Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash

I can’t believe that the Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash is available! I’ve been seeing promotional material for this mascara for weeks now, so I definitely had to snatch it up when I saw that it was available in-stores. You guys know how picky I am about mascaras, and in other mascara posts, I’ve stated that I rarely deviate from my Japanese mascaras. I gave this mascara a try and I was thoroughly surprised! :) Benefits describes this mascara as “an innovative mascara with a 12-hour setting formula that hooks, lifts, and curls lashes.”



The Benefit Roller Lash Mascara “lets you create ultra-long, full lashes to achieve your best wide-eyed and gorgeous lash look. With a brush that’s designed to grab and lift lashes for a super-curling effect, it’s perfect for all types—including short and straight lashes.” I’m very happy with this mascara and that’s saying a lot since I’m so unbelievably picky about them. The formula is in-between wet and dry, so it gives you enough ability to get the best of both worlds. The texture of the mascara is quite creamy, but applies evenly. It thickens up the lashes just enough to give you noticeable volume, but it isn’t sticky or tacky so it doesn’t get messy or goopy during application.

In addition, I like that this mascara has a straight wand and not a curved one. I hate curved wands. Since I have quite wimpy, sparse, straight Asian eyelashes, I need all the lift I can get. While Benefit claims you just toss our your eyelash curler, I definitely curl my lashes before applying this product. The bristles are plastic and spaced out, which kind of worried me. But it works with the formula perfectly and coats my lashes well.



Any mascara that can hold the curl is a winner in my book, and this one gets the job done. You have no idea how much this excites me since I’m always dreading re-ordering my beloved Japanese mascaras from overseas. The degree of the curl is held well, and can withstand weather and my watery eyes. While the curl doesn’t fall, sometimes I feel like throughout the day it may fall a teeny tiny bit. I just re-curl my eyelashes if it bothers me, but for the most part, I can live with it. I’ve noticed that the mascara’s formula is a bit waxy, so you have to put a bit of work into it during your makeup removal process. But I’m used to that anyways so I don’t mind. I recommend you give this mascara a try.

Made in France.
Retails for $24.00 USD.