Dr. Jart+ Renewalist Melting Cream

I’ve been re-vamping my morning moisturizing routine with the cooler weather upon us. I haven’t found much since I’m quite picky about not feeling or looking greasy; and, I like to reserve creams to night time use only. I feel like I’ve found a “hidden gem” with the Dr. Jart+ Renewalist Melting Cream, so I’m really excited about this post! This is a unique cream because it is described to be a “brightening, soothing, antiaging moisturizer with a unique, sorbet-like texture.” It looks heavy and thick, but I promise looks can be deceiving.



The “sorbet-like texture” of this cream is probably the reason why this is so good. With a tiny scoop of the product, you warm the product onto the skin and the cream just melts in seamlessly. It totally disappears into the skin and feels light and absorbs fast. “This lightweight, powerful facial cream quickly melts into skin for an intensive boost,” and that’s why it’s perfect for the mornings before makeup application. The “patented platol white-c complex brightens dull skin for a lustrous glow,” so it acts as a perfect pick-me-up kind of product without being too much. It feels divine on the skin since it contains “antiaging nutrients, exotic oils, and antioxidants [to] improve moisture and elasticity levels.” Your skin will feel perfectly hydrated and refreshed after application; and, best of all I can apply sunscreen and makeup right after without feeling heavy.



You’ll love the silky texture this cream leaves behind — it feels like you’ve just applied primer. My makeup applies SO smooth, it’s not even funny. And, best of all, I feel that it provides my skin with a glow that seems so natural and healthy. The scent is light — almost citrusy — and that’s probably also why it feels so refreshing on the skin as well. My only gripe is that this cream is teeny tiny. At less than an ounce with about 1/2-1 scoop of the spatula, this product will likely be used up quickly. I recommend this cream if this sounds like something that your skin would enjoy. It seems to be good for normal to combo skin, so keep that in mind as well!

Made in Korea.
Retails for $38.00 USD.
Item contains 0.88 oz.


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