Benefit Eye Bright

Lately, I’ve been really into creating the bright eye effect. While it isn’t for the purpose of concealing undereye circles or bags, I’ve been obsessed with highlighting around the eyes for a more wide-eyed, awake look. Using products like the Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift Concealer or the Benefit Ooh La Lift help tremendously — but, I feel like those products are good at hiding problem areas or helping them look better. The Benefit Eye Bright is more for brightening the looks of your eyes.



Benefit describes this product as a “nap in a stick” because it claims to incorporate a “pop of pink” to brighten your eyes. As a “pink perk-me-up stick,” it can be used on your lids, under your eyes, and most importantly, the corners of your eyes to give you an overall awake and healthy appearance. For me, I use this before my eye makeup — concentrating it on my inner and outer corners of my eyes. I blend it in and the pinky tone disappears instantly. Its effects are subtle, which I like because I don’t want stark whiteness anywhere on my face. It’s surprisingly effective even though it looks like it doesn’t do much!


I’m not sure how this will work for medium-toned and dark-toned gals, but I think since the product disappears well, anyone will be able to use it. In other reviews I’ve read, some people were applying this to their cheekbones for highlighting, and also using it under the brows for a lifted effect. Others were using it on their cupid’s bow, down the bridge of their nose, and even filling in their waterlines as well. Either way, I find that this product is incredibly versatile and seems to do what it claims. I notice a difference when I forget to use this product, so it must be doing something. :)

Retails for $20.00 USD.
Made in Germany.