Face of the Day Using Asian Drugstore Products

I’m a big fan of Asian beauty products; but, specifically the “drugstore” items from overseas are my favorite. Since I regularly keep up with Korean beauty blogs and beauty shows, I’m often easily persuaded to get a hold of these products. By far, Japanese products are my favorite.


The Face Shop is a well-known Korean brand that has slowly made its way into the US market. While nearly all of these items are purchased from trusted eBay stores, The Face Shop has its own stores in California, New York, and Texas (and probably other areas as well). The Angel Skin Foundation is layered over the Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50 sunscreen. As with many Korean foundations, the Angel Skin Foundation promises young-looking baby skin, while covering up skin imperfections naturally. My newest powder addition to my collection is the Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder. Currently, this powder is widely popular in Asia and I purchased it via eBay based on recommendations from ChefCaffy from YouTube. She mentions this powder twice here in her new products video, and again here (providing more info/detail about the powder).

Canmake is a Japanese brand I’m very fond of for product quality and affordable prices. The blushes by Canmake are some of my favorites. This blush is long-lasting, comes with its own highlighter, and is a fun pink shade. While the shade itself isn’t unique, I enjoy the formulation/texture of the blush and its compact size. Canmake’s Highlight & Retouch Concealer UV is perfect for under the eyes and other areas of the face that has natural shadows. While coverage is minimal, the brightening effects and powdery finish is superb. For additional concealing, I’ve used the Candy Doll Concealer — which I write more about in last month’s face of the day post.

For lips, I’ve been keeping it simple since my lips have been chapped beyond belief the last week or so. While I’m a big fan of “fancy lip balms,” such as the La Mer lip balm, the Ditptyque Soothing Lip Balm, and the Dior Crème de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm — I’ve been using a random Japanese chapstick during the day to keep my lips hydrated and protected from the wind and cold weather. Tony Moly is another Korean brand and I’ve only been dabbling in this brand. The Party Lover Coloring Browcara is a brow product that I find just okay — I’m not entirely happy with it because it doesn’t seem to really deposit much color onto my brow hairs. I’m only using it right now because I waited a month for this product to arrive, lol.

What are you enjoying in your daily routine?


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