MAC Harmony and Lightsweep

I’ve taken a new interest in contouring, even though I don’t think it suits me. The whole things started when I recently got my makeup done for my friend’s wedding since I was the Maid Of Honor. The makeup artist contoured my face heavily since pictures were going to be taken; however, I did appreciate the effects it gave me in photographs. I noticed that forehead and nose contouring helped me out a lot, lol. :)

Since then, I’ve been looking around for products that suit me. I tried MAC Harmony and was convinced by the makeup artist that it suited me really well. However, I noticed that it’s quite reddish and really stands out against my skin since I’m so fair. If the tone leaned more towards more brownish or even a yellow-brown shade it would probably suit my skin much more.



Along with MAC Harmony, I also picked up Lightsweep. It’s a “micro-fine powder that accents and emphasizes the high planes of the face.” Because it was recently released along with other shaping powders, Lightsweep is a version that is more “warm beige with fine pearl” than anything else. I really enjoy this product surprisingly; it’s not totally a highlighter because it’s not stark and white/ish. It’s a warm-toned finely-milled face powder that has the slightest hint of shimmer. It highlights the skin with a soft and delicate sheen. I like that it isn’t sparkley or glittery, and I really appreciate how it doesn’t come across as greasy or oily-looking. I’ve also read that you can apply this underneath your eye are to set under-eye concealer, and when worn alone, it can brighten the under-eye area without looking unnatural (like with powders that are too pink or too yellow).

Out of the two products, I’d suggest getting Lightsweep if you’re looking for a subtle highlighter for your face. I didn’t really like MAC Harmony at all and felt that it didn’t really serve its purpose as a contouring kind of powder. For those who have more olive/medium skin tones, I think it will be great as a blush. What are some other bronzer/contouring recommendations?


2 thoughts on “MAC Harmony and Lightsweep

  1. I have fair/light skin with yellow/olive undertones. The bronzer that I have found that best suites my skin for contouring is Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil. It is completely matte and it is light enough to not contrast too starkly against my skin yet it warms it up nicely, blends well and lasts all day.

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