Sonia Kashuk Shine Luxe Lip Color in “Sheer Pink Lust 21”

Knowing that I’m picky about lip products in general, I found myself intrigued with the Sonia Kashuk Shine Luxe Lip Color in “Sheer Pink Lust 21” after seeing it featured in The Emily Awards video featuring lip products. Since then, I had to track down this color because they were selling out like hot cakes! Described as a “sheer, hydrating lip color [that] delivers optimal wear and lustrous shine,” this product falls right in between high end and low end at $10.99 USD. The “soft, creamy shade impart[s] an ultra glossy finish and feel as comfortable as lip balm with treatment ingredients for a plumped up, polished pout.”



Much like many of the hybrid lip products out there, the Shine Luxe Lip Colors are hydrating like a lip balm, pigmented like a lipstick, and is shiny like a lipgloss. “Infused with PCA and a vegetal derived amino acids, the fragrance, talc and paraben-free formula inhibits the weakening of collagen fibers to prevent wrinkles and smooth and moisturize the lips.” The shade “Sheer Pink Lust 21” is a nude-pink color that isn’t too nude and isn’t too pink. It’s a natural-looking color that looks sophisticated and pretty. I don’t believe I should nude out my lips for work, so if you feel the same way, this shade may be a good happy-medium color for you. The texture of the Luxe Lip Colors are smooth and light — almost watery — without compromising pigmentation.


The lip color is highly moisturizing and comfortable on the lips; it fills in the lines of your lips — giving them a smooth and uniform appearance; and, the color is very flattering. Sonia Kashuk’s line is available at Target stores and their website. It’s an under-dog brand that I seem to hear about occasionally, but not nearly enough. I’ve dabbled in the line when I remember to pick up a product I’ve heard about, and I’m glad I didn’t pass up the Shine Luxe Lip Color in “Sheer Pink Lust 21.” I recommend this color!

Made in USA.
Retails for $10.99 USD at Target.

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