REVIEW: Laura Mercier Silk Crème Oil Free Photo Edition Foundation in “Ivory”

Since I’m getting married in February, I’ve made it a recent goal of mine to find the best wedding/photograph friendly foundation for the big day. There have been many that have come close, but recently, I decided to try the Laura Mercier Silk Crème Oil Free Photo Edition Foundation after reading some reviews. While I can say that most likely this won’t be my big-day-foundation, it did come dangerously close to being picked.


The Laura Mercier Silk Crème Oil Free Photo Edition Foundation a “long-wear, oil-free foundation for a photo-ready, natural-looking matte finish.” In addition, this foundation features “the same great formula with revamped packaging and a broader shade range” than the previous version of this foundation. It provides “12-hour wear, highly-pigmented formula that blends seamlessly onto skin, hiding even hard-to-cover imperfections. It leaves a flawless finish, making it ideal for video, photography, and special events. Infused with a silk powder blend, it absorbs oil and balances moisture for normal to oily skin. Get smooth skin and visibly even the look of skintone with this long-lasting foundation.”

I have to say that this is a good foundation. It provides a natural-looking finish and is oil-absorbing and non-drying on the skin. For these reasons, it feels light on the skin, conceals redness and pores, and doesn’t feel like foundation on the skin. However, what I didn’t really like about the foundation that it only looked great in the beginning right after application. I felt that this foundation was more full-coverage, but as the day wore on, it got patchy and parts of my face and when I would blot, the foundation that was sitting on my skin would move around. Then, coverage was compromised. I didn’t feel that it was particularly long-wearing because throughout the day it wouldn’t look as good, and even with a good primer and setting primer, the foundation would “lift” in odd places like my forehead.


The color match was pretty good. The shade “Ivory” was for “very fair with warm undertones.” The “Rose Ivory” was too pink for me, but it would’ve been better had “Ivory” been slightly on the peachy/pinky side. I’ve read that this foundation has worked great for other people, so take that into consideration. It’s not a bad foundation, but for me, I need something that’s a little bit more reliable. While the search for the most perfect wedding foundation continues, I think this foundation isn’t too bad and I still feel like there will be many people out there who will like this.

Retails for $48.00 USD.

REVIEW: Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation SPF18

As you know, foundations and base products are always on my radar. I get into moods when I’m really into YSL makeup and sometimes I get into moods where I don’t feel interested in them at all. Lately, I’ve been in the mood for YSL makeup and decided to get the Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation after reading reviews online. To get to the point (lol) I love this foundation and it’s quickly climbed its way to the top of my foundation list. It’s well worth the high price tag and I recommend it for all occasions and all seasons.



The Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation is a “revolutionary, fine-as-ink foundation with broad spectrum SPF 18 that perfects the skin while it wears weightlessly for 24 hours.” Designed to be long-wear, it’s deceivingly lightweight and completely natural looking on the skin. If you’re one to not wear foundations or you’re just plain afraid of foundations…I’d suggest this one. It’s undetectable on the skin because of its texture; it’s impressive that it provides a skin-like finish and controls oil very well.

The Fusion Ink Foundation is named correctly, lol. It’s very much like ink for the skin. It’s also very watery, so you need to shake it really well before applying. It blends like butter on the skin and disappears into nothing; surprisingly, it provides really great coverage so a little bit of product goes a long way. In addition, when you apply more coverage since the formula is buildable, it doesn’t get thick or cakey on the skin.

“Get all-day comfort, broad spectrum sun protection, and a soft-matte finish with this featherweight foundation that suits every skin type. Its innovative hybrid stain technology provides a lightweight yet high-coverage formula, and its exclusive extendable polymers offer buildable coverage that lasts for a flawless finish.” I’m very impressed with this foundation and I highly recommend it whether you like foundation or not. More importantly, whether you have good skin or not, this foundation will help both and makes the use versatile as well. I’ve worn this for weddings and nights out, but I’ve also worn it to work and on the weekends — just with a lighter hand.


I purchased the shade “B10 Porcelain” and I’m quite happy with it. It’s the lightest shade in the range and leans towards a neutral-peach undertone, rather than pink. It matches my skin nicely and blends out seamlessly, which I find to be the most important feature in foundation. I’ve applied this with a buffing brush, a foundation brush, and my fingers. However, I’ve noticed I don’t like how it looks when I’ve used a damp Beauty Blender. I think it’s because it breaks up the natural formulation of the foundation. The best thing about this foundation is the “special sweat and sebum-controlling agents” that allow for 24-hour of coverage and wear. I would never wear makeup for 24 hours, but even on long days (12+ hours), this foundation has held up nicely.

Oil-control is great without the skin feeling or looking dry, and even through humidity, heat, and and sweat, this foundation has looked great. It doesn’t budge and it doesn’t wear off in weird spots like some foundations do. Additionally, the foundation’s “dry oil complex allows it to set in seconds,” which makes application really fast and there’s also no need for a powder since the foundation works well on its own.


I love this foundation and it’s one that I reach for every day almost. Even on weekends or when I’m going to an evening yoga class, this foundation doesn’t bother me or make my skin look bad. Even when my skin isn’t doing as well, I find that this foundation helps you cheat a little bit. Because it’s “formulated with pure-micro-coated pigments, it delivers lasting, radiant color, and the face-zoning applicator allows you to perfectly apply it to the face for precise, easy-to-use application that’s never cakey or heavy.” I highly recommend this foundation because it’s well worth the price tag. In fact, if I didn’t have any other foundations to wear and I was left with just this, I wouldn’t even complain. :)

Retails for $60.00 USD.
Made in France.

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation vs. NEW Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

As many of you may have already realized, Make Up For Ever has released their newest HD foundation called the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation. The packaging is very similar to its original Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation reviewed here. The silver band that goes around the packaging just under the cap signifies the newest HD foundation addition to the range.


The original was a favorite among many and developed its own cult following, it seems. The new ultra HD foundation is considered to be a better version of its former self as it’s described as the “bestselling HD foundation that appears more invisible, comfortable, and natural-looking than ever.” Additionally, the new foundation claims to “create a naturally flawless complexion—on and off camera. Completely invisible under the latest, super-focused 4k lens, this revolutionary foundation features uniquely-coated pigments that provide medium coverage with a lightweight texture that looks just like skin. Long-lasting with a natural-looking finish, Ultra HD Liquid Foundation is formulated with hyaluronic spheres for time-released hydration that ensures comfortable wear on all skin types. Now available in an expanded range of 40 shades to match all skintones, Ultra HD is the perfect everyday foundation for a flawless complexion—and an unretouched life.”


In the old formula, I was shade #115 and it was a really good match. Mixed with both pink and yellow undertones, it balanced out my complexion really well and also help up really well too. The natural-ness of a medium coverage foundation was really impressive. Some differences right away with the new formula is that the color range has changed and re-named. I don’t think they translate exactly from the previous shade to the new shade. I chose the shade Y215, which is the “Yellow Alabaster” shade in the new formula. As you can see, it’s yellow-er than #115 but not by much. It also seems less runny than the original formula, which was something that I liked about the old version.

The texture of the Ultra HD is much thicker than before, but it’s not that thick compared to other foundations. It still blends nicely and looks natural on the skin; it also fills in pores really well, doesn’t accentuate fine lines, and evens the complexion instantly. The other shades before Y215 were much more pink than the previous formulas and it would’ve been impossible for me to use them. I don’t feel as happy with Y215 than I was with #115, but the difference is subtle on my skin.



The Ultra HD is nice and feels nice, but I honestly prefer the original formula. Maybe it’s the color-match or maybe it’s the runnier consistency that I prefer in foundations. Both work nicely, but I think the previous version wore better and lasted better on my skin when oil broke through. The new Ultra HD seems to adhere well to the skin, but I don’t really like the super-matte, dry look and I felt that that’s what this foundation did. As for HD results, I’m not an actress and there’s no reason for me to be on stage or anything — let alone be photographed in HD all the time, lol. The real-life results are nice on the skin, but I feel like I have to do extra work to get it look more dewy and natural.

Retails for $36.00 USD.
Made in France.

Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation & Airflash CC Primer Radiance Booster Color Correcting Primer

I wanted to personally reveal that I’m getting married in about 7 months. For this reason, I find myself justifying unwarranted makeup purchases with the excuse that I’m getting married — therefore, I need ____. Lol. While I don’t need anymore foundations or base makeup, it doesn’t hurt to find the perfect “photo ready” foundation for my big day — in addition to other days as well, right? :) Recently, I purchased the Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation along with the Airflash CC Primer Radiance Booster Color Correcting Primer. Even though it’s a bit early to be thinking about what makeup I’ll be wearing on my wedding day, I figured since makeup is an important hobby of mine, it wouldn’t hurt to start experimenting, right?



The Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation is an “ultralight foundation that delivers an airbrushed effect with precision and ease.” To achieve the “runway-ready look,” this spray foundation is marketed as an “innovative mist foundation inspired by the airbrushing techniques used backstage at fashion shows.” Additionally, “the unique micro-diffusion system [is said to] deliver a fine mist of foundation to provide a soft, velvety complexion.” The enclosed directions suggest to spray the foundation directly to the skin, just like you would mist your face with finishing spray. However, because the foundation travels and settles onto your hairline, eyebrows, and neck, I’ve found that it’s much easier and safer to spray a blob onto my hand. Then, I apply with a damp Beauty Blender sponge.

Airflash Spray Foundation also claims that you can “customize your coverage by choosing to apply straight from the can for a lighter finish, or with a Kabuki brush for fuller coverage. Mother of pearl pigments even skintone and diminish the appearance of skin irregularities and fine lines, leaving your skin glowing with optimal radiance.” The glow factor is definitely visible, which I really like since I don’t ever prefer a truly matte finish. The formula is incredibly long lasting and definitely stays put. Coverage is buildable and easy to adjust since I dab my foundation on with a damp Beauty Blender sponge.


The Airflash CC Primer Radiance Booster Color Correcting Primer is a “revolutionary spray technology that evenly delivers a lightweight mist with Photo-Smart Pigments™ to color correct imperfections, erase shadows, even out skintone, and brighten dull complexions.” I bought this along with the Airflash Spray Foundation and work really nicely together. Because both the formulas are so light, it’s easy to apply and it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on the skin. I find that together, the products work really well together. The primer I considered to be a “perfect start for glowing skin, [and] this exclusive formula is enhanced with an energizing mix of minerals to revive and refresh the complexion, as well as hyaluronic acid to plump and smooth the skin. Apply this universal shade before any foundation for flawless application and extended wear.”

The primer disappears into the skin pretty instantly. It doesn’t take long to absorb because it’s pretty instant. Additionally, when you apply the foundation on top, you don’t disturb the previous layer of primer underneath. Together, the products work to keep your makeup looking and feeling fresh. Glow factor is visible, but isn’t too strong so you won’t look greasy or oily. And, your pores and lines are pretty much all blurred away. Love.



You can “use [the primer] under foundation to set and hold, or alone for a radiant glow. This product can be used with Dior Foundation or any foundation.” It works nicely on its own, which I like since I don’t like to pile on product after product. I’ve also found that the foundation can hold up on its own without the fancy primer. My shade is Ivory 100, which is pretty much the standard shade I go for in Dior foundation. In the past, I haven’t had the best of luck with them, but I’m finding that this new way of applying foundation may be the best option for weddings next to airbrush. I’ve tested the foundation out in humid, hot conditions; and, I’ve worn it on nights at both casual and crazy like a bachelorette party. In all cases, the foundation help up super nicely and oil breaks through pretty minimally.

I think this is a great special occasion foundation, since it perfects and covers the skin so nicely. I don’t see myself reaching for it any other time though. What are your thoughts?

Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation ($65.00 USD)
Airflash CC Primer Radiance Booster Color Correcting Primer ($50.00 USD)

REVIEW: Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a foundation post. However, I’ve recently gotten back on the foundation bandwagon; and, I’ve been into mixing formulas lately. I stumbled across the Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation by accident when I was originally researching a different foundation. I decided to give this foundation a try when it promised healthy, glowy skin from within — which is right up my alley. Lancôme claims that the “Lancôme science” discovered the “inner light of perfect skin and recreated it via this foundation. Additionally, their marketing is clever as they explain that “light is not only reflected on the surface, it is also naturally re-emitted from deep within the skin. This is skin’s inner light. At its peak, this surface radiance and inner light constitute skin’s aura.”



In addition to the light reflecting particles, and providing “surface radiance,” Lancôme’s exclusive “Aura-Inside (TM) Technology” is allegedly a big part of creating freshness and radiance. Above all, the Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation is considered to be “a new generation of bioptic pigments combined with classic mineral pigments. Together, they reproduce the appearance of inner light of perfect skin, by recreating the intensity and pristine freshness of its radiance. A unique liquid light essence maximizes skin’s surface radiance.”

There’s lot of big claims here and fancy language that is equally exciting and confusing at the same time. I wear the shade IVOIRE 4N and it’s a good match for me — a mix of both pink and neutral undertones that balance out my not-so-yellow skin tone. A big part of why I like this foundation is because it feel so light and watery when applying on the skin. It absorbs and your skin and makeup seem to fuse into one — leaving the finish very light and undetectable. The glow and radiance that Lancôme speaks of is really in the formula. There are swirls of iridescent pigments. And, while they may look very glimmery, it doesn’t apply too glittery or crazy on the skin.



The formula and texture of this foundation are both great. The light texture makes it really easy to use and blend. Coverage is light and natural; and for that reason, I don’t think this foundation is meant to be buildable. That’s probably why this foundation is best on “good skin days” lol. It fills in lines and pores really well, and it also boosts your complexion’s tone. However, oil control is pretty non-existent, which I accept since it never claimed to be that kind of product anyway. I don’t like to powder over this because I like to maintain the glow that the foundation gives. It does provide a fresh face, but it does get oily and slippery on my skin during the hot summer months.

REVIEW: Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Youth-Boosting Perfect Skin Foundation

Before Charlotte Tilbury made its way to the U.S., I had only read about the product range online and saw it on YouTube via U.K. bloggers/vloggers. Now that the brand is available on Nordstrom online and in some store locations, I was really excited to see that the Houston Galleria (Nordstrom) location had the brand in-store with brand/makeup artists. My small haul consists of the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Youth-Boosting Perfect Skin Foundation, Color Chameleon Color Morphing Eyeshadow Pencil, and the Lip Cheat Liner. More reviews will be coming for Charlotte Tilbury products, trust me! :)


The Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Youth-Boosting Perfect Skin Foundation is an “air-light formula that illuminates, smoothes, hydrates, minimizes pores and reduces wrinkles for perfect skin.” As an oil-free foundation made for dry, normal and combination skin types, I’ve fallen in love with this foundation since its first use and it’s quickly made its way up the ladder on my favorite foundations rotation list! This foundation contains “youth-boosting actives [that] help give you a gorgeous baby-skin effect, [while] smoothing and evening out tone.” The foundation is light-weight and virtually weight-less on the skin. A little bit is all you need, and the effects are instant. My skin is smoothed out and evened immediately; and, its light texture is easily blendable and buildable. The formula “lasts for up to 18 hours, while stimulating epidermal renewal by kick-starting collagen production, delaying the onset of wrinkles and creating the perfect makeup base.”

unnamed 2

unnamed 3

I can’t say that the “youth-boosting actives” have done much for my skin, my the formula does plump up the skin so lines and wrinkles are less visible. Another great thing is that the color selection appeared to be really great, with good mixtures of both yellow-toned, pink-toned, and neutral-toned base. I chose the shade 01 Fair and it’s a perfect match for me. Pores are minimized and so is redness, so I really like that. I chose the shade Fair 01 and it’s absolute perfection!

A really great tip for a natural look is to add a thin layer on your skin first; and, then apply an additional thin layer for areas where you need more coverage. Either way, I’ve found that cakiness is pretty much not a problem; and, oil-control is surprisingly great without any dryness. I highly recommend this foundation and please look forward to more Charlotte Tilbury reviews!

Retails for $45.00 USD.
Item contains 1.4 oz.
Suitable for dry, normal and combination skin types.
Made in Italy.

REVIEW: Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation

I saw the new Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation at both Target and Ulta and decided to purchase it. I admit, I may have been drawn in by the packaging, lol. Nonetheless, Maybelline’s Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation claims to “give you a flawless look that gives you an impeccable finish. The breakthrough feature allows you to look natural because it fuses with your skin to make your make-up undetectable.” The claims seemed reasonable, and I liked that this foundation was similar to the Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation in concept, texture, and finish.

Normally, drugstore foundations don’t really interest me; but, this one sure did. Check out more drugstore-related posts here — about drugstore beauties, here — about my review on the Revlon ColorStay Foundation, and here — about the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup.


This foundation is extremely liquidy, but spreads thin with coverage. It’s blendable and smooth, and dries down to a semi-matte finish. Once applied, this foundation doesn’t feel like anything on the skin. While it is lightweight, I noticed it’s not as buildable as I would like. Layering the foundation on to areas that need more coverage can get cakey when you’ve got dry patches or uneven texture. For that reason, I think it’s best to stick with one, thin layer — and then, to add some concealer onto those problem areas. Oil-control is decent but not great, so I powder my t-zone with Too Faced Primed & Poreless Pressed Powder and I’m good to go!

This foundation is worth checking out because it lets your skin look like skin. It evens everything out beautifully and seems to cancel out redness and pigmentation well. The coverage and overall finish is natural and light, so it makes it ideal for summer months or for when you’re looking for something more natural. I find that using your fingers works best rather than using a sponge/synthetic brush. It’s fast to apply and the shade “Porcelain Ivory” is perfect for my slightly cool, but fair skintone! I recommend this budget-friendly foundation and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Retails for $9.99 USD.

REVIEW: Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15

Speaking of summer products, I’ve been trying the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 ever since I was compelled to purchase it after watching Essiebutton’s video called “Holy Grail Round-Up with Claire.” Described as a “long-lasting foundation powered by Amazonian clay,” it sounded gimmicky which is why I’ve overlooked the product for so long. This foundation claims to provide 12 hours of flawless coverage.” Designed to be long-wearing, Tarte’s “skin-perfecting formula with UVA/UVB SPF 15” protection is a good combination especially for the summer months.



This foundation is marketed as a “full coverage with a weightless texture,” and “with a broad range of shades available, [this foundation is] supremely blendable [with] a buildable formula.” The texture of the product is whipped and moussey. Because of this, it may feel thicker than a traditional liquid foundation. However, it spreads easily and blends flawlessy very quickly into the skin. Once applied, it feels light and fluffy on the skin. The effects of the foundation are lovely — your skin looks healthy and even, pores and redness are concealed, and it looks so light on the skin despite the fact that it’s full coverage. With this foundation, I don’t need additional concealer. Packed with “skin-smart” Amazonian clay, the product claims to “intuitively adjust to meet and address your skin concerns for makeup that wears better, longer, and truer.

This revolutionary foundation reduces the appearance of pores, discolorations, and imperfections and ensures a perfectly flawless complexion every time.” I agree that the tone of the foundation is adjustable — on me, it seemed to warm up a bit, but it’s subtle so I wouldn’t say that it oxidizes. It applies very smoothly and I like how it feels and sits on the skin throughout the day. My shade is “Ivory” which has some pink tones in it. I’d say that it’s a good, comfortable match.



My only gripe is that this foundation has ZERO oil-controlling abilities. For that reason, I can’t say that it’s true to its claim to being long-wearing. It looks lovely on the skin and there’s no denying that. However, even on my normal-combo skin, oil broke way faster than when I use other foundations. I looked greasy and oily nearly instantly — especially in the Texas summer heat. Once I blotted the excess oil, I liked how my skin looked again. However, the oil, of course, returned.

I like this foundation, but it’s truly not long-wearing. And with constant blotting, re-powdering, and touching up, I find that this foundation is high maintenance. I think I’ll see how it wears when the weather is cooler in the fall and winter months, but I wouldn’t suggest wearing this on a long, hot day.

Made in USA.
Retails for $38.00 USD.

REVIEW: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup in “Classic Ivory 10”

The Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup foundation was rumored awhile ago to be the drugstore dupe for the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. For me, this wasn’t the case — perhaps, because I have quite high expectations for foundations in general. As a foundation that claims to provide “naturally beautiful coverage,” this product says that it “takes over where your skin care leaves off” as a foundation that provides both skincare benefits and coverage. The “silky-light coverage” of this product “glides on for a perfectly natural look, while the exclusive blend plus SPF 20 work together to visibly improve skin’s luminosity, tone, and texture.”

To begin, the finish, texture, and the feel of the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup on the skin is superb. It settles nicely on the skin, looks natural and glowy (without looking/feeling oily), and looks great in photographs and in natural lighting. Initially, I was impressed with this foundation as it provided sheer to medium coverage and it concealed pores and imperfections nicely. I was also impressed by how light it felt on the skin. Regarding these points, this foundation does mimic the NARS Sheer Glow nicely.

picstitch (5)

The shade “Classic Ivory 10” is a good match, but not a perfect match. It warms up on the skin nicely and blends well, so that’s fine with me. The formula is smooth and blendable, which makes it very easy to work with. However, the difference is clear after about 3-4 hours of wear. The Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup began to slip and slide, with noticeable demarcation — subtle indications that the foundation was indeed moving around and rubbing off in areas — like my nose and chin. The longer it stayed on my face, the worse it began to look/feel. With this foundation, I had to blot multiple times, and each time, the foundation rubbed off little by little. To be fair, I powdered over this foundation the next day to give it another shot and it didn’t make a difference. For me, while the foundation started off great, there was pretty much nothing left of it by the end of my day.

Because my obsession for base makeup has allowed me to gain high expectations of foundations in general, I can’t say that this foundation performed well. I think if you wanted to wear a light foundation for 2-4 hours this may work, but realistically, this wouldn’t hold up well through a work day, school day, or at any event. In all honesty, it’s a bummer since it’s great on every level, but the fact that it starts to look and feel horrible throughout the day is a major deal breaker for me. I would recommend the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation over this product, and I do not consider it as a worthy “dupe.” I’d say that a more comparable drugstore and budget-friendly option is the Revlon ColorStay Foundation.

Made in USA.
Retails for $13.99 USD.

REVIEW: Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation in “Fair Honey”

Mineral makeup in general isn’t really my cup of tea unless I’m in the mood for the application process. I’ve seen the Tarte Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation around, but never gave it any attention until Essiebutton’s blog post here. She also has a video to go with the post, so it’s been helpful to see the product in action. This foundation was also featured in her January 2014 Favorites blog post as well.

For other videos featuring this product, check out leighannsays and MakeupByLeinaBaaaby.




This mineral foundation is a “talc-free, 12-hour medium-coverage, weightless powder foundation” that claims to deliver “flawless, natural-looking coverage that lasts, while the skintuitive™ formula invigorates skintone and texture for a youthful complexion.” Described to be “powered by Amazonian clay enriched with the earth’s natural, light-reflecting gemstones,” this airbrush foundation is “moisture-rich” and “buffs on smoothly for waterproof, 12-hour coverage that won’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles.” Unique to this range of powder foundations is that the availability of shades and undertones is quite impressive, and is sure to “also employ a custom mesh delivery system for a fool-proof, mess-free application every time.”

Also sold alongside this foundation is the Airbuki Bamboo Powder Foundation Brush ($26.00 USD) which I skipped since I already own a variety of kabuki-style brushes.




My shade in this foundation is “Fair Honey,” which is for fair skins with peach undertones. It’s a warm, fair shade that works well with my slightly cool skintone. It neutralizes redness and unevenness remarkably; and, it applies smoothly, blends easily, and doesn’t settle into lines and pores on the face. Coverage is impressive for a powder foundation and the formula is build-able — even though it’s light and airy. The finish is smooth and natural without looking too powdery, matte, or caked on. As indicated by Essiebutton, this foundation gets better and better as the day wears on with pretty good oil-control. It also feels like my skin is able to breathe, which is nice. The glowiness is maintained throughout the day and I love that this foundation looks and feels so natural.

I like the packaging — with a net to release the foundation and a built-in stopper on the lid so the messiness is quite minimal. The net is handy since you can ‘bounce’ your brush into it without having to swirl the product in the cap like traditional mineral makeup. For me, the foundation is pretty long-wearing, controls oil nicely, and maintains a natural glow throughout the day. To that end, this product is low-maintenance with high results! I recommend this powder foundation and it deserves all the rave reviews it has received.

Choose from 11 shades:



Contains 0.247 oz.
Retails for $36.00 USD.
Made in USA.