REVIEW: Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation

By total surprise, I stumbled upon the new Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation. Much like other “serum foundations,” like the Youth Liberator Serum Foundation and the Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation — the Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation is “a lightweight foundation serum that creates an enhanced complexion and a sheer finish.”



Dior’s Diorskin Nude Air is described as “a weightless, ultra-fluid foundation serum that creates a nude makeup look. Formulated with SPF 25, it offers sun protection and the fresh-faced beauty of a natural-looking glow.” Designed to provide “natural-looking makeup [finish] in an instant,” this serum foundation is “infused with Oxygen Activ™ technology.” It’s “an innovative blend of a hyper-oxygenated oil, cranberry oil, vitamin, and minerals,” which allows for “blurring agents and glzed pigments [to] offer weightless correction, evenness, and radiance.” This serum foundation’s “high-precision dropper deposits an undetectable film of makeup onto the skin, while its soft-focus agents and glazed pigments instantly produce an even-looking complexion that achieves the right amount of coverage for a radiant, sheer finish. ”

It sounds brilliantly beautiful, doesn’t it? However, I’m sad that I’m so disappointed by the product. I very much prefer the Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation over this any day, and if we’re considering only “serum foundations,” I’d say that GA Maestro Fusion Foundation is still the best option.


I’m using the shade 010 Ivory. It’s the lightest shade in the range — given that there’s barely any colors to choose from. When I try Dior foundations, in general, I tend to get the 010 but the tones can vary. I can’t say that I’ve ever been happy about the color match in any of Dior’s foundations, but I can’t really complain since I tend to prefer other brands anyway. The design of this foundation has a dropper like GA’s. You need to shake the bottle well before using the foundation to mix the pigments well, but the consistency is super-runny so be careful.

While GA’s serum foundation is made of dry oils that blend and work into the skin, the Diorskin Nude Air is so runny that it nearly feels like water. It blends out streaky if it’s blending at all, and when you think that it’s blended, you’ve really just rubbed off the pigment and the littler coverage it barely provided. Having said that, this looks great on already good skin because it does a great job of adding glow and providing evenness to the skin. However, I noticed that on my bad skin days, or when my skin had some dry patches or bumps, this was the worst thing ever.



This picture shows the foundation halfway blended out, but it is nearly invisible even at this point. The formula and texture is obviously light and watery. It makes it kind of difficult to apply since it feels like it’s going to nowhere and doing nothing. I noticed a little bit of ease when I used my fingers, but I felt like a lot of the foundation had transferred to my fingers rather than my face, lol. I don’t like this foundation that much, to be real honest. I think the concept is nice but I prefer GA’s serum foundation. If you’ve got skin that requires coverage this is definitely not for you. And, if you’ve already got good skin, this may be a waste of money since you don’t need that much foundation to begin with.

Retails for $53.00 USD.
Made in France.


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