Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick – Rose

I’m new to the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick world, but became intrigued while at Sephora recently. I picked the shade “Rose” because it was pink and iridescent. It was so pretty that I couldn’t pass it up. :)


I was a little concerned with all the glitter. This product is jam packed with it and it made me almost not purchase it. However, based on such rave reviews, I had to give it a shot. When heavily watched, yes, the glitter it blatantly obvious and a bit scary. But when lightly dusted onto my cheeks over blush…WOW.

A little bit of product goes a long way. I mean, really little. I lightly tap my brush once into the product (definitely, no swirling), tap off the excess, and blend it onto my cheeks over cream blush. Worn alone, the pink still shows through but imparts the most beautiful pinky sheen that gives you an instant, on-the-spot glow.


This product is marketed as having “five bars of pure pearl color for shimmering lids and glowing cheeks.” It certainly isn’t a highlighter since the product is quite pigmented and “Rose” is most definitely pink. Bobbi Brown claims that “this shimmering, brush-on powder is handmade in Italy and creates a soft, rosy glow. It works well with neutral, pink, and rose blush shades.”

All true. I’ve been adding this product over anything I put onto my cheeks. It’s the perfect finishing touch, especially if you’ve layered this on over a matte blush. Any color, even if it’s transparent or flat, will look glamorous with the Shimmer Brick layered on top of it.


For the swatch, I swirled three fingers over the product, carefully trying to pick up all the colors evenly. Then, I swatched the shades onto my arm. Notice all are a little different, but quite pretty. This product has to be used sparingly, because the glow factor CAN get out of control.

I recommend this, for sure. Bobbi Brown has various tones and shades to fit whatever you’re looking for. However, I read that “Rose” is a customer favorite because anyone, with any skin type and skin tone can wear it; and, it can be worn with so many different colors and textures of blushes. Very versatile. Worth the money. :)

Made in Italy.
Retails for $42.00 USD.