Eco Tools Face & Body Sculpting Brush

The Eco Tools Face & Body Sculpting Brush initially started out as a random purchase for me. However, since experimenting with it, I’ve found some great uses for it and recommend it as a great budget-friendly option for more expensive “body makeup brushes.”

In searching for body brushes, I’ve found the Make Up For Ever 414 Body Kabuki for $43.00 USD, the Laura Mercier Body Bronzer Brush for $65.00 USD, and the Becca The One Perfecting Brush for $49.00 USD. The Eco Tools Face & Body Sculpting Brush is perfect for using to apply product to large surface areas; and, best of all, it can double as a face/contour brush too.

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I purchased mine at Ulta with a coupon, so I ended up paying less than its $11.99 USD retail value. It’s a great bargain option because it’s versatile and multi-functional. This brush “create[s] buildable coverage…[and is] incredibly soft,” even though it contains fully synthetic bristles. The “impressively large brush head that is perfect for all-over body application and definition” is great for sweeping on product for your legs and arms. You’re able to buff with the brush, contour, and apply product with quick sweeps. “Made with beautifully soft cruelty-free bristles,” this brush is great contouring the face and applying bronzer as well.

I don’t use this brush every day. I only use it specifically for the body when a brush is required. Now that it’s summer, it’s nice to apply some glimmer/shimmer on your legs; and, a little bit of all-over bronzer never hurt either. The bristles are incredibly soft and maneuvers around the contours of the body (including the neck and shoulders) really well. I don’t believe in spending a lot of money on a body brush that will only get a few uses, so I’d recommend this brush if you’re looking for something to apply body products with. It washes well and dries quickly; it’s sturdy with soft bristles; and, it a great budget-friendly option with minimal shedding compared to some of the higher end body brushes out there.

Retails for $11.99 USD.