REVIEW: Revlon ColorStay 16-hour Eye Shadow “555 Moonlit Clair de lune”

I’ve been experimenting with various drugstore options for awhile and avoided the shadows until now. My expectations for shadows are high because of my experiences with high-end products. However, this is not to say that there are no drugstore alternatives available.

Revlon is my favorite drugstore brand and I’ve been impressed with their ColorStay range for quite some time. Recently, at Ulta, there was a promotion going on – buy 2 get 1 free – and, of course, I jumped on it before it was too late!

I chose the Revlon ColorStay 16-hour Eye Shadow in “555 Moonlit Clair de lune.” Again, it’s a rather safe quad considering I’m a fan of neutrals. For me, I wasn’t too concerned about the color choice; I was looking for quality of texture and formulation. Claiming to last up to 16 hours is quite steep, but I was also curious about its true lasting power as well.

On a everyday basis, I skip eye primer and move onto the eyeshadow. I don’t particularly have oily lids and I haven’t really experienced any of my shadows wearing off halfway through the day. Creasing has never been an issue for me; I’ve personally always had issues with EYELINERS smudging more than anything else.

The Revlon ColorStay 16-hour Eye Shadow in “555 Moonlit Clair de lune” is a safe option, but comes with easy-to-work-with shades that can suit anyone for any occasion. The 4 colors vary in texture (semi-matte, frosty, etc.) and the level of pigment intensity varies as well.

As far as I know, I did not experience any fallout with this quad; it is easy to use and carry around; and, if in a pinch or traveling, this is a handy quad to pack without risking your more valuable products.

The back of the packaging resembles many Japanese drugstore eyeshadows. The picture example on the back is helpful but shouldn’t limit your creativity. The consistency of the product is not soft, nor do they feel finely milled. It blends okay only if you have a trusty blending brush on standby.

Pigmentation is just okay. It takes many swipes to get the appropriate amount of color deposited onto your lids. The lighter colors don’t show up that great, but the dark brown shade performs well. Up close, the colors are pretty and they do work well together.

The white, frosty shade is nice for the inner corner of your eyes. It really does brighten up your look and helps you look more awake. Personally, I wouldn’t use this as a brow highlight because it’s quite glittery and frosty. The medium brown-taupe shade is nice as an all over shade. It’s hard to get this color to pack on with a brush, so I just use the sponge-tipped applicator.

The pale champagne color is my least favorite color since it doesn’t really show up on my lids. It looks like something in the pan, but once swatched, it’s quite disappointing. You can detect a faint hint of shimmer but the color itself is nearly non-existent and pale. I like it for all over the lid when I’m not feeling motivated or inspired to apply eye makeup. It looks nice paired with eyeliner. The dark brown color has excellent pigmentation and is great for crease work or lining along your lashes. It’s a bit difficult to blend, but like I said, a trusty blending brush – like a MAC 217 – will get the job done, so no worries.

Here is the quad applied lightly onto my lids. I skipped the frosty white color since I was heading to a meeting and didn’t want to attract unwanted attention, lol. As you can see, everything is subtle but the colors are definitely buildable. As for lasting power, I can’t say that it lasted exactly 16 hours since I remove my makeup (all of it) before the 16-hour mark. However, without primer and in the heat and humidity, it didn’t run, smudge, or fade on me.

I would give this quad a C+ overall. I have plenty of other colors that I would reach for over this quad, but I like the quad for its convenience and portability. Perhaps it would be something good to have in your makeup bag in your desk drawer for touch ups as well.

What are your thoughts?