Most-Used Makeup Brushes

Today’s post is about my most-used makeup brushes. I own both high-end and low-end brushes; and, these days, I limit myself to just a handful of brushes for convenience and ease. Like my makeup collection, my brush collection is quite vast. So, I like to keep them “on rotation” as well to get my use out of all the brushes I own. I have my favorites and not-so-favorites; but, nonetheless, the brushes I’ll be talking about today are the ones I’ve been reaching for the most as of late.


MAC 217 – The MAC 217 is my favorite blending brush. However, lately, I’ve been using it as a general eyeshadow application brush — using it to also blend as well. This way, I can save a step and a brush.
Louise Young – I alternate between the LY31 Angled Sable Brow Brush and the MAC 266 Small Angle Brush. For the most part, I still with the LY.
Eco Tools – My trust Eco Tools Bamboo Deluxe Concealer Brush is my favorite concealer brush and it always has been. It’s the perfect size for spot-concealing because it conceals only what needs to be concealed without getting messy.
Real Techniques Stippling Brush – The Real Techniques Stippling Brush is great for foundation or BB cream application. It really sheers out the product but applies it evenly onto the skin for an even application. I’ve featured it in my Glowy Skin post because it’s also great at applying mixed products as well.
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is my all time favorite foundation brush and one of my all time favorite brushes in general. It’s best to own multiples of these because it’s great for anything and everything you apply to your face — including cream blush
Real Techniques Blush Brush (used as face brush) – I use the Real Techniques Blush Brush as an all-over face powder brush. It’s so big and bushy that I could never use it as just a blush brush. It’s fluffy but sturdy enough to control the product you’re applying.
Chanel Blush Brush (used as regular blush brush) – One of my recent and re-discovered favorites for blush application is my Chanel Blush Brush. It’s really not anything special, but I’ve been using to really pack on blush because I’m into the rosey-cheeks look right now.


Highend or not, it’s important find brushes that work for you and the products you’re working with. However, there’s nothing wrong with investing in nice brushes since they will last forever (with proper care) and won’t expire. For me, my collection is so vast because I’ve been adding onto my collection for years now.

Budget-friendly options are great for on-the-go or travel purposes, but it’s also great to have them around because you can buy multiples of them (like my RT Expert Face Brushes). :)