Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

Concealers are nearly never on my radar since I’m typically okay with a thin layer of base makeup only. However, with the minimal makeup look I’ve been sporting lately, concealers have come in handy. In the mornings, after my skincare routine and sunscreen application, I find myself leaning towards swiping on some concealer and dusting my face with some mineral powder.

Remember that not all concealers are created equally, so different formulas and colors can be used for different parts of the face. In fact, it’s even suggested that different tones are appropriate for different areas of concern on the face. Recently, on a pinch, I purchased the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer after misplacing my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in “Vanilla.” I’m pleasantly surprised and really believe that the Fit Me Concealer is not only my go-to concealer, but nearly an exact dupe for the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer.


The Maybelline Fit Me Concealer “lends seamlessly to cover under-eye circles and imperfections. [It] matches [skin’s] natural tone, never blotches, never cakes.” This concealer is surprisingly easy to use — I simply just swipe and dab the product on areas that I need some concealing, and I blend it with a small synthetic brush or with my finger. It doesn’t slip and slide like most liquid concealers and stays put. The coverage is impressive; and, I’ve found that a little bit goes a long way.

In some cases, where I’ve only applied this on my cheeks, it looks like I’m wearing foundation because the coverage and pigmentation is so wonderful. For the price, this could easily be a part of your ‘every day routine,’ and could certainly be purchased in place of the NARS concealer.



I chose the shade Fair and it’s a perfect blend of ivory/porcelain with some neutral-pink/cool undertones. It balances out pigmentation, redness, and evens my skin nearly instantly; and, it dries down matte onto the skin leaving it pretty much undetectable. It’s very easy to use only this in the mornings when I’m in a rush. Typically for no-makeup makeup days, I’ll just use this and I’d be totally okay with that. However, I find that it’s a bit heavy for the under eye area; and, since it’s easy to accidentally goop the product on, you should use a light hand for delicate areas like the under eyes.

I did notice some caking if my skin had some dry patches, but that’s expected for any product that is applied to dry and flaky skin lol. I highly recommend this concealer since it’s so easy to use, budget-friendly, and is a dupe for the NARS concealer. Because Maybelline is so readily available and you can use Ulta and drugstore coupons, it’s such a great deal for a product that performs so well.

Made in USA.
Retails for $6.99 USD.

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara in “Deep Brown”

I was actually quite excited about the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara. I saw press-release pictures for a few weeks now and was waiting patiently until my local Ulta began to carry them. I’ve read mixed reviews about the product, and with my new obsession for brow products, you can see why I’ve been attracted to this product! Recent posts about eyebrow mascaras are here: Tarte Colored Clay Tinted Brow Gel and Benefit Gimme Brow (Medium/Deep) + Brow Mascara Comparisons. As you can see, eyebrow mascaras have been an important part of my eyebrow routine.



In all honesty, I don’t really like this product and I’ve definitely used better. Not that my expectations were all that high, but I was still really looking forward to the product. The formula is clumpy and can get gunky on the brow hairs, so it’s actually a bit difficult trying to manipulate the brush and get it to do what you want it to do. Also, the color isn’t deposited well onto the brow hairs, so for that reason, it doesn’t distribute evenly without getting gunky. The shade I chose is “Deep Brown” and it leans on the cool-side. I pair this with an eyebrow pencil to adjust the tone, but either way, this is difficult to work with.

As Maybelline’s first brow mascara, I’m surprised with the poor design of the product. The”first-ever Sculpting Ball Brush” is huge; and, the ball at the end doesn’t help either. If you have tons and tons of brow hairs, this brush may be useful in combing through the hairs and placing them. But, with normal brows that are not too thin but decently “hairy,” the brush is a nightmare to work with. Even with the uneven distribution, the main problem is that the brush is so big you get the gel on your skin and it gets messy. Also, I’ve found that these kinds of products are only really good for when you actually have eyebrow hairs to maintain/control. If not, you may have better luck with eyebrow pencils, clear gels, or eyebrows powders.



For the most part, I just don’t have the patience to slowly and carefully apply this product onto my brows and then clean up after it. I find that previous brow mascaras I’ve tried and reviewed are better since the brush is designed to work with brow hairs. I’ve used this product a few times but it’s been a hassle; and, I don’t find that I want to continue using it since it takes so much work. At least with the Benefit Gimme Brow and the Tarte Colored Clay Tinted Brow Gel the brush is easy to work with and it deposits color onto the brow. Even so, at least you can tame and brush your brow hairs too so that’s useful.

Unfortunately, I don’t recommend this product. It’s better to save yourself the $8 and put it towards a product that is both user-friendly and design-friendly. Even in a pinch, any of Maybelline’s Define-A-Brow eyebrow pencils would suffice since it’s a good dupe for the MAC brow pencils. If anything, the Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara is great, affordable alternative if you’re really in the need of an eyebrow gel.

Retails for $7.99 USD.
Made in USA.

REVIEW: Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation

I saw the new Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation at both Target and Ulta and decided to purchase it. I admit, I may have been drawn in by the packaging, lol. Nonetheless, Maybelline’s Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation claims to “give you a flawless look that gives you an impeccable finish. The breakthrough feature allows you to look natural because it fuses with your skin to make your make-up undetectable.” The claims seemed reasonable, and I liked that this foundation was similar to the Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation in concept, texture, and finish.

Normally, drugstore foundations don’t really interest me; but, this one sure did. Check out more drugstore-related posts here — about drugstore beauties, here — about my review on the Revlon ColorStay Foundation, and here — about the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup.


This foundation is extremely liquidy, but spreads thin with coverage. It’s blendable and smooth, and dries down to a semi-matte finish. Once applied, this foundation doesn’t feel like anything on the skin. While it is lightweight, I noticed it’s not as buildable as I would like. Layering the foundation on to areas that need more coverage can get cakey when you’ve got dry patches or uneven texture. For that reason, I think it’s best to stick with one, thin layer — and then, to add some concealer onto those problem areas. Oil-control is decent but not great, so I powder my t-zone with Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pressed Powder and I’m good to go!

This foundation is worth checking out because it lets your skin look like skin. It evens everything out beautifully and seems to cancel out redness and pigmentation well. The coverage and overall finish is natural and light, so it makes it ideal for summer months or for when you’re looking for something more natural. I find that using your fingers works best rather than using a sponge/synthetic brush. It’s fast to apply and the shade “Porcelain Ivory” is perfect for my slightly cool, but fair skintone! I recommend this budget-friendly foundation and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Retails for $9.99 USD.

Comparison: Maybelline Baby Skin Primer (USA vs. Asia)

I wanted to dedicate this entry to comparing the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Primer (USA version) and the Maybelline Baby Skin Makeup Instant Pink Transformer SPF35 PA+++ (Asia version). I’ve had some questions about the two, so I think a comparison post is much needed. For more on primers, read my post about 3 Primers for 3 Different Occasions if you’ve got different needs.

Both primers are base products that are designed to be applied before foundation or BB cream. Both products promise poreless, smooth perfection; and, also promise the look of “baby skin” by visibly blurring imperfections, lines and pores to create smooth skin. The packaging is cute for both as well.



As for the differences — the Maybelline Baby Skin Makeup Instant Pink Transformer SPF35 is the Asia version, which contains SPF 35 and is pink in color — while the USA version is clear. The pink tone promises to instantly brighten the skin by creating a fair and pearlescent base before makeup application. The cherry extract and vitamin C in the product contribute to not only blurring imperfections, but also keeping the skin hydrated and bright.

I prefer the Maybelline Baby Skin Makeup Instant Pink Transformer (Asia version) because I like the brigthening effect it gives my skin. While no shimmers are visible, it works with my skin tone to even everything out — giving me a healthy, well-rested look. The USA version tends to make me more oilier than usual, and the texture of the formula is like Smashbox’s primer (which I don’t really like).


As stated in my Makeup In a Hurry post, ChefCaffy (from YouTube) has stated that the Asia version of the Maybelline Baby Skin primer is a dupe for the CHANEL Le Blanc Light Revealing Brightening Makeup Base. With its pink-toned base, it brightens up the complexion, conceals pores, and evens pigmentation.

While the USA version of Maybelline’s Baby Skin can be purchased at Target and at drugstores, you’ll have to purchase the Asia version on eBay. I think both are good primers for the price, but I personally like the Instant Pink Transformer better.

REVIEW: Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Primer

Normally, I don’t tend to track down hyped up drugstore products because they tend to sell out so quickly and availability is limited depending on store locations. A few months ago, I became obsessed with the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Primer, but was unable to find it in stores until a few weeks ago when I was visiting home for the holidays. It’s so exciting when there’s a good drugstore find, so I wanted to share a review post with you.

If you’re interested in a comparison post about the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Primer and the Maybelline Baby Skin Makeup Instant Pink Transformer, click here.

picstitch (2)

The Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Primer is a transparent primer that claims to “instantly blur the look of pores without clogging them.” The clear gel formula glides on the skin and “smooths and refines skin’s appearance” by smoothing lines, pores, and any other uneven texture. In a way, it feels like it’s filling in or plugging in areas that are not smooth on the skin naturally — therefore, you’re left with an even and all-over smooth canvas before foundation application.

For me, I don’t apply this to my entire face — just in the areas where I need it — such as, my nose, chin, and inner part of my cheeks. Basically, wherever pores are visible. A little bit goes a long way, otherwise, you can risk looking oily. Also, I noticed that the formula/texture of this primer is really slick, so it doesn’t tend to dry/absorb all the way before foundation application. Eventually, it sets — but until then, unfortunately, I do feel like my base makeup could potentially slip and slide.


The main ingredient for this product is dimethicone and feels like the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. This may not work for everyone — especially, if you’ve had allergic/breakout reactions to dimethicone. So far, everything seems okay and I don’t suspect this primer will be causing me any problems. I can’t say that this product has helped my makeup last any longer, but the “blur technology” that Maybelline claims seems to work just fine for my complexion. :)

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly primer and pores are your initial concern, I’d recommend this primer. Check out my post about 3 Primers for 3 Different Occasions or my review about the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer if you’re interested in various high-end primers. Thanks for reading.

Made in USA.
Retails for $6.99 USD.
Contains 20 mL/0.67 oz.

REVIEW: Maybelline DreamLumi Touch Highlighting Concealer – “Radiant” 310

The Maybelline DreamLumi Touch Highlighting Concealer in “radiant” 310 is not a new product out on the market, but is one that I was meaning to get around to using after finishing my YSL YSL Touche Éclat Radiant Touch.


The “gel-based formula diffuses light” and “illuminates as it conceals,” which I found, wasn’t just boasty claims. The difference, in my opinion, between the Maybelline DreamLumi Touch Highlighting Concealer and the YSL Touche Éclat Radiant Touch, is that the Maybelline DreamLumi conceals and illuminates — which allows you to skip applying actual undereye concealer. In other reviews, I’ve read complaints from people about how the YSL Touche Éclat Radiant Touch doesn’t conceal — and, that’s because it shouldn’t be treated as an actual concealer, but rather, a product that illuminates and brightens the undereye area.

The Maybelline DreamLumi Touch Highlighting Concealer has concealer qualities — meaning, it provides a little bit of coverage and tends to be a bit more opaque than the thin consistency of the YSL Touche Éclat Radiant Touch. Maybelline’s formula tends to run a bit thick and a little bit of product goes a long way. I like to use a small, synthetic buffing brush or concealer brush to blend the product in under my eyes.


According to Maybelline, the DreamLumi highlighter concealer is a:

• Gel-based formula diffuses light to provide on-the-spot perfection in just one touch
• Illuminates as it conceals
• Dermatologist, Allergy Tested
• Non-comedogenic
• Suitable for sensitive skin and for all skin types

FOR BEST RESULTS — It is suggested that “to brighten face, apply over brows as well as to the inner and outer corners of eyes and blend with tip of finger,” and to “apply to sides of nose and on chin…to give your face a luminous glow.” The great thing about any kind of highlighter pen is that it’s good for sculpting and highlighting facial features — just “apply in small strokes to the cheekbones and blend.”

I’ve also heard that you can lips look fuller by outlining the lips and blending it out. I’ve also read that you can cover imperfections with the pen, but I would suggest that you skip over the bumpy textured issues and aim to cover discoloration. The brightening effect helps to diffuse the look of acne scars and post-hyperpigmentation marks as well.


This is a great drugstore option and for under $10, this can be a staple in anyone’s makeup bag. However, I wouldn’t say that this is an exact dupe for the YSL Touche Éclat Radiant Touch — mainly, because YSL’s product is striclty an illuminator/brightener and is NOT marketed as a concealer. Because the Maybelline DreamLumi also conceals as it brightens, I think that it’s a better dupe for the Clinique Airbrush Concealer — which also claims to illuminate and conceal.

I would recommend this product for those who don’t have severe discoloration under the eyes since this is just a mild remedy. Those with severe dark circles should try a corrector before adding concealer on top — and then, adding an illuminating product will help disguise the darkness.


The shade I chose is in “Radiant” 310, rather than a skintone-based color. The pinkish-peachy hue counteracts darkness like shadows, without having to use a harsh salmon-colored product. One swipe under each eye is enough before blending. It doesn’t budge or affect my eye makeup by making it smudge during the day. Not only is this great for days when I’m running on little sleep; but, it’s also great just to create a healthy, rested look on weekends as well. There’s no shimmer or glimmer — just a pearlescent quality that is reflective and not dramatic. I recommend! :)

Maybelline 24 HR Color Tattoo – “Bad to the Bronze”

Famously known to be MAC’s paint pot “dupes,” Maybelline’s 24 HR Color Tattoo cream shadows have been a hit for quite a few months now. As they’ve circulated around YouTube and the blogging world, I delayed purchasing these because I had paint pots and GA’s Eyes to Kill to get through.

However, it’s quite impossible to actually finish any of it and I was getting impatient, lol. Technically, I suppose there’s no reason for me add onto my ever growing collection, but I was curious and just had to try.

My color of choice is “Bad to the Bronze” which is a taupey-bronze color that’s great all around. I justified this purchase by telling myself that I currently don’t own a bronzey shade that’s in cream form, so here we go. Much like the paint pots, it comes housed in a glass pot with a screw-on type lid. I haven’t noticed any drying out quite yet. My MAC ones did dry out quite quickly which was a bit annoying.

The texture is very smooth and creamy. I like to apply this with my fingers; mainly, because I like to swirl my finger in the product to warm it up. I apply it directly onto my lids and blend using another clean finger. It may not be the most hygienic or time-saving way, but it works for me. I find that trying to use a brush takes more time because the formula is hard and the transfer is difficult.

Lasting power is amazing with this product. I have layered is as a base and worn it totally on its own. And, every time nothing has budged or smudged in any way. The formula is still soft enough to move around on my lid; I find that some of the MAC paint pots dry fast after application and I can’t get it to look the way I want fast enough.

I like that the product is buildable. On lazy days, I just use this and then some eyeliner before adding mascara to my lashes. It’s quick and easy and I don’t have to really think much about it. Then, on nights out, or when I’m feeling up for it, I’ll pack it on and make it more dramatic and darker.

Though the concept of the cream eyeshadows is not new, it’s refreshing to see them at the drugstore for less than $10.00. I feel like with products like this, it’s always nicer to have drugstore options since I don’t feel like “investing” in a product that I don’t use as often as foundation or something. Plus, it gives us more options since it’s more affordable.

A heavy swatch of the color shows the intense pigmentation and smoothness. At this rate, there’s really no need to shell out $20-$30 for highend cream shadows – for that money, you could be investing in good skin care or foundation! So far, I’ve read rave reviews about these and I plan on getting a few more here and there. And, more than ever, it’s nice to see that drugstore products are getting some major credit.

Here’s “Bad to the Bronze” lightly applied with my fingers. No other shadows were added except for MAC “Coffee” eyeliner on my lower lashline and mascara. What do you think about these? Will you be jumping on the band wagon?

Eyebrows are Important

As the title states, eyebrows are important; and, as the picture clearly depicts – unless you want to walk around looking like Lord Voldemort, reconsidering the importance of your brows can be helpful. However, without understanding its significance and its function, I think many women neglect the eyebrows – thinking, as long as they pluck – there’s nothing more they need to do. The truth of the matter is, without eyebrows, our faces lack shape and structure. There’s nothing that frames the features on our faces. Our hair, much like eyebrows, has a similar function – and, this is why it is commonly said that front layers “frame” the face – helping the overall appearance of your face to be slimmed (or so they say).

Shamefully, when I was in my teens, I got tweezer happy and plucked away every single stray hair in the eyebrow region. Because I persistently did this, the eyebrow hair that now grows – grows back sparse and patchy. Genetically speaking, the hair that grows on my face grows thin on its own; however, though this is great in general, it’s not too great for my barely there eyebrows. So, to all the youngsters out there who want to grow up so fast – don’t over pluck. And, thick eyebrows are ‘in’ anyway.

For the longest time, I struggled to fill in my brows with powder because every one was saying that it was the best option for a “natural look.” Sure, this works if you have HAIR; and seeing as how powder doesn’t quite adhere to bald skin like I want it to – I’ve resorted to using eyebrow pencils to get the job done. But the problem has always been in the color range.

I don’t have black hair and I don’t have typical brown hair either. And, if you follow the rule of thumb – shade your brows a shade or two lighter than the hair on your head – technically…there’s not a suitable color for me. Boo. For years, I’ve been using a combination of MAC’s Lingering and Spiked eyebrow pencil to get the color I want (since there was no in-between shade. Seeing as how they’re $15 a pop – $30 on just my brows every few months was annoying, costly, and well, I felt stupid for doing that since I already have a lengthy and costly makeup habit any way to begin with.

Pictured below are MAC’s automatic eyebrow pencils in Lingering and Spiked respectively. MAC’s website says that this is a “self-propelling, self-sharpening, brow defining” pencil that “confidently adds what you need: shape, colour, [and] density in one streamlined tool.” It states that “like a pen, [it] creates its own just-right point…[and] provides definition, shape, deepens/fills in colour.”

Notice how Lingering is probably more suitable for those who are medium brunettes and some blondes, while the dark shade, Spiked, is probably more suitable for those with really dark hair – pretty much black. Previously, mixing these shades was my costly solution until recently.

My new, cheaper solution that gets the job done way better: Maybelline’s Define-A-Brow pencil that looks just like MAC’s. Only this time, I just need one pencil, in the perfect shade (MEDIUM BROWN), all for roughly $5. Holla. It’s the same waxy texture, that glides on easily, draws onto the skin yet fades into the hairs, and easily controllable. The medium brown shade is much warmer and is just what it says it is: a medium brown tone – it’s not too dark that it looks black, and it’s not too light that it looks like it’s meant for a blonde. Perfection. Best of all, the formula is smudge-proof – which is always a good thing since it’s never attractive to walk around with a half of a brow on a humid day.

None of these products claim to be “waterproof,” however, I think all of them come close to being “water resistant.” It’s probably best to not go swimming with your eyebrows drawn on, but running to your car on a rainy day won’t smear your brow shade all over your forehead!

Pictured here are swatches of MAC’s automatic eyebrow pencils in Lingering, Spiked, and Maybelline’s Medium Brown respectively. So, instead of spending $30 just for brows every few months, I can take that $30 and spend it once a year on my brows. Problem solved, and I’m happy. What are your go-to brow products?

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Current Favorite Products

So, it isn’t a surprise that I’ve accumulated some products recently. But what is surprising is that everything I’m currently enjoying right now are products I wouldn’t normally be enjoying. Why? Well, because most of the products featured in today’s post aren’t normally products I tend to gravitate towards. However, I’m thoroughly impressed by the products and will continue to enjoy them until I get bored. I don’t see myself going back to the store and buying multiples of any of the items mentioned below. I’m trying to cut down on my “hoarding” issue with makeup products, haha.

Featured/pictured items:
Maybelline Baby Lips – “Quenched”
MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow – “Snow Season”
NARS Multiple – “Luxor”
Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter – “Creamsicle”
Skin Transformer SPF 20 – Translucent

Before I begin, let me start with the Skin Transformer – which is translucent by the way – so I didn’t photograph it separately. It claims to “hydrate, enhance, and protect” by using an “active natural complex.” It’s supposed to “instantly transform your skin in one application” as it acts as a “antioxidant-rich hydrating base” that is lightweight and provides “luminous coverage with UVA/UVB SPF 20 protection.” It feels slick at first – not oily – but siliconey, which normally, I would absolutely detest. But once it dries and settles into your skin, you’re left with a smooth and poreless canvas. It’s perfect for no makeup days (with concealer and some powder, of course); or if you want to double up on sun protection and primer – this is a good all in one to apply under your foundation.

This is my second tube of Maybelline Baby Lips, but this time, it’s the flavor “Quenched.” The other tubes available are colored, but I like to stick with lip balms that are clear – that way I’m not committing to a color for the long run. These are fancier than your regular ol’ chapstick, but it’s not completely necessary to have. But, it’s like $7 – so what the heck, right? The packaging is cute and I like the color of the tube. Oh, and the swivel mechanism is neat too. The scent is light and clean and not fruity because I tend to not like those scents. Baby Lips is moisturizing and great for layering under your choice of lip color for the day. Normally, I wouldn’t be so attached to a lip balm. But this stuff really works.

Revlon recently released their new line of Colorburst Lip Butters and everyone is going crazy over them. I was lucky enough to hit up Ulta early enough to snag this one for myself. “Creamsicle” is a light, peachy tone that can be layered. In some cases, with heavy layering, you can actually end up with a very nude lip. So be careful unless that’s the look you’re going for. It’s like if the Maybelline Baby Lips and a moisturizing lipstick had a baby. This product has the benefits of lip balm, with some color to jazz it up a bit. Unfortunately, the color does wear off quickly but the moisturizing benefits do linger. Normally, lip products don’t really impress me because I’m a huge fan of Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine colors. But Revlon’s Colorburst Lip Butters perform very closely to Chanel’s, and is certainly a great alternative if you don’t want to shell out the money for Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine colors.

Next, MAC’s Mineralize Eyeshadow in “Snow Season” has been one of my favorite colors lately. At first, I was disappointed that MAC’s holiday collection was released with no regular eyeshadows (except for the palettes). Normally, I’m not a fan of the mineralize eyeshadows, because in the past, I’ve always been disappointed by their lack of pigmentation. I also found that past mineralize eyeshadows flaked off my eyes and would spread glitter all over my face – which was not a look I was going for. “Snow Season,” as you can see, is a mixture of colorful swirls: beigey brown, pinky-peachy tones, with some sparkley purples, along with silver and gold shimmers.

Swatched, it is the perfect icy shimmery color that works perfectly as an inner-corner highlight. The color brightens up the eyes beautifully. Though “Snow Season” comes from MAC holiday 2011 collection “Glitter & Ice,” I won’t be purchasing any other products from the line because they all kind look the same to me!

I’ve been a huge fan of NARS for years, but it’s taken me a long time to warm up to their Multiples. I don’t know, I’ve just never been interested in such a product for highlighting, mainly because I’ve always preferred powder forms. This is interesting, because it’s in a twist-up form but it glides on easily onto the skin. For application, I prefer to use my finger since I don’t want to be rubbing the entire stick onto my cheekbones

“Luxor” is a pearlescent, shimmery highlighter that has hints of pinkish and white tones that perfect for faking “the glow.” It’s not too shimmery that it looks like you’re going to your high school prom, but it provides a healthy sheen when blended in to fake that look of natural health. This is perfect for your cheekbones, under your brow bones, and down your nose. “Luxor” lights up the face perfectly – as if you’re being lit from within by candlelight. I find it very romantic. :)

I hope you’ll try some of these products out, and if you do, I’d love to hear your reactions/thoughts.

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