Something New

Apologies for the brief hiatus; and, thank you to those who have been patient with the lack of posts lately. I’ve been consumed with family matters due to the sudden passing of my grandfather, and it’s been crazy for the past week and a half – both emotionally and mentally. I have indulged in some retail therapy and considered writing about it awhile ago, but then I changed my mind when I felt uninspired. Since I’m back to blogging, be prepared to see some new goodies/reviews/rants in the near future.

Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for a new fragrance. I’m quite picky with scents because I don’t like scents that are too overpowering or seductive, but I also dislike sweet and overly fruity scents as well. For awhile, I re-purchased bottles of “Light Blue” by D & G, but gave it up after college graduation; since then, I’ve been looking for something more grown-up. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything I’m totally loving, but I’ve come quite close. I’m still in the experimentation phase, so I’ve devoted some time to hunt down some samples via ebay. That way, I can really try a fragrance out before committing to the hefty price tag. I wanted something a bit more generous than the samples from department stores – as they’re quite stingy with the amount they provide as “samples.” And quite frankly, at a mere 3-4 time use, it’s difficult to determine if it’s a keeper (in my opinion).

My new fragrance curiosity is the Burberry Classic for women. I purchased this baby-sized bottle on ebay for $11.50 and it was shipped promptly. It’s so cute and adorable, but contains enough uses to last for probably a few months. I decided if I end up purchasing the full-size product, I’ll have the baby one to tote around with me when I travel; and, if I end up not committing to purchase the full-size product, $11.50 is not too shabby to have spent on Burberry.

For size reference, I’ve stacked 2 nickels on top of one another. At 4.5 mL or 0.15 fl. oz., it is quite teeny tiny. I appreciate the fact that this sample size is designed to replicate the original, including the box that it comes in. Also, I’m thrilled that it’s not one of those cheapy plastic squirter things they give you at department stores.

Sephora says:
“Fresh and clean, with an ephemeral harmony somewhere between sparkle and calm. In ivory packaging lined with the Burberry plaid, the bottle is a contemporary pebble-shaped design.”

The notes in this fragrance are:
Black Currant, Green Apple, Peach, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Cedar, Vanilla.

Reviewers on various websites state repeatedly that this fragrance is definitely a “day time scent” that has good lasting power and is a “lifetime favorite” because it’s the “perfect aroma.” With pretty much 5 stars across the board, I’m pleased to be testing this particular fragrance out. Because the scent contains notes of Sandalwood and Cedar, it definitely falls under the “woodsy scent” category, but still has a hint of citrus (Green Apple and Peach) to still maintain femininity and sexiness.

I shall report back later with the final results. As for now, I’m quite pleased.

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