REVIEW: Duo Brush-On Adhesive With Vitamins

Ordinarily, fake eyelashes aren’t part of my every day routine. I like to use them for special occasions, but I’ve found that even then, I’m compelled to skip it and pile on some regular mascara. When I’m in the mood for false eyelashes, my go-to’s are the Ardell Demi Whispies #120 since they provide the perfect amount of length, fullness, and volume for my eyes. In addition, I don’t have to trim them or fuss with them too much before application. Another reason why they’re my favorites is that the curve of the lash band isn’t flimsy and holds its shape well. I’ve noticed that this makes the application process much easier.



Another suggestion that I’m excited about is that DUO has updated their lash glue. While the tube is still readily available, the wand applicator with a brush tip has made my life so much easier. Additionally, I’ve been more motivated to throw on some lashes because the glue is so easy to work with. The brush applicator is very thin, but hold just enough glue on its ends. You’re able to hold the false eyelashes by the hair, and directly apply the glue with the brush tip along the lash band.

Pretty much in a few swipes, the glue has applied evenly and not goopy along the lash band. After about 15 seconds, I reapply some glue to just the ends before applying the fake lashes onto my lash line. I manipulate the lash band to fit properly onto my lash line, wait a few more seconds to dry, and then use my eyelash curler to “bind” the fake and my real lashes gently together.


The Duo Brush-On Adhesive With Vitamins is an excellent glue to use for its precision and ease. You can tuck it away into your purse or makeup pouch, it’s easy to use, and is definitely less messy than the Duo Lash Adhesive in Clear and the Duo Lash Adhesive in Dark.

If you’re looking to make applying false eyelashes a little bit easier, I suggest switching up the glue. Have you tried any of the DUO lash glue? If you have, which one do you prefer?


One thought on “REVIEW: Duo Brush-On Adhesive With Vitamins

  1. I’m a falsie addict. I love the Demi Ardell wispy! I like the full wispy too. I usually buy Red Cherry on line and it’s similar in quality to Ardell. I like the Duo glue in the tube. I use the black and clear ones. I haven’t tried the tube yet but a friend of mine said it didn’t hold as well as original formula. I don’t know though for sure, would have to try.

    It sounds like this one is better though. My friend doesn’t wear lashes often. HOL has an adhesive now in s tube for 8.00 but I haven’t tried it

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