shade I own because everything else seems to be out of stock on Sephora’s website. When they’ve been re-stocked, I’ll definitely be trying out more shades. This is the best cream blush ever; and, if you’re like me and have lost faith in ALL cream blushes, try this one. Your faith will be restored.

As usual, I’ve relied on my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to do all my blending and applying. I own 4 of these brushes and have them stashed all over the place. It’s great for applying my base product and I use a separate one for applying the cream blusher. But really, any synthetic blending brush will do the trick.

Have a great weekend.