Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow in “Beach Bronze”

I usually skip bronzers in general for my face. Occasionally, I’ll use something if I’m in the mood to contour my nose slightly, but since it’s not an every day kind of thing for me, I opt to apply bronzey colors on my eyes instead. During the summer months, I like effortless, simple makeup that allows me to look put together. When I’m feeling the eye shadow vibe, I normally lean towards neutral shades with a bit of pop for a fun, summery feel. Because I live in Texas, formulas that are long-wearing in general are more useful. For this reason, I’ve been a long time fan of the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadows.


The Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadows are designed to stay on the lids, and doesn’t crease while maintaining its true color. The formula of the shadows are of soft-blending formula that goes on comfortably and has a soft, velvety finish. Additionally, it applies smoothly because the texture of the shadows are soft and creamy. It glides onto the lids and blends nicely with a small, synthetic blending brush. Sweeping the shadow with a Sephora Pro Shadow Brush #14 helps to apply the color and then blend simultaneously.



The shade “Beach Bronze” was my summer color of choice. It’s a perfect blend of golden brown mixed in with subtle shimmers that are both bronzey and warm brown tones. It can pass for a neutral color if applied sheerly, but you can also really pack it on for my dramatic effects. Because the formula of the Long-Wear Cream Shadows are indeed long-wearing, there’s no need to apply primer underneath. Sometimes I’ll add a darker shade in the outer corners of my eyes for a smokey effect, but generally, this shadow does fine on its own.

If you’re looking to start playing with cream eye shadows, I’d say this is a good starting point. They’re long-lasting on the eyes and in your collection as well. I haven’t had any experiences with the pot drying out too fast or anything like that. I just close the pot tightly and store them with my other makeup and I haven’t had any problems with them. I also suggest getting the Sephora brush mentioned earlier because it helps with working with the cream eye shadows.

Retails for $26.00 USD.
Sephora Brush #14 retails for $20.00 USD.

Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush

Nowadays, I feel like expensive brushes aren’t necessary because there are so many great, affordable options out there that perform so well. In many ways, I’m most picky about eyeshadow blending brushes more than I’m picky about face brushes. Honestly, with brands like Real Techniques out there, and the Expert Face Brush being one of my top picks for face brushes — “high end” brushes sometimes don’t seem as cost-effective. While the theory of “investing in nice brushes because they last forever” still may ring true, I like to broaden my scope when it comes to makeup brushes. I like to use a wide variety of types of brushes; and, to me, it’s really about how well it applies the makeup and not necessarily the brand.

Having said all this, that’s why I was a little skeptical with the Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush, but it’s quickly become one of my favorite brushes for foundation! I’ve been reading about it for a few months now and the brush didn’t tug at my heart strings until I tested it out at Sephora. I really like this brush and I think you will, too.



The Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face Brush is an “ultrasoft face brush with short, tightly packed bristles that brush on full coverage foundation.” It’s dense and not fluffy at all. The bristles are tightly bound together so it’s not fluffy and has a lot of structure. Additionally, the bristles are short so you’re really able to buff products into your skin with ease. The shorter handle on this brush makes it easier to maneuver around your face; and, most importantly, it’s easy to use around the contours of your face — such as the areas around your nose and under your eyes.

This brush is described to be as “perfect for using with our powder formulas and liquid foundations, this brush cuts shine and delivers just the right amount of formula for an ultra-polished finish.” I agree that this works great for liquid foundation. It provides a sheer, air-brushed effect and doesn’t allow the liquid foundation to look cakey or thick. It’s sort of my pet-peeve when foundation gets clumpy around some areas of the face — especially around the nose and chin. This brush provides a very smooth finish on the face and almost seems to “filter” the product to apply only what’s absolutely necessary. I like how formulas — even heavier foundations — look so natural on the skin because of this brush.



I’ve tried this brush with both liquid and cream foundations, as well as with BB/CC creams and mineral makeup. While I prefer to use a fluffier brush for setting powders, I don’t think there would be anything wrong with wanting to use this for powders. This brush is designed to deliver full coverage for the face. The beauty of this product is that it can take heavier formulations and sheer them out on the skin — allowing the finish to look and feel more natural without compromising coverage and pigmentation. I also found that when I’ve applied too much cream blush and I want to sheer it out some, I can use this brush to blend it into my skin better.

Overall, I really like this brush and I especially like that it’s versatile and short-handled. It’s very easy for travel or for on-the-go, and despite its size, I can do my face makeup really quickly with this. I recommend this brush and I think that if you prefer heavier foundation formulas, this will be an amazing addition to your brush collection.

Retails for $44.00 USD.

Bobbi Brown Sea Pearls Collection – Summer 2013

Normally, limited edition collections don’t really excite me for practical reasons. When I do find them exciting, I’m only drawn towards 2-3 products, but ultimately, decided on 1-2 products to actually purchase. Very rarely do I find an entire collection exciting and pretty. While perusing through Bobbi Brown’s website, I came across an ad for her Sea Pearls Collection for summer 2013 and found everything to be ethereal and beautiful. If I were to release a summer collection, it would most likely resemble this particular collection!


What excites me the most about this collection is the pearly aspect — like, glowy and natural — fun and inspiring — perfect for a carefree and whimsical summer. The color palette runs on the light and pastel side, with shimmer and glow. What do you think? I personally think that the eye palette and blush are exquisite and will be checking them out in person very soon.

REVIEW: Bobbi Brown EXTRA Repair Foundation SPF 25

For the foundation-obsessed out there, this post is for you. As you’ve already noticed by now, foundation and base makeup in general is my specialty and is the area that I’m most curious about. Because of that, I tend to experiment with foundations often and I think rather than experimenting with brands, experimenting with various formulations is just as helpful (but you be the judge).

Today’s post is about the Bobbi Brown EXTRA Repair Foundation SPF 25. Although I’m not new to the Bobbi Brown brand, I have only presently started to get interested in the foundation range. What drew me to the foundations is the wide color selection and formulations/textures.

This Repair Foundation goes along with Bobbi’s EXTRA skin care line. It focuses on intense hydration packed with botanical and other good-for-your-skin ingredients. She focuses her main ingredients on humectants, plant oils, and protective emollients to strengthen the skin; however, this line is catered towards those with dry and very dry skins.

My shade in Bobbi’s foundations is Sand 2. I appreciate Bobbi’s wide color range in her foundations, because it seems to be good for those with very, very pale skins to those with darker skins, and to those in between. If you’ve had trouble finding a good color choice for your foundation, I suggest you browse Bobbi’s line because there has got to be a shade for you!

Also, Bobbi’s philosophy is using yellow-based tones in ALL her foundations. All of her foundations are warm-toned because she believes this to be the most natural match for everyone. You can decide which is best for you, but I think this would be the best place to start for those struggling with color matches.

I gravitated towards this particular foundation surprisingly for some reason. And, I wasn’t put off by the thick and creamy texture either. Although this is formulated for those with dry skins, I went for it because I liked the overall outcome of this product.

For reference, I have fairly normal skin with a slightly oily nose (and sometimes chin). I wouldn’t consider myself “combination” skin anymore because the oil on my nose isn’t as prominent as it used to be. My cheeks are rather dry even in the summer time; and, my cheeks are also my problem areas, too. Thus, coverage on my cheeks is more important to me.

This product is extremely creamy and needs to be scooped out of the glass jar. Because of its thick texture, I like to first take a small amount and warm it up on the back my hand before applying it to my face. I find that it’s easier to work with this way, instead of trying to warm it up on my face!

At first, it’s quite dry but once you starting swirling it around, it warms up quickly and easily transferrable. After dotting mainly my cheeks with the product, I use a synthetic buffing brush (Real Techniques Expert Face Brush) and quickly buff it onto my skin. Then, I use whatever I have left over and apply to my forehead and chin. I apply this product sparingly on my nose.

With this foundation, I set my t-zone with powder because of its creamy texture. The finish of this foundation is perfectly glowy and dewy but not in an oily way. It makes your skin look healthy – like you’ve just gotten out of the shower or you’ve just finished working out. There’s something youthful about your skin because everything plumped up nicely and nothing is settling into pores or lines.

The Bobbi Brown website states that the “NEW Extra Repair Foundation SPF 25 gives skin perfect coverage, moisture & broad-spectrum sun protection.” It is “infused with Shea Butter and Evening Primrose Oil” and is a formula that “does-it-all.” It “combines all the skin-nourishing benefits of Bobbi’s Extra Skincare with the skin tone-correct color and buildable coverage of her foundations.”

Overall, I love the moisturizing finish and how this foundation feels on my face. It just feels like skincare – as if I’m just walking around all day with some good moisturizer on. The coverage is medium but buildable, but I apply this quite sheerly any way. If applied with a heavy hand, this can feel quite heavy and oily unless you already have dry skin. I do get oily faster with this product because the formula is not oil-free or oil-controlling in any way. I just blot and move on with my day and it’s no big deal to me (since I blot any way no matter what foundation I’m using).

The scent is very herbally and natural. I don’t mind it because it smells fresh to me, but it does linger so that may bother some people. If you’re into a foundation that comes with skincare benefits, this is great. It’s kind of like BB creams in a sense.

I was told by the makeup artist working at the counter that this product is designed to be used completely alone because it can substitute skin care. She said that technically you can wash your face in the morning and then apply this foundation straight on your face and be done. I suppose I can see where that theory may work – you have your skin care, coverage, and sun protection all in one. For me, I’d rather take the extra 10 minutes and go through with my usual routine before makeup application.

I hope this has helped in your foundation journey. I know that this is an area where many women struggle, but creating and maintaining that healthy canvas is so important – not only for your makeup routine, but for your general happiness as well! :)

*Quotes extracted from
*1 fl. oz.
*Retails for $56.00.