Caolion Premium Hot & Cool Pore Pack Duo

I’m all about masks and pore treatments. Unfortunately, it’s truly difficult to find pore masks that really do the job. I can’t tell you how many times I’m amazed with my pores after a mask session until I look really, really closely…and they’re still clogged up. On a whim, I purchased the Caolion Premium Hot & Cool Pore Pack Duo when Sephora was advertising their Kbeauty stuff. And, I have to say, I’m quite happy with this product and I would definitely recommend it. Right off the bat, it’s pricey because it’s $30.00 and you don’t get a lot of product. That’s a bummer because I think that this mask is quite good.



The Caolion Premium Hot & Cool Pore Pack Duo is a “detoxifying duo featuring a steaming mask that opens and deeply cleanses pores, then a cooling mask to tighten and minimize the appearance of pores.” It’s a double-decker product with two different masks housed in its own tub. It’s stacked together, which makes using it and traveling with it much easier. The set contains the Premium Blackhead Steam Pore Pack and the Premium Pore Original Pack. Step 1 is the top layer and step 2 is the bottom layer.

It’s best to use the masks at night after you’ve removed your makeup and cleansed your face. On dry face, I use Step 1 (the black one) and apply it to my nose, chin, and forehead since that’s where my pores are most clogged. There’s small granules in the mask, so you gently massage the targeted areas for about 2 minutes. The granules won’t dissolve and it will feel grainy, like you’re exfoliating. But it doesn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable. The mask will start to cool your face and you’ll feel like a menthol-effect. Leave the mask on for about 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Be careful around your eyes because the cooling sensation will make you eyes irritated and red!


After rinsing off Step 1, dry your face again, and immediately apply Step 2 (the gray one). There’s no need to massage this product, so just slap it on and leave it on for about 15 minutes. This product pretty much tightens your pores after you’ve removed the gunk with the first step. Rinse, dry, and apply your nighttime skincare products afterwards. Your skin will feel super soft and smooth, and whiteheads and blackheads have been removed. I will say that the first 2-3 times you use this mask, you’ll see a drastic difference in your pores and the pore size. I felt that the second time I used this mask I saw much better results, and I think it’s because the first round just got the “initial gunk” out and the second round got the rest out lol.




I really recommend this mask duo and it’s a great maintenance product too. However, the set is quite small and won’t last long. For example, you have to use heaping amounts of the products to get the desired effect. Taking out one scoop won’t do; for me, I needed one full finger-scoop for all areas of my face (nose, chin, forehead). I don’t use this on my cheeks, but if I did I would need 5 finger-scoops of each of the masks! When you use this product generously, you’ll run out quickly. I’ve used my set about 4 times now and I’m pretty much done with it. It’s such a shame since the product works well, but you don’t get a lot of use out of it unless you’re only treating your nose. But that wouldn’t make sense to just do your nose. I still recommend it, but for the small amount you get, I feel like this should be half the price.

Made in Korea.
Retails for $30.00 USD.

The set contains:
– 0.7 oz Premium Blackhead Steam Pore Pack
– 1.05 oz Premium Pore Original Pack

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