Tarte Colored Clay Tinted Brow Gel

Ok, I’m not sure how many brow gel one needs in their life, but I just had to have the new Tarte Colored Clay Tinted Brow Gel. As a “tinted brow gel with colored clay that enhances, defines, and shapes brows,” I was a bit wary at first because there’s only three color choices. However, the shade “Rich Brown” turned out to be the perfect dark, warm brown that doesn’t lean too gray or too orange-y.



So the wand is really special because it’s super tiny, thin, and has bristles that are tightly compact. The wand applicator “features tiny, hair-like bristles to create precise, filled-in brows.” It catches all the brow hairs without getting product onto the skin, which is a common problem I have with nearly all brow gels like this. The “infused colored clay” and an “exclusive peptide blend” allows the color to hold onto the hairs without getting sticky or too hard. It’s nice that the “gel formula naturally conditions and smooths the brows, reducing surface oil to lock in pigment for up to 12 hours.” This product is waterproof and removes easily with regular eye makeup remover.


So far, I really like this for the wand. It really brushes my brow hairs into place, but in a natural way — not slicked back or stuck down on the skin. The pigment is nice and I like how the product isn’t just laid on real thick. I still like to fill in sparse areas of my brow with a brow pencil; however, for the hairs itself I think this product is really great. As for all the fancy clay ingredients…it sounds nice, but I can’t say it’s made drastic changes in how my eyebrow grows. I think it does condition, however, but my brows feel so soft at the end of the night when I’m removing my makeup.

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Retails for $21.00 USD.

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