REVIEW: Giorgio Armani Luminessence CC Color Control Bright Moisturizer SPF 35

I haven’t been using many foundations as of late because I’ve been really into BB/CC creams. I’m not sure what kick-started this, but it’s definitely mainly because I’ve been on a major skincare kick lately. While I can’t report on any real skin problems, my main concern recently has been due to weather changes, traveling, and recovering from bronchitis. My skin has been on the dry, dull side rather than its usual sensitive, normal self. I’ve been using BB/CC creams to aid my skin, and in doing so, I’ve found a new favorite! The Giorgio Armani Luminessence CC Color Control Bright Moisturizer SPF 35 has been my CC cream of choice because it provides light coverage, a great flow, and a natural finish.



The Luminessence CC Cream is a “color control bright moisturizer with SPF 35. It features a triple technology on skincare for its energizing and antioxidant complex, color for its pinky “rose glow” pigments and light for its liquid mirror technology.” The texture of the product is light and airy, but it’s creamy too — allowing it to blend easily, absorb, and dry down to a semi-matte finish. While Armani promises that “the skin looks as rested as a good night’s sleep,” I can agree that it provides a healthy looking glow that may mimic such high claims.

There are 7 shades in total, which is impressive since BB/CC creams come in very limiting shades. I chose shade 1 and it’s the perfect pinky-toned beige color for fair skins. It blends so wonderfully and so effortlessly, so it’s an easy product to use. Coverage is very light, but that’s expected since this isn’t a high-coverage foundation. This CC cream is great for traveling, lounging at home, the gym, and on the weekends when you don’t want to mess with makeup.



I like this CC cream because it’s so great at evening out my skin tone and minimizes my pores almost instantly. I apply this and add some blush and I’m ready to go! The high SPF is a bonus, but as always, I like to apply a layer of sunscreen regardless. I recommend the Giorgio Armani Luminessence CC Color Control Bright Moisturizer since it really does act like a skincare product and makeup base at the same time. I think if that’s what you’re looking for, this CC cream may win!

Made in France.
Retails for $50.00 USD.

REVIEW: IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+

With all the hype around the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream, I just had to see what all the fuss was about. While I’m happy with my Rachel K CC Cream Renew, Hera Complete Care CC Cream, Etude House Correct & Care CC Cream, Chanel CC Cream – Complete Correction Sunscreen, and Banila Co. IT Radiant CC Cream, I got curious and swatched the IT Cosmetics CC Cream at Ulta before purchasing. For helpful YouTube videos, check out Michele1218’s Quick Mommy Makeup and Glowy Skin Tutorial and MakeupByTiffanyD’s Spring/Summer Foundation Routine.

IT Cosmetics describes the Your Skin But Better CC Cream as “an all-in-one multi-tasking beauty miracle that truly gives full, flawless, perfect coverage, protects your skin with SPF 50+ from the harmful rays of the sun and is clinically proven to improve skin texture and hydration.” This “anti-aging hydrating formula is infused with peptides, niacin, algae, vitamins A, C, B, E, hyaluronic acid, and hydrolyzed collagen along with anti-oxidants and exotic natural botanicals for long-term brightening and color-correcting benefits.”



“Packed with anti-aging ingredients that is clinically proven to improve skin,” and it works with both a “full coverage color correcting cream…and anti-aging serum” as an all-in-one product. Much like most Asian CC Creams out on the market, the skincare benefits of CC creams is a major part of the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC. It is also “infused with cutting edge anti-aging technology and is clinically proven to improve skin texture, brightness and increase skin hydration by 79%.” Currently, the word around the blogosphere is that this CC provides impeccable coverage without looking cakey and thick. Many people have claimed that their skin tone and and texture have improved as well.

A little bit of this product goes a long ways, so about half a pump is good enough for your entire face. I buff this product on either with my hands or a synthetic buffing brush — like the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush or the Real Techniques Stippling Brush. Coverage is truly flawless and smooth on the skin. It sinks right in without being too matte, dry, or flat; and, there’s a glowy quality to it without looking oily.


I chose the shade “Fair,” which is the first and lightest shade in the range of five colors. It leans heavily on the yellow side, but seems to balance out my skintone and redness on some parts of my face really well. It conceals pores, lines, and pigments well without looking like too much. The added skincare benefits help with my skin’s irritation as of late. As we transition into much warmer temperatures here in Texas, my skin has been a bit bipolar lately, so I find that this CC cream is very soothing.

I’d recommend this CC and find that IT Cosmetics is a line that I’ve become more interested in. Next on my list is the Celebration Foundation Illumination, which I’ve heard/read a lot about as well. Stay tuned for my future purchase on that and my upcoming review on the Tightline Full Lash Length Black Mascara Primer.

Contains 1.08 fl. oz.
Made in Korea.
Retails for $38.00 USD.

REVIEW: Hera Complete Care CC Cream SPF 35 PA++

I’ve been really into CC Creams as of late. And, you’re probably not that surprised. Recently, my friend sent me the Hera Complete Care CC Cream from Korea — and, all I have to say is that the US brands could learn a thing or two from Asian CC creams. Seriously. Previously mentioned Korean CC Creams are as follows: Etude House Correct & Care CC Cream, Rachel K CC Cream, and Banila Co. IT Radiant CC Cream. And, also, there’s the Chanel CC Cream – Complete Correction as well (which is, of course, made in France).

The Hera Complete Care CC Cream combines “intensified skincare and unique texture [to] cover skin imperfections for a smooth finish.” Essentially, it functions coverage-wise much like a foundation and BB cream; however, the difference between BB creams and CC creams is that CC creams contain more skincare ingredients. In Korea, this product is advertised as the “all new multi-cream” that introduces a new concept in combining makeup and skincare. The “cell cocktail components give skin a tight, youthful appearance.”


The Hera Complete Care CC Cream contains “more than 50% common skin care ingredients, making it a sufficient moisturizer. These ingredients prevent[s] skin from drying, keep[s] it smooth, and secure[s] the essentials for healthy, glowing skin.” Ingredients include: apple stem cell culture, vegetable protein, hyaluronic acid, honey, grapeseed oil, and vitamin C. Also introduced in this product is the “6-colorant system,” which combines white, yellow, red, black, green, and blue undertones to correct the skin tone and improve the complexion. It appears there’s quite a bit of science integrated into beauty.

My shade is 01 Pink Beige and it works perfectly. The texture of the formula are creamy, yet thin and blends in beautifully whether your use your fingers or a synthetic buffing brush. It absorbs quickly and sets into a semi-matte, yet glowy finish. It’s not sticky or tacky in any way, and instantly covers redness, lines, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, and unevenness anywhere on the skin. The pore-covering abilities is truly phenomenal and is probably the best I’ve seen in any base makeup product I’ve ever tried. The Hera Complete Care CC Cream comes in two different shades: 01 Pink Beige and 02 Natural Beige. As you can see, there’s nothing entirely “pink” about 01 Pink Beige, and it’s a great match for my fair skin. It’s a little difficult to get this product and you’ll have to order from eBay and wait up to 2 weeks for its arrival from Korea. However, I highly recommend it and out of all the CC creams I’ve tried, this one takes the cake.

Made in Korea.

REVIEW: Etude House Correct & Care CC Cream – #1 Silky

I’ve been dabbling in various CC creams here and there, and wanted to write about another Korean brand since my previous posts regarding CC creams. My very first CC cream purchase was the Rachel K CC Cream as seen on LisaLisaD1’s YouTube channel. I’ve finished the product since and it wasn’t a repurchase item for me.

I moved onto the Banila Co. IT Radiant CC Cream, and I liked it but also disliked it at the same time for making my skin feel and look so oily. On a whim, I purchased the Chanel CC Cream – Complete Correction Sunscreen SPF 30 and I’m still pretty happy with it, although I know that I won’t be repurchasing it either. So, while perusing on eBay, I ordered the Etude House Correct & Care CC Cream in #1 Silky and I was amazed because of the way this product worked.


Etude House is a Korean skincare and makeup brand known for its cute and feminine packaging and affordable price range. I had no idea how this CC cream was going to work prior to ordering, but I have to say that it’s the best of both worlds — skincare + BB cream — the original intent of CC creams. This new multitasking formula is known for its 8-in-1 features: this product promises whitening, anti-aging, stress relief, hydration, sun protection, tone-up, luminosity, and smooth texture.

I would agree with the claims — it’s hydrating but not oily and sticky; it absorbs quickly and sets semi-matte — while covering pores, redness, lines, and spots. The luminosity the product provides is natural as it smooths out skin’s texture — and your skin exudes a glow from within — with no shimmers and glimmer. The “just skin” approach is the goal of pretty much all of the CC creams in Asia, as it combines skincare ingredients with coverage — all the while looking natural and not made-up.

picstitch (1)

As you can see from the application of this product, the CC cream is white with little bumpy granules. A little bit goes a long way with this. As you spread and blend the product onto your skin, the capsules turn the white CC cream into a skintone-beige color and then blends out translucent. Amazing, but not a new concept — sure. The color-adjusting formula makes it ideal for various skin tones. There are two shades available: #1 Silky & #2 Glowy. I recommend this CC cream because it’s truly an all-in-one kind of product. It’s best to apply this with your hands so the product can be warmed up. It applies and looks so beautiful. I love it.

Much like the evolution of foundation formulas and BB creams, CC creams out in the market have evolved as well. While coverage is still an important feature in base makeup, the naturalness of it seems to be the deal-breaker for various formulas. In reality, no one wants to LOOK like they’re made up; you want your skin to be your skin. There’s a lot of options out there, but I’d recommend browsing around eBay to see if anything peaks your interest.

Made in Korea.

Banila Co. IT Radiant CC Cream

BB creams are old news in Asia and that’s because they’ve moved onto CC creams. The difference between BB creams and CC creams is that CC creams contain more skincare benefits, and acts less like a foundation-like product. Because of that, CC creams are often used as makeup primer/base; thus, they’re worn underneath foundations and in some cases, they’re worn underneath other BB creams as well. The point of a CC cream is not to really cover anything — they’re used as a skincare product — and, will blur imperfections, conceal redness and pores, and leave behind just your skin in its nearly natural state.


What will they think of next? DD creams? Lol. I purchased my CC cream from eBay because I wanted to try a Korean brand. While visiting Korea a few years ago, my cousins turned me onto Banila Co., and it quickly became one of my favorite non-department store brands. The price range is quite fair — while it’s not as cheap as Etude House, The Face Shop, and Skinfood — the product line is geared towards “professional women,” so the range targets concerns like whitening, brightening, wrinkle-fighting, etc.

As you can see from the product swatches, there are no other shade because the color of the product is not skin-toned. In fact, the pinkish hue disappears completely into the skin and absorbs quickly. After application, it looks like you didn’t apply anything at all; but, your overall skintone and texture looks remarkably better. The sun protection is medium compared to higher SPF’s in most Asian BB creams; but, unless you have good skin to begin with, this CC cream is the first step before regular makeup application (and can replace separate sun protection or makeup base for some people).


The texture of the CC cream is light and blends easily — making a little bit of product go a long way. The floral scent is nice but nothing special. This is great for evening out skintone and texture — meaning, even the bumps that are raised seem to be less noticeable in some magical way. Pores are easily concealed with this product; and, because the finish is extremely natural, it’s essentially undetectable. It just looks like skin! The overall finish is dewy and healthy. I find the product to be very moisturizing, but the whitening claims are pretty non-existent in my book. While it didn’t do anything bad to my skin, I didn’t notice any real/long-term changes because of this product.


CC creams are entirely different than BB creams and I think it depends on your own skin care concerns. If you’re looking for high coverage and need something for large pores and acne (including scars), I think it’s best to stick to a BB cream or foundation. If you don’t have that many concerns regarding your skin, a CC cream and some powder could be all you need on an every day basis. However, if you’re looking to double-up on products for a special occasion, or you just need the extra coverage, you can layer on foundation over a CC cream to achieve your desired effect.

Previously, I tried the Rachel K CC Cream in neutral. I didn’t like the grayish tone, but it blended in decently (but not to my liking). I feel like both can be worn alone as well. It really does depends on your own concerns — skincare-wise and coverage-wise.

Made in Korea.
30 mL.
Retails for 25,000 원 (or just over $22 or so).

Rachel K CC Cream – Neutral

CC creams are all the craze now even though the Western market is just now coming out with BB creams. If you’ve been watching LisaLisaD1 on YouTube, then you’ve heard of the Rachel K CC Creams from her. When she re-stocked her online store, I immediately placed an order to beat the crowd since they’re always sold out!

CC creams are fairly new to me and this is my first one. Before LisaLisaD1, ChefCaffy on YouTube was rumored to have raved about this product, so I didn’t doubt that this was a good, well-performing product. Shipping was fast and I tested the product out immediately. Since then, I’ve been using it non-stop. This is considered to be a “10 in 1” product and is marketed as a mineral color control bb cream. According to the box, “CC cream is a much more refined and improved BB cream which combines various benefits all in one: color control, oil control, whitening, brightening, moisturizing, and UV protection (SPF 35 PA ++).”

The product claims to “ehance complexion by improving texture, balancing skin tone,” and mimics real skin – providing a dewy, fresh, and glowy complexion. The tube is deceiving because it’s quite small; but there’s 1.4 fl. oz. (or 40 g) of product, which is more than the average amount of base product you get.

I can’t say all the additional skincare “benefits” are doing anything miraculous, but it feels nice on the skin and makes me feel like I’m doing something to help my skin during the day.

This good size dollop is more than enough to cover the entire face. I chose the color NEUTRAL because it is supposed to accomodate yellow undertones. To me, the product is not very yellowy, but slightly gray-pink. Like all BB cream, the color adjusts on the face by oxidizing slightly. Like Lisa, if you choose to add mineral powder, power foundation, or anything else on top, the CC cream will balance out.

FOr those who need full coverage, this is great to start out with as a base/primer. Because the product “color corrects,” mostly all imperfections are cancelled out immediately. I feel that applying foundation or anything else on top will be easier since you would need less of it to do the job.

For me, I wear this on its own since I don’t need additional coverage. This product really does create an immaculate cavas – no lines, no pores, no pigmentation peaking through. The coverage is strong and a little bit goes a long way. I would suggest using your hands or a buffing brush to apply this and give it a minute to set on the face before deciding to add anything on top. Although the finish is dewy, it does remain non-oily for the most part of the day.

I can’t say that this is anything more than a BB cream because it seems all work relatively the same for me. I really like the conveience of the product because it makes my morning routine so fast. It’s great to slap on when you don’t have anything planned or you’re heading to the gym (without wanting to look like monster-face).

Made in Korea.