REVIEW: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in “Luminous Flush” & “Ethereal Glow”


I finally purchased the glorious Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes and I really think they’re worth the hype. They’re sold out all over the place; and, I was just lucky that my local Sephora got a fresh batch of blushes in right as I walked in. These babies are big news all over YouTube and blogs, so get them while you can for sure!

Described as a “groundbreaking hybrid” blush, the Lighting Blushes “combine the customized lighting effects of [the] Ambient Lighting Powder[s] with a spectrum of breathtakingly modern hues for seamless, soft-focus, and multidimensional color.” Hourglass claims that these are a new kind of blush since they function like the Ambient Lighting Powders but with a powerful pop of color.



The hype around the Ambient Lighting Powders is quite extraordinary since everyone is in love with them. Since they’re marketed as the “cutting-edge collection of finishing powders,” it’s no surprise that these blushes came next.

All the colors are vivid and vibrant cheek colors with lots of glow without shimmers and glitters. And, even the ones with shimmer are so subtle, it doesn’t look crazy on the skin at all. This is truly a “hybrid product that is unique, contemporary, and revolutionary. Unlike traditional blush, which tends to be flat, Ambient Lighting Blush uses Photoluminescent Technology to exhibit depth and dimension. The airy, lightweight powders contain optically transparent particles that amplify the colors to a multidimensional level—effectively reinventing the way you view blush.”



I chose the shades “Luminous Flush” & “Ethereal Glow” but I plan on getting more in the future. The shade “Luminous Flush” is a champagne rose color that is natural and not too pink. Normally, I gravitate towards pink blushes, so I really wanted to make this purchase count with something a little different. The shade “Ethereal Glow” is my favorite, and it’s a cool pink tone that is so radiant and beautiful without being too much. The texture of the blushes are smooth and buttery soft — almost creamy without being a cream. They’re pigmented and translate very well onto the skin without looking overdone; and, the glow is just beautiful. You look lit from within — much like the promise of the Ambient Lighting Powders.

These blushes are hand-made and are “formulated using an advanced miscelare technique — which means ‘to mix’ in Italian.” This creates the “perfect balance of pigment and powder, and no two look alike. The six shades ranging from soft coral to cool pink are a wardrobe of captivating accent lights for cheeks. They deliver a radiant, natural finish and offer build-able color to imbue the entire complexion with an otherworldly glow.”


Compared to the powders, the blushes are packaged smaller but just as compact. The reflective cases invite fingertips, scratches, and dust easily, but it’s really not a deal-breaker for me. All the colors are beautiful and it was difficult to not purchase every single one! These blushes are worth the hype and I recommend them. On days that I wear this blush, I can skip any kind of highlighter because the blush does all the work. I feel like they would be especially beautiful during the spring and summer months — paired with dewy skin and glossy lips!

Made in Italy.
Retails for $35.00 USD.
Contains 0.15 oz.


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