REVIEW: Benefit Cosmetics The Big Easy Liquid To Powder SPF 35 Foundation

Newly released from Benefit Cosmetics is The Big Easy Liquid To Powder SPF 35 Foundation. Originally, I was going to skip this item until I was sucked in by its promises: a “multibalancing complexion perfector with broad-spectrum SPF 35 sunscreen” that “contains ingredients known to help balance moisture and control oil, while the cushiony liquid-to-powder formula melts in like a cream.” The finish is “lightweight and velvety like a powder,” that “self-adjusts to your exact shade to even out skintone and conceal imperfections. It also contains ingredients known to soothe and comfort the skin and help fight free radicals.”

As a “bigger than BB” product, its high claims of radiant perfection and a velvety finish convinced me that purchasing this would be a great idea. :)


My shade is 01 Fair and it’s the lightest shade in the range of six available colors. All the colors lean on the warm side, but seems to adjust quickly on the skin. As a “multibalancing complexion perfector,” this product is just like a BB cream with a more semi-matte/matte finish that functions more like a foundation. The high SPF protection is an added bonus, much like a traditional BB cream. However, it doesn’t seem to contain any skin-friendly ingredients/benefits. In that aspect, it’s like a foundation — in that it’s lightweight, provides buildable coverage, and controls oil on a pretty good level.

The liquid to powder notion is quite true. The texture of this product is light and mousse-like and blends like velvet onto the skin. Once it absorbs and sets, the finish is matte, but comfortable. There isn’t a need to powder over this product and the oil-controlling abilities seem to be good as well.


My shade 01 Fair balances my skin well. This covers pores, evens redness and pigmentation, and provides high sun protection — all of which I really like. However, this product oxidizes to adjust to skin tones, so it may help to go on the lighter side just in case. I think this will be a great summer product, but to me, it’s just a regular foundation (and not really a BB cream; and, certainly not a tinted moisturizer). This product is long-lasting and controls oil well, so that will help the makeup not slip and slide once my skin gets oilier during the summer months.

I think this is a cool base product and would recommend it. For the price, you get more than an ounce, which is more than a regular bottle/tube of foundation — so, for just under $40.00 USD I’d say that this is a pretty good deal. Also, a little bit of product goes a long ways, so this may ideally last you all summer with every day application. If you’ve already got base products that work well for you and your skin, this isn’t a life changing product that you’ll need to run out and get.

Made in Japan.
Retails for $38.00 USD.
Contains 1.18 oz.


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