REVIEW: Caudalie Moisturizing Mask

In my recent post about the Boscia Tsubaki Cleansing Oil-Gel, I mentioned I was looking into more hydrating products since I’m trying to keep my skin happy, plump, and moisturized throughout the day. Normally, moisturizing masks are not the kind of masks I go for since I’m all about oil-control and purifying my skin; however, I tried a sample of the Caudalie Moisturizing Mask and had to get the full-size afterwards! The Caudalie Moisturizing Mask is a part of Caudalie’s new mask release, which includes the Instant Detox Mask, the Purifying Mask, and the Glycolic Peel. You can read my review on the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask here.



This mask “restores moisture levels to relieve tightness, reduce redness, and increase softness for a hydrated, dewy glow.” While it’s recommended for people with dry skins, I’ve found that this product is just as wonderful for my sensitive, combination/sometimes oily skin. The Moisturizing Mask “will protect against future dehydration and leave skin supple and quenched with a youthful-looking radiance. It is enriched with vinolevure to strengthen and soothe, grape seed oil to nourish, and hyaluronic acid to moisturize.”

Like many moisturizing masks, this can be used in two different ways:
(1) First, after removing makeup and cleansing your skin, you can apply this mask onto your skin focusing on areas that need extra attention. Leave a thick layer of product on for about 15-20 minutes. Massage in the product in before rinsing your skin clean and move onto applying your nighttime skin care products.

(2) Another way you can use this is to use it as a overnight/sleeping mask. As a final step in your skincare routine, apply a thin layer of the mask onto your skin and go to bed. Wake up and wash your face with a gentle cleanser in the morning, and then prep your skin with toner, serum, moisturizer before applying sunscreen and your base makeup.


I like to use this product like a traditional mask rather than a sleeping mask. For me, I use a more intense oil-control/purifying mask on my t-zone and apply this moisturizing mask to my cheeks and under my eyes. Occasionally, I’ll apply this on my forehead but I rarely just use this mask alone all over my face. I do this since my skin has different concerns depending on what part of my skin/face we’re talking a about. This way, my t-zone can get a stronger clay mask, while the drier parts of my face can benefit from a moisturizing product.

I recommend this mask because it’s so hydrating and really plumps up the skin. My face feels comfortable after removing the mask, and in addition, my skin feels clean but healthy before applying additional skincare products. Sometimes I like to apply this quickly in the morning just to give my face a little extra something before I begin my day. I noticed that leaving this mask on for longer than 20ish minutes makes the mask crusty and it flakes off causing a mess. It’s thick and gooey, but you have to use a lot of product to get the results you want. Unfortunately, this won’t last long since I go through so much of the product every time I use it.

Item contains 2.5 oz.
Retails for $29.00 USD.
Made in France.


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