My Z-Palette/My Must-Have MAC Eyeshadows

As I’ve previously mentioned in my last post, I’m currently back at home for the holidays and am limited with my makeup supply for the next couple of weeks. For the purpose of convenience, I’ve brought one palette with me – although, this isn’t going to stop me from purchasing other shadows that catch my eye, hehe.


I’m using the Z palette here, only because it’s small and compact. For me, I don’t see a reason to bring along 15+ eyeshadows. Although it’s convenient and somewhat sturdy, it’s quite expensive for what it is: cardboard. I do like the clear see-through window and the magnetic closure. It comes with a built-in magnet so you can just pop your shadows/blushes in and be on your way.

I assume, however, if I were to drop this or get it wet, it would be a completely tragic event. The website refers to the palettes as “the ultimate customizable makeup palette,” which is true since you can pack whatever you want. So, in essence, if I had the larger palette, I could have my shadows and blushes in one area.


Housed in this palette are ONLY my favorite MAC shadows. I figured this would be a good opportunity to take advantage of talking about my must-haves. Of course, I’ve got enough “favorites” to fill a real palette; but, again, for traveling purposes, I’ve intentionally limited myself here. I enjoy MAC shadows and have been collecting them and using them for years. There are other brands out there that I love equally or more, so this post isn’t promising that these shadows here are the end all be all. :)


A. Soba
B. Tempting
C. Era
D. Phloof
E. Patina
F. Mystery
G. Sable
H. Wedge
I. Blanc Type

Also note, I’ve been using MAC “Coquette” for my brows – which isn’t pictured in the palette because I like it in the pot form (so I can take it around).

Also not pictured are “Charcoal Brown” and “Mulch” – again in pot forms instead of the pan. I suppose I can say that they fall into the ‘honorable mention’ category.


This palette is great for looks all across the board – whether it’s natural, defined, dramatic, or smokey. It really depends on the day and my mood, rather than the occasion, lol. Most of the time, I’ll apply natural shadow and throw on some liner (or smudge it) for subtle definition. This is also probably why I’ve steered clear of ALL versions of the Urban Decay Naked palettes and dupes – simply because I really do have all the neutral shadows that I could ever need/want. :)

How’s your weekend so far? Christmas shopping? I am!

Top Neutral Eyeshadows to Own

Because of my love for neutral eyeshadows, I often get asked which ones are my absolute favorite. It’s a really difficult decision to make – it’s kind of like asking someone which child of theirs is the favorite, lol. I own tons and tons of neutral toned eyeshadows, so the ones that have made the cut are dearly special to me.

I chose 8 which I know is kind of an weird number – choosing 5 was not going to happen; and I really couldn’t find 2 additional eyeshadwos to make the final cut. So, with all honesty, I chose 8 that I would highly recommend. As you can see, the brands range from all across the board; and, keep in mind that these are all single eyeshadows and no palettes (since we all know that’s a totally different story).


I like each for different reasons – whether it be for the application, formulation, texture, and of course, the color itself. They all serve a different purpose, but on most occasions, I mix alot of these colors together. Also, please note that there are various shades of browns and its corresponding undertones. Because I’m fair-skinned with golden undertones, I tend to not veer towards colors that are reddish, orangeish, or muddy in any way.


I also admit, that outside of these 8 colors, I really don’t need any other neutral colors. However, since I not-so-secretly seem to want to hoard makeup, I can’t really take my own advice! However, I justify my neutral eyeshadow purchases by telling myself that they’re practical, useful, work-friendly, school-friendly, family-friendly, and going-out-friendly too.

Thus, because these colors are so multi-functional – it’s okay, right?

1. Burberry “Pale Barley”
2. MAC “Soba”
3. MAC “Charcoal Brown”
4. NARS “Voyage”
5. Bobbi Brown “Heather”
6. Bare Minerals “Nude Beach”
7. NYX “Taupe”
8. Laura Mercier “Bamboo”


I’m happy with my choices and would re-purchase them in a heartbeat if and when I run out/hit pan, lol. I have other shades that also need attention and love, so I try to rotate my eyeshadows when I can. However, when I’m in a pinch or I’m feeling uninspired and need something fast, I turn to these shades because they’re my favorite. What are your favorite neutral eyeshadows? Do they each serve a different purpose? Do you prefer colors?