Revlon Photo Ready Skinlights Face Illuminator in “200 Pink Light”

Awhile back, the Revlon Photo Ready Skinlights Face Illuminators were a big hit and were considered to be “dupes” for all high-end liquid highlighters back in the day. Then, they disappeared and were never to be found again! I was browsing at Ulta for nonsense as usual, and came across the 2013 version of the Photo Ready Skinlights Face Illuminators. When I googled the product to see reviews, there were very few. In fact, even on the Ulta website, the products seemed to be non-existent. I’ve seen them on UK websites, however.

I snagged one anyway just to give it a try. Quite honestly, I don’t know what the hype was a few years back; and, I don’t find anything special about them now.



There’s a variety of shades available, but I chose “200 Pink Light” — no surprise there. I don’t like the packaging, and would’ve preferred the pump like the previous design. Also, while the color seems pretty initially, there’s just so much glitter in this thing it’s impossible to use it naturally. I’ve tried to apply it separately after my base makeup along my cheekbones, and I’ve also tried to mix it in with my base makeup for an all-over glowy effect. Unfortunately, it was too glittery for me and wasn’t glowy at all. It looked like nothing until I got out to my car and looked in the mirror — I had glitter all over my face! Also, I can’t say for sure, but I’m pretty sure that this caused me some unfortunate breakouts. I’m for the most part blaming this product because nothing in my routine had changed. AND, I don’t really have issues with random breakouts.

I’ve been nursing my skin back to health the last week or so, but I haven’t touched the Revlon Photo Ready Skinlights Face Illuminator in “200 Pink Light” since. If I don’t give it away to someone, I’ll be returning it for sure. Once they’re more readily available, I assume there will be reviews available (with swatches). I wasn’t happy with the product at all, so I won’t be recommending it. I just find that there’s other liquid highlighters out there with better reputations, and even for the cheap price, it’s just not worth the mess it’s caused for my skin. Has anyone had better luck with this?

Made in USA.
Retails for $12.99 USD.


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