Dior Addict Fluid Stick in “Kiss Me 389”


The new Dior Addict Fluid Sticks are officially available now at Nordstrom locations and on the website. I’ve been lusting after these babies for a few weeks now, ever since I saw pictures and reviews posted on beauty blogs in Asia. And, they look just as beautiful and juicy in person! The “Addict Fluid Stick is the first all-in-one lip hybrid by Dior. The innovative product combines maximum color impact, glossy shine and a no-makeup feel in a single lip color, boasting sensational color, wear and comfort.”


unnamed (2)

As a “all-in-one lip hybrid,” this product is a creamy — almost liquidy — gloss that amplifies and plumps the lips. It coats the lips in fabulous, rich color that is moisturizing and slightly slick — so, it’s not sticky or gloopy on the lips at all. I chose the shade “Kiss Me 389” and it’s the most tone-down shade in the range. It’s a mid-tone pink that leans neutral and almost nude, but goes well with summery and dewy makeup because it’s glossy! It’s pigmented, so I choose to dot on the product and then blend it in; for the most part, I try to avoid swiping it back and forth on the lips because too much color will transfer.

The design of the packaging is spectacular, but that’s no surprise. I like this gloss because it fades nicely and leave behind a hint of color on the lips. I find that as the product fades, the shade looks prettier and prettier on the lips. For this reason, when I want to leave it more natural, I blot off most of the color for a slight staining effect.

unnamed (1)

I really like the shade “Kiss Me 389” and I think that the Fluid Sticks are most definitely worth checking and investigating further. However, for me, the rest of colors in the range are so bright it wouldn’t be practical for me to purchase any more. If you love bright reds, berries, and coral lips — this may be right up your alley! The display is beautiful and enticing, so don’t say that I didn’t warn you. Check out more swatches online before ordering online if you don’t have access to a counter near you. For a closer look at the range, check out The Beauty Look Book’s post here.

Made in France.
Retails for $35.00 USD.


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