Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in “04 Plum Pop”

Clinique’s newest Cheek Pop blush line has been super hot in the blogging and YouTube world. I admit, it’s been awhile since I looked at any Clinique products; and, it’s certainly been a very long time since I’ve purchased anything from Clinque. The Cheek Pop blushes definitely caught my attention with its rave reviews, cute packaging, and superb lasting power on the cheeks.


Described to a “effortless, natural cheek color,” the Cheek Pop range is a “pure, natural cheek color [line] that looks virtually powderless” on the skin. “This silky smooth, stay-true formula comes in a shade for every season for an effortless, natural blush of just-pinched pop.” All the colors are wearble and pretty, but I chose the “Plum Pop” because it was a pretty, bright pink. There is glowy sheen within the product that translates beautifully onto the skin without being too much. Even though it’s a powder blush, it looks and feels creamy — but, stays put on the skin once applied. Amazing.




A little bit goes a long ways, but the product is buildable so there’s an option to really pile this on if you really wanted to. The flower design is so pretty and will probably wear down nicely; and; the plastic case is strong and sturdy that snaps shut nicely. Check out Essiebutton’s comprehensive post about the Cheek Pop blushes to see the rest of the colors in action.

Made in Italy.
Retails for $21.00 USD.


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