NARS Matte Multiple in “Anguilla”


When the new NARS Matte Multiples were released, I read a lot of mixed reviews because of its controversial size. In size, the Matte Multiples are 0.26 oz. each while the The Multiples are 0.50 oz. each. However, despite the size controversy, I like the new Matte Multiples because they are a “modern matte multipurpose makeup stick for lips and cheeks that may be used wet or dry.” Marketed as a multi-functional product, my hopes and expectations were high — especially since these were much smaller than The Multiples for the same price.



“This innovative formula—the next wave makeup artistry for lips and cheeks—delivers vibrant pops and sensual sunkissed modern matte hues for lips and cheeks. Used dry it delivers a burst of high-impact color; used wet, color melts into skin with an imperceptibly smooth, sheer finish.” The formula is super soft and creamy and blends like a dream on the skin. It’s got enough slip so that application and blending is easy, but it does set nicely without looking wet or glossy. The waxy texture is almost mousse-like, but glides on the skin easily and looks pretty without any shimmer or glitter.

The shade “Anguilla” is a pretty “ginger pink” that looks great on my skin. The warm pinky shade is a great pop of color without looking too bright; and, it’s great because it provides a great look without looking too done up. The color also looks pretty on the lips — almost a nudey-pink shade. But, I found it to be a bit drying on the lips.


For the price, this product is expensive for what it actually is. And, like most people, I found that the regular The Multiples was a much better deal. Like all NARS products, this product is extremely pigmented so a little does go a long ways. But, despite that, I think a price range of $26-$28 would’ve been more sufficient in my opinion. For me, the only shade that I really liked was “Anguilla” since the other ones were just too much for me. It’s really not a must-have, so it’s not a product that you need to run out and get. The quality is nice, but for essentially a cream blush, there’s other options out there (honestly speaking).

Retails for $39.00 USD.
Made in USA.

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