Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Lips & Cheeks in 02 “Rose Frivole”

Now that the weather is much warmer, I’ve been really into glowy cheeks and dewy skin lately more than usual. In the colder months, I’m not a fan of glowy cheeks typically and I’m insanely picky about cream blushes to being with anyway! Recently, after watching YouTube videos I got my mind stuck on YSL products and decided to try the Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Lips & Cheeks after watching some tutorials. Initially, I passed on these products awhile back because I was skeptical about its use. However, I think the one I have in 02 “Rose Frivole” is great, and I’m looking forward to purchasing more colors in the very near future.



The Baby Doll Kiss & Blush Lips & Cheeks is an “air-whipped, two-in-one mousse formula for lips and cheeks.” The “sensual, soft matte finish” sounded promising and the texture is super smooth and easy to work with. Surprisingly, as pigmented as the original swatch is, the product blends out smoothly and quickly without drying matte or feeling sticky. In addition, the color seems to be buildable, so I like to keep it sheer on some days and more bold others. The applicator is not the unique and resembles the applicators for the YSL lip glosses. I don’t find that they apply the product any better, but the pointy part of the applicator does give some precision and control.

I chose the shade 02 “Rose Frivole” which is a rosey, nude shade. The pink tone is cool but warms up on the skin as it blends out. The mousse texture gives it a soft texture and spreads the color on nicely without getting patchy, sticky, or uneven. For these reasons, I’ve found that the product is surprisingly easy and quick to use. I like this product only for the cheeks — even though it’s designed for the lips as well. I’ve found that even with lip balm underneath the product, the product sits in the creases and cracks of my lips in an unflattering way. It also feels dry on the lips but not the cheeks.



As you can see, the product blended out is more subtle than the initial swatch. Additionally, it brings a lot of life to your skin because it glows on your cheeks without being greasy or glittery. It sets nicely on the skin and doesn’t smudge or move around — which was another concern of mine. While this color is more natural than some of the other bold shades in the range, it’s natural in a really pretty way. You may think that this is just another run-of-the-mill pink shade; however, there’s something about this on the skin that is just iridescent and healthy. I recommend this range of products and I’ve got my heart set on a few more colors. Because the product is so easy to use, I find that when I want to bring some life to my skin or I’m in a hurry, I apply BB/CC cream and then add 02 “Rose Frivole” on top. I blend it out quickly either with a synthetic brush or my fingertips and I’m done with my face makeup.

Retails for $40.00 USD.
Made in France.

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