Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow in shade 9

I’m fairly new to the Giorgio Armani makeup band wagon, but I’ve recently jumped on it with recent purchase of the Eyes to Kill Eyeshadow in shade 9. Normally, spending a lot of money on eyeshadow is silly to me, but this shade drew me in and I just had to have it. I’ve noticed that GA has re-packaged a bunch of stuff and the compact cases are much more sleek and pretty (which I like).

The formula and texture of the Eyes to Kill Eyeshadows seem to be buttery smooth and soft; and, I like that they apply evenly and blend out nicely too. However, just to save you some time, I think this shade is really pretty but that’s about it.



The Eyes to Kill Eyeshadows are “available in a range of bold, vibrant colors inspired by the forces of nature. Its range of matte and satin finishes lend a fierce pop to any look.” The colors available in this range are not that unique, but the texture of the shadows are super nice. When applied, shade 9 looks almost glossy on the lid without looking weird. It’s long-lasting even without a primer and blends nicely with the MAC 217 brush. However, this shade is a lot like the Le Métier de Beauté True Color Eye Shadow in “Corinthian” and the Urban Decay Eyeshadow in “Stray Dog.” Overall, the color is pretty — but if you’re a big neutrals fan, this may not be anything new.

As for the formula, I really like it but quite honestly, MAC, Laura Mercier, and Bobbi Brown make excellent shadows too. I wasn’t overly impressed by the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Eyeshadows and found them to be good but expensive.


I’d recommend shade 9 if you don’t own anything like this color. otherwise, I think there are alternatives out there that would be more cost-effective. I think, in general, GA makes great quality foundations and those are worth checking out. I think the lipsticks are great as well. However, I felt really underwhelmed by the eyeshadows and it wouldn’t be the end of the world if you passed on them.

Retails for $32.00 USD.


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