NARS All Day Luminous Powder Foundation SPF 24 in “Siberia”

I’ve literally been waiting ages for the release of the NARS All Day Luminous Powder Foundation, and I was super happy to be able to get mine when they became available. As a “12-hour wear, lightweight powder foundation with SPF 24 and natural, buildable coverage,” it sounds like the most perfect powder, so my expectations were high as well. With that, I was a little hesitant too since I’m quite picky about powder foundation formulas and textures. The look I try to go for almost daily is a healthy, translucent, dewy complexion so naturalness is a big factor.



This powder foundation functions with the “ease of a powder and glides on skin like velvet, while offering medium coverage that does not mask.” The “modern, lightweight formula offers a smooth finish and protects from harmful rays with SPF 24.” It’s considered to be “sweatproof, with lasting color in hot and humid conditions, it can be applied with both a wet and dry sponge for versatile coverage.” As with most powder/powder foundations, you lift the pan with the product in it to reveal a sponge. I almost always like to sweep on powders/powder foundations with a large, fluffy brush, so for me, the sponge will likely go unused.

The formula of this product is really light and airy, and sweeps on easily without looking or feeling cakey. I was surprised how natural it looked even in daylight — with no dry patches catching anywhere and with no creasing around my nose and mouth area. The coverage certainly seems buildable, but I like to layer a light dusting of the powder. As a setting powder, this is great with pretty good oil-controlling abilities and not settling into pores. It doesn’t look or feel gross on top of liquid foundation/BB cream/CC cream, so that’s a major bonus as well. As a powder foundation, it’s light and provides nice coverage. On good skin days, some concealer and this has been doing the trick for me so I’m very happy about that.


I chose the shade “Siberia,” which is the lightest shade available. While my foundation shade has been “Mont Blanc,” it seems that the powders run in-between shades since they don’t correlate with every foundation shade in the liquid formulas. As a Light 1 shade, “Siberia” is a “light with neutral balance of pink/yellow undertones” so it falls right where it needs to for my skintone. I love this product for smoothing the surface of my skin and evening out my skintone — which is pretty fabulous for a powder product. Since it feels so feels lightweight on the skin, I’d recommend it for those who prefer products that leaves skin with a natural finish.

Made in USA.
Retails for $48.00 USD.

REVIEW: Shiseido Sheer and Perfect Powder Foundation in I00

Shiseido released their newest powder foundation called the Sheer and Perfect Compact. This is the powder foundation version of the Sheer and Perfect Foundation, which was reviewed here. As a “color-correcting, lightweight powder compact foundation that evens skin tone and leaves a glowing, smooth finish,” I’ve been enjoying this as a setting powder and powder foundation (for “good skin” days).

For reference, I’m still using the shade I00 in both the powder and liquid formulas. It’s the most perfect color match for me, and I find that the powder foundation’s light powdery is great alone and with other products.


This product is designed to “emit a barely-there look for glowing skin that lasts all day.” With “SPF 21 broad spectrum sun protection, its light-dispersing reflect and fit powders cancel out uneven skin tone without covering up skin’s texture. This powder foundation’s airy texture applies evenly for light, sheer coverage.” To me, this is barely a powder foundation because as its title suggests — this product is extremely sheer. If worn alone, unless you have perfect skin to begin with, you’ll need to supplement coverage with some concealer. For best results, I like to pair this with a light BB/CC cream; or, I dust this on lightly over my t-zone when I’m wearing a sheerer liquid foundation.


You need to purchase the compact separately for $8.50, so don’t forget about that! I really like this powder foundation, but it’s so sheer it won’t work for you if you’re looking for something more heavy-duty. However, because it’s so sheer and light, there is zero cakey feeling and it doesn’t weigh heavily on the skin when paired with other products. I would recommend the liquid version of this foundation over the powder, but that’s a decision you’ll have to make based on your skin’s needs. :)

Compact case sold separately $8.50 USD.
Compact refill retails for $30.00 USD.
Made in USA.

REVIEW: Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Foundation Powder – 02 Ivory

Laura Mercier released a new powder foundation called the Smooth Finish Foundation Powder. Designed as “a second-skin, oil-free powder foundation that can be used wet or dry,” this product is considered to be a “silky smooth innovation [that] offers a natural veil that imparts a color-true finish that lasts up to eight hours. It glides on effortlessly, camouflages, hydrates, and blurs fine lines, never settling into them. Ultra fine micronized pigments flex with skin for coverage that is even and flawless. [You can] use it as a sheer to medium powder or build coverage [by] using it wet.”



I purchased the shade 02 Ivory and I feel that it’s a good match. At first it looked really light in the pan when I first got it, but after “breaking it in,” it looks less frightening, lol. The powder is extremely finely milled and thin — and it’s smooth like butter, so the application is very soft and virtually undetectable. This provides great coverage and is long-lasting with great oil-control, which makes it most optimal for the summer time. It keeps my skin comfortable — not too oily or too dry; and, functions as a “soft-focus” tool so even on bad skin days the powder sits nicely on my skin.

I apply this with a fluffy powder brush for a sheerer effect, but it’s designed to be a product that’s customizable coverage-wise. I’ve used the sponge to spot-conceal and it does a really great job at adding additional coverage to the designated area without looking cakey. The coverage in general is wonderful, which surprised me because this is a powder. Not only is this a great on-the-go product, but it’s easy to use which is a winner in my book (since I can get a bit lazy at times).


So far, despite its new release, this product has done well. The reviews are high and so that’s a good sign. I would recommend this over the Benefit ‘Hello Flawless!’ SPF 15 powder foundation. While my absolute favorite is still the Chantecaille Compact Makeup Foundation, this comes in a close, close second. I recommend, especially if you’ve got oily skin and you’re looking for a powder foundation that provides high coverage without looking or feeling heavy.

Made in USA.
Retails for $45.00 USD.
0.3 oz.

REVIEW: DiorSkin Forever Compact Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear Makeup SPF 25

With a gift card I had, I decided to indulge in more frivolous spending – and, of course, no makeup shopping is complete without another foundation to add to the collection. To mix things up a bit, I decided to try a powder foundation in the Dior range (because I’m obsessed) and stumbled upon this bad boy.

Originally, I had my eye on the liquid version of the fusion wear makeup line; but, I quickly gave up on it because the colors weren’t going to suit me. They were all either pink-based or so neutral it would end up being too muddy-looking. So, instead, I purchased the powder foundation version after swatching it and falling in love with its texture.

I love the case on its own. The deep, ocean blue color with “CD” embossed across the case is so beautiful. The magnetic closure is convenient and it feels secure and sturdy. The big mirror instead is a huge plus because it’s functional and useful when I’m on the go or traveling.

The case does tend to get finger-printy; but, so do all my other glossy cases. I suppose that’s what the velvet pouches are for!

My shade in the Forever Compact is 020 Light Beige. I thought I could get away with the 010 but it was SO pink and ashy looking swatched on my hand. I decided on 020 because of its slightly yellowy-beige undertones, and I think I made the right choice. The color blends beautifully and neutralizes everything in one swipe. Whoa-nelly.

Dior’s main concept with all their foundations is to promote the idea of “second-skin” finish. The products help achieve the ideal complexion – flawless and bare-looking. The product claims to be “customized luxury” since the foundation is supposed to “adapt to your body throughout the day, allowing you to achieve an ultra-smooth, flawless complexion.”

Close up shot of the Dior powder foundation in its pan here. The powder is extremely finely milled – almost to the point where the area around the pan gets powdery. The color is forgiving and adjustable because it works on its own once applied onto the skin. I appreciate the coverage – it’s quite high for a powder foundation; yet, it doesn’t look or feel cakey or powdery. It just fuses into your own skin becoming one with it. I know it sounds cheesey, but I have yet to come across a powder foundation that does this.

The foundation is supposed to be “infused with skin-shaping Skincare Essence,” allowing the formula to “melt weightlessly into the skin” while maintaing moisture and oil control all at the same time. I agree that skin texture is instantly polished and it feels soft to the touch; oil control is pretty good – again, for a powder foundation. All in all, it’s quite long lasting as well, too.

About 2 years ago, when I was going through a Chanel phase, I purchased the Double Perfection Natural Matte Powder Makeup in 20 Soft Beige. It was quite heavy so I had to use a big powder brush to apply it and the finish was veryyyy powdery. In fact, without some sort of facial mist, the product was a total miss. After struggling to make it work, I gave up on it abandoning it for months at a time.

As you can see, both products have glossy, weighty, and luxurious cases that comes in a velvet pouch. Both are relatively the same color, but I would prefer the Dior over the Chanel.

Side by side: Dior compact on the left; Chanel on the right in this shot. There are some major differences:

1. The Dior powder foundation is much smaller. 0.35 oz. at $49.00 USD with a smaller sponge.
2. The Chanel powder foundation is 0.45 oz. at $50.00 with a wider sponge and a separate (and flimsy) “brush” that I ended up tossing.
3. Dior has SPF 25;
4. Chanel has SPF 10.

Again, I prefer the Dior fusion makeup because it adheres well to the skin without looking like makeup. I’m impressed with all of Dior’s formulas – lightweight and smooth, yet really good coverage at the same time. If you’re really, really oily and need some major oil-control and you don’t mind misting/setting your makeup every day, the Chanel powder foundation may work in your favor.

Face shot after 12+ hours of wear. Oily t-zone going on but the “glow” is still there – although it’s subtle. I like how the Dior powder foundation doesn’t make the face look flat like Chanel’s. What are your thoughts? Intrigued?

Chantecaille Compact Makeup Foundation

As you can probably notice, I’ve developed a horrendously expensive relationship with Chantecaille base products. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the tinted moisturizer and foundation, so it was only a matter of time before I began dabbling in other products. This time around, I was in need of a good powder foundation – yet another option for me during my lazy days or weekends.

I’m quite picky about powder foundations because I need them to perform like liquid foundation – and trust me, the hunt for that, has been displeasing and unsatisfactory. Before purchasing this one, I recently used up Chanel’s powder foundation which claimed to be mattifying and blah blah blah. It was just okay; and, I reluctantly used it up because I didn’t want to be wasteful and just throw it away.

I’ve been impressed with the Chantecaille Compact Makeup Foundation and it meets all my expectations. First of all, it is the only powder foundation that is actually mattifying. In fact, I don’t think I own anything that controls oiliness like this product – and, I’m not exaggerating. Second, it looks luminous and flawless upon application – not cakey or powdery at all. And, third, it actually provides coverage (which all powder foundation claim to do, but really don’t).

Another things that’s great is that it seems to blur discoloration and imperfections. It’s like taking an eraser and blurring the “mistakes” on your face. But mainly, as the day wears on, it looks like you’ve appled liquid foundation. The product isn’t drying, yet it it’s mattifying – I don’t know how, but it does!

The Chantecaille compact makeup “is an ultra-smooth, ultrafine powder foundation that keeps oily skin looking beautifully matte.” The product claims to have “a unique process [that] allows pigments and powders to be coated with vegetable protein and phospholipids, protecting skin against any possible irritation.” It is “effective in all climates [and] this newly emollient permeability allows excess moisture to evaporate while keeping skin hydrated and diminishing fine lines. Polyphenols of green apple help prevent aging and damage from UVA/UVB rays.”

My shade is “Petal.” It’s a bit on the pinky side, but surprisingly is a great match for my skin because of my not-so yellow-undertones. “Shell,” which would work well for pale skins with yellow undertones, was not a good match for me because it flattened my skintone and looked chalky. Essentially, on me, the chalky appearance made me look ghostly white and unnatural. “Petal” worked out well for me and I’m happy with the color match.

The flip-top compact is just alright for me – I don’t use the sponge since I lightly dust the powder on with a powder brush. The coverage is much like mineral makeup in my opinion. I apply concealer to troubled spots and then dust this all over. It’s the easiest routine ever; and, it takes like – 30 seconds to do. I don’t like the reflective compact because it gets so finger-printy, but it’s shiny and pretty to look at.

I also like the drawstring pouch it comes in. It’s different from the velvet pouches like Burberry, Chanel, and Dior. Overall, I love this product because it does everything I want. The price point is obscenely high for the amount of product; and, if you’re happy with your current routine, this isn’t a necessity. Is it worth the high price point? Not really – especially since I’m happy with the foundation and tinted moisturizer from Chantecaille.

I love this powder foundation and am currently looking into other products by Chantecaille. What about you?

Retails for $62.00.
Made in Italy.
0.35 oz.

*Quotes extracted from
*Pictures taken using CANON POWERSHOT SD1300 IS DIGITAL ELPH (12.1 Megapixels)