REVIEW: La Mer The Oil Absorbing Tonic

Toners and softeners are not skin care essentials for me — unless I feel like my skin really needs it. I tend to use moisturizing or skin conditioning toners as a pre-prep product before I apply additional skin care products, but I wanted to something to specifically address my oily t-zone issues since it’s the summer time. It’s important for me to apply toners that are gentle and non-irritating, but at the same time, I want it to be useful as well.

I purchased the La Mer The Oil Absorbing Tonic, but I admit I was skeptical at first. While I do invest in quality skin care products, I never gravitated towards La Mer’s products because I felt that my skin wasn’t mature enough for it. I was interested in the Oil Absorbing Tonic because of the oil-absorbing powders within the product, and had expectations because of that!


“The Oil Absorbing Tonic is infused with soothing algae extracts and significantly reduces excess sebum so your skin is rejuvenated and re-balanced. The formula features Miracle Broth™ which infuses skin with precious nutrients, immersing it in moisture and energy.” The toner includes an oil-absorbing powder, so you need to shake the bottle to mix it all together before applying. After cleansing, moisten a cotton pad and sweep gently over your face and neck and follow with your skincare routine. It feels really refreshing on the skin because it feels cooling on the skin. I’ve also noticed that it still helps keep my cheeks comfortable, which are not as oily as my t-zone area.

I also like to do some extra sweeps around my nose and chin before moving onto a serum or moisturizer for the day time.


At first, I didn’t notice much with this toner. It felt nice on the skin and I liked how my skin felt, but I didn’t notice any drastic effects or anything like that. Effects such as absorbing oil or controlling oil on the skin seemed minimal but not non-existent. After about a week or so, however, I felt like my skin was more balanced but I still had a somewhat oily t-zone. For me, I like to use this during the day since I don’t really care about oil-control at night. I can’t say that it’s made such a huge difference in my morning routine, but I like the way it makes my skin feel so I keep it around for that reason. In general, I think it’s difficult to think that just a toner can control oil; but anything to minimize oiliness is still good enough for me.

La Mer is an expensive, luxurious skin care range so I don’t recommend this product if you don’t need it. And, because it wasn’t a life-changing item, there’s probably other toners out there that provide similar effects. I like this toner but it’s still not better than the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence or the SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion.

Made in USA.
Contains 6.7 oz.
Retails for $75.00 USD.

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